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Chapter 3 finished

And I finally feel like this story is progressing!  Probably 2 or 3 more chapters to go and then I will post the whole thing to

She’s Not There: Chapter 3


Comic book spoiler?

I was trying to see if the final edition of the True Blood comic book series “French Quarter” had been shipped, as it was originally scheduled to be published on January 25.  Imagine my surprise to find it is not scheduled to go to print JUNE 27!  Since I had heard a rumor about “who was sitting at Sookie’s kitchen table” when she returns from New Orleans, I think that it is being held because it is spoilery in the extreme.

Check out this issue of the series here:

Chapter 2 posted

I finally finished Chapter 2 of my fanfic She’s Not There.  The whole fanfic will be posted only when complete on, but until then, if you want a sneak peek, this is the only place to get it!

She’s Not There – Chapter 2

MyFutureLover and Reasons to Ship Sooric

I love, love, love this series of analysis videos of the Eric/Sookie relationship from season 1 through season 4.  And, just in time for Valentine’s Day, MyFutureLover has put the video list in chronological order! Well worth checking out to get your Sooric fix until season 5 comes along.

Bill’s security

Had a 4 a.m. duh moment thanks to a cold. Bill’s royalty security forces are the same guys who helped him assassinate the queen.  Exactly how long had that plan been in the works? Did Nan provide them? Can you hire a squad of assassin body guards on short notice?

Primarily notable for me because it means I have to slightly tweak the current draft of my fanfic WIP.  Which is precisely why I’m holding off on putting it up on until it is done.