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Full Casting Call For “Sylvie”

Full Casting Call For “Sylvie”.

With thanks to Eric and Sookie Lovers.  It sounds like Sylvie is, indeed, a short-term character and someone we will probably see when we first see Eric again for the first time.  I wonder what will draw him back to Bon Temps?


Eric-related casting spoiler

Finally we are getting some spoilers for the next (and final) season, scheduled to begin filming in January.  Today’s tidbit came from William Keck via Twitter.  Details below the Read More!

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A tragic loss to the Sooric fandom

Word came yesterday of the unexpected loss of one of the most well-known and prolific fanfiction writers in the Eric/Sookie TB/SVM fandom, EricIzMine, at the tragically young age of 37.  The author of the intricate Multiverse stories leaves behind six children and the family is asking for support for both her funeral and the children.  If you want to contribute, please see the Angela Vaughan Memorial Fund on gofundme,

RIP, and thank you for the wonderful stories you shared with us.


Stephen Moyer to direct season 7 premier

According to Michael Ausiello at TVLine, Stephen Moyer has been tapped to direct the opening episode of True Blood season 7, just as he  did for the premiers of seasons 5 and 6.  No details yet about the episode title or casting sides, but the episode will begin filming in early January.  This will be True Blood’s final season, with only 10 episodes scheduled.