A tragic loss to the Sooric fandom

Word came yesterday of the unexpected loss of one of the most well-known and prolific fanfiction writers in the Eric/Sookie TB/SVM fandom, EricIzMine, at the tragically young age of 37.  The author of the intricate Multiverse stories leaves behind six children and the family is asking for support for both her funeral and the children.  If you want to contribute, please see the Angela Vaughan Memorial Fund on gofundme, http://www.gofundme.com/59jd1g.

RIP, and thank you for the wonderful stories you shared with us.



3 responses to “A tragic loss to the Sooric fandom

  1. Oh my goodness!! What happened?! I’m a truly stunned and saddened for her family. Rest in peace, dear Angela. Thank you for sharing your remarkable talent with all of us. XO

  2. More details on EricIzMine’s stories can be found on an obituary on Sookieverse: http://www.thesookieverse.com/2013/11/angela-vaughan.html

    And there was also this post on Facebook:

    With deep sorrow and tears we regret to inform you all that sometime on Tuesday 12th November due to an illness that affected her heart, Angela Mulcahy/Vaughan (EricIzMine) passed away at Sentara Princess Ann Hospital.

    We ask, for the sake of family privacy, for you to not tag EricIz Mine in any posts on your own profile pages and to leave the family to grieve.

    Angela was a very special and talented individual that will be sorely missed but mostly by her 6 children. May your thoughts be with her family at this time.

    Kajsa (admin on Angela’s Brat Pack page)

  3. i just read it on fb. oh God what a loss. RIP, Angela

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