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New story

I know, you probably think all I do is troll for spoilers and pictures of ASkars, but no! I do still write fanfiction, albeit slowly and with too many adverbs.  I have finally posted the first chapter of the promised third story in my series that began with She’s Not There, continued with He’s Not There, and is now going to conclude with The Real Me.

The story teaser: While Eric was under a spell, he and Sookie exchanged blood, forming a bond that is more than Sookie bargained for. Now that he has his memories back, can Sookie still love and trust the real Eric? And how will they handle it when they discover that their bond is more significant to both vampire and fairy kinds than either of them expected? Sookie and Eric POVs.

The Real Me, Chapter 1: Flying Away

Fair warning to my non-True Blood readers: even if you have read the previous two stories, I make reference early on to incidents that you would not have read about but which are well-established in the show canon.  I’m sorry if you are confused.  You might want to go read a True Blood wiki for recaps if it becomes hopeless.  😀  Or just go with it.  Channel Eric and his gold-fish-like embrace of experiencing things as they flowed when his memories disappeared!


GQ&A interview with Askars

GQ did an interview with Alexander Skarsgard at the CK Encounter party and he answered a question about Eric’s future in season 6.  The answer is NOT spoilery, though! I also loved his comments about where to go in Stockholm if you visit — and how to be attractive to Swedes.  I like to think I wouldn’t do too badly in the self-deprecating thing myself.  😉

Excerpts from the interview:

GQ: In our July issue there was a travel piece on Stockholm, a city with which I think you’re quite familiar. Funnily enough the author mentioned seeing your brother Bill at a bar.
Well I have forty-five brothers so just go in to a random bar and you’re bound to run into a brother of mine.

GQ: So let’s say a guy has twenty-four hours in Stockholm. What should he do?
Well I’m from South Stockholm. Stockholm is a group of islands and you have the Old Town in the center and it’s beautiful. Most of the buildings there are from the 12th or 13th century. It’s very tourist-y but worth walking through.

All my recommendations are on basically in Sõdermalm, in the south. If you have twenty-four hours that’s the island I would go to, I wouldn’t bother going north. There are two neighborhoods that are really cool; Hornstull, on the western tip of the island, where a lot of interesting artists live and is a very creative place and then for shopping there’s SoFo, which is the hip area with all these cool little bars and restaurants and boutiques and coffee shops.

GQ: In the same article there was a piece by a Swedish writer on hooking up in Stockholm and she said self-deprecation was a Swedish aphrodisiac. Do you find that to be true?
[laughing] Yeah. I think that’s very Swedish, a very Nordic quality.

GQ: We’ll make sure to tell all the GQ readers heading over there to just start ragging on themselves to the beautiful ladies.
Absolutely. You definitely don’t want to brag. You definitely don’t want to show up in a yellow Lamborghini or talk about how successful you are. That’s a huge turn off.

GQ: Humility goes a long way.
A long way, yeah.

GQ: We have to talk about True Blood. The fifth season just wrapped. Do you have any clue what’s going to happen with your character Eric next season?
No. This is always the case when we’re on hiatus and I love it. It’s a complete break. The writers are getting together now to start plotting the next season. It’s nice not being involved in that and then getting to see a script when you’re back.

GQ: Is there anything you’re hoping to see happen with Eric next season?
To the writers’ credit, my fear is that it’s always going to feel repetitive or redundant and creatively that’s suicide if you don’t challenge yourself. But I keep learning about more about Eric every season. I do like the flashbacks. They’re a lot of fun to shoot and I think when you have a character who is a thousand years old there’s a great opportunity to learn about him throughout history.

CK Encounter B roll footage

ASkars was in NYC yesterday for the CK Encounter party.  Any time he’s in the city, I am a little crazy since he’s both  so near (an hour and 10 minutes away by train!) and yet so far (because I rarely have a good reason to go into the city, boo!)  But at least I can watch video, like the one below.  It’s pretty choppy, but there were a couple of tidbits that I thought made it worth reposting.  (You know, besides the sheer gorgeousness of Skarsgard himself, which is a given.)

I loved the little bit around 4:40 where he is posing with Olivia Wilde and Jack McBrayer of 30 Rock and he subtly reaches over and fondles McBrayer’s hair from behind without looking away from the paparazzi.

DP/30 TIFF interview about “What Maisie Knew”

I normally don’t get interested in family dramas, but I am looking forward to the release of What Maisie Knew so much! Great half-an-hou interview by DP 30 with the filmmakers Scott McGehee and David Siegel and Alexander Skarsgard — well worth watching if you are interested in film making.

Another season 6 spoilery bit?

We’re in the slow season, folks.  But I keep grabbin’ the little crumbs as I see them.  And working on my fic to keep me out of trouble during the doldrums of the off-season.  Check out what Janina Gavankar had to say to Michael Ausiello, below the Read More.

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Ask Ausiello spoilery tidbit

That Michael Ausiello! He’s been holding out on us!  In this week’s Ask Ausiello, he had a tiny little spoilery crumb for season 6 that he held back before. He is an evil, EVIL man, but his wisdom in holding out gives us something to mull in this dry waiting season.  Details below the Read More.

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Nice article about ASkars hanging out with with his What Maisie Knew costar Onata Aprile at TIFF last weekend.