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Keck’s Exclusives First Look (SPOILERS!!)

Check out William Keck’s article on a certain new character on True Blood.  More below the cut if you are willing to be spoiled!

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Waiting Sucks: Eric and Pam preview

The extended clip that is on HBOGo, which has TWO Eric/Pam scenes. SPOILERS and SPECULATION ahead!  Turn back before the cut if you don’t want to know.

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Chapter 5 of He’s Not There

Finished Chapter 5 of He’s Not There and it is either the last or the next-to-last one likely to be pretty close to canon, as I cannot, will not, let “my” Sookie have remaining strong feelings for Bill.  Not that I won’t still throw some angst into her relationship with Eric and still make her work to have him (particularly in the third part of this planned triology of stories) but I cannot bear to write that part of the story line into my interpretation.

Because May is an exceptionally busy month this year, especially during my usual prime writing opportunities, I will most likely not be updating weekly.  I’ll still be working on the story, but just at a slightly slower pace.

I’m also planning on reading Deadlocked, which will also hack into my writing time! But you have to bend to the will of the Creator… 😉

Chapter 4 update to HTN

Fairy-drunk Eric.  Need I say more?

He’s Not There, Chapter 4: Shedding Light on Things

He’s Not There updated

Happy to report that despite being seduced by the attractions of Cape May for a work conference, I did actually finish this weekend’s chapter, although it is a bit shorter than previous ones!  Please read and review.  🙂

He’s Not There, Chapter 3:  Flight

New non-spoilery promo

The new promo for season 5 doesn’t actually show anything from season 5, but it may actually answer one of my “unsolved TB mysteries.”  It seems to indicate that Eric genuinely may have been stuck playing Yahtzee with Queen Sophie-Anne until she reached the ridiculously high score she had claimed they needed to. I had never considered that what held him up from intervening with the Maenad might have been that stupid game because I didn’t Sophie Anne was being literal about playing to 5 million.  Perhaps I was wrong.

Arguing against taking this humorous snippet seriously: Jessica also kills Hoyt, which we know was a fantasy, not reality.


Looking for an update to He’s Not There?

Just a heads up that while I hoped to post the next chapter this weekend, I was at a work conference for the past three days and didn’t write a word while there.  I’ll post as soon as I am done! Meanwhile, the countdown to Deadlocked and TB season 5 continues!