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Blu-ray Extras: 4.6 I Wish I Was the Moon

Blu-ray Extras, 4.6: I Wish I Was the Moon

My usual disclaimer: these notes are based on what interests me in the blu-ray commentary, so they are not complete.  Of course, everything about Eric interests me. 😉  If it is in quote marks or italics, then it is a direct quote from the blu-ray, otherwise, it’s my paraphrase. This disc alone made buying the blu-ray worth the extra $$$ for me because I’m a big fan of spirit guide Godric who thinks Eric can follow in his path.

  • Pam, on Eric and Sookie making out just before Bill interrupts them: “It’s about time she gave him some of her goods. Eric’s never been interested in someone for more than a few hours.  That’s usually how long it takes for him to get them undressed.  She put up a good fight, though. Hope he finds out it was worth it. Want my opinion? If it weren’t for that fairy blood, he’d have been on to the next one the instant she opened that pouty little mouth.”[To which I have to say that if this is really Eric’s MO with women  – and I believe it is – then it just shows how differently he has treated Sookie all along. And I still don’t believe it was about her blood, or he’d have found a way to drink her already. Poor Pam. She doesn’t get it. That is going to bit her in the ass someday.]
  • Nan Flanagan, speaking about Bill arresting Eric: “While Bill Compton may have a personal agenda in the capture and removal of Eric Northman, he is appropriately fulfilling his role as king of Louisiana. He took an oath to the Authority and technically, he’s carrying out that sworn statement.  The way I see it, Bill has not crossed the line. Yet.  Sophie-Anne? Well, she was famous for letting her personal endeavors interrupt her role as queen. She would go on random quests to find exotic birds or week-long blood binges in the lower Caribbean. It got to the point where it was impossible to rein her in. And her personal and legal [possibly illegal – hard to hear here] activities, as much as she may have enjoyed them, became detrimental to her dominion. As far as fallen nobility goes, corruption and wasted opportunities, she wasn’t the worst we ever had. But she was definitely up there.”
  • How Pam feels when she is talking to Eric in their shared cell: “I’m vain. I know this about myself. I love this about myself. So, not only is this rotting spell killing me, literally disintegrating my body, it is also destroying my soul and everything that is important to me.  And for Eric, my maker, the only person I hold dear in the world, the only person I’ve ever held dear, for him to not understand that – [Pam’s voice chokes a little here] um – I – I’m at a loss.” [Okay, so she has my sympathy there for the first time in a few discs.]
  • Nan, commenting on Bill’s request for a warrant for the true death for Eric: “Issuing a warrant for the true death used to be incredibly complicated: paperwork, approvals, red tape; it could take weeks, months even. But with some of the new laws that came about after Russell Edgington, and with a few hidden loopholes known only to select vampires within the ranks, its become a much easier process. Its not entirely different in practice from Bush’s Patriot Act.  I can’t really go into it, but let’s just say that if I need someone offed, give me three hours and I’ll have a warrant.” [Foreshadowing!]
  • When Maxine Fortenberry is dissing Tommy to Tommy-as-Sam, the following information pops up: Maxine worked with Tommy on his reading for an hour a day for a little over six months. Under her tutelage, Tommy reached a second-grade reading level.
  • Godric’s take on the Spanish Inquisition: “The witch trials of the Inquisition: a dark period of bloodshed from which neither human nor vampire emerged untarnished. Though I was not in Western Europe at the time, there were whispers concerning a faction of aggressive vampires who were not content to hunt from outside human society. They were known as Ticks – an ironic name, considering how powerful they eventually became. They embedded themselves wherever human weakness made it advantageous to their agenda. The state of things in Spain in the Middle Ages provided one such opportunity. One of the architects of this plan, Don Santiago, delighted in a particular kind of cruelty: fear-based feeding. Santiago believed that torture caused a definitive – and his words, ‘delectable’ – change that sweetened human blood. He and his devotees devised famous torture devices employed by the Spanish Inquisition All in the name of turning their victims into human apertifs.”
  • [This is, of course, the night of the full moon, and the woods are fully of weres, other creatures – and Jason Stackhouse.] Although a full moon carries significance to the were and shifter communities, it has nothing to do with “turning.” This is a fact commonly mistaken by the werepanthers of Hot Shot.
  • Pam talks about an area where she tends to agree with Russell Edgington: “Now, I know Nan Flanagan would unleash on me if she heard me say this, but I think there was something to what Russell Edgington was trying to say. I don’t entirely disagree with his philosophy. Vampires are superior to humans, so why is it that so many feel we need to ‘level the playing field’ and take care of the lesser creatures? Especially in the South. It’s a real trend around here. I just can’t get my head around it. I heard that out West there is a big underground movement of vampires who also agreed with Russell. Most of them never mainstreamed, so it’s a lot easier to take that kind of stance when you don’t have any fiscal or social value to lose.  But I’m glad there’s still some vampires out there willing to stand by the truth: We drink. We fuck. We drain. We don’t owe humans anything more than that.” [Two speculative thoughts here: This again makes me think that Pam is being set up to become a vampire fundamentalist while Eric moves further towards mainstreaming, causing even more inter-personal angst between maker and child. Second, what if the rumored ‘new kinds of vamp’ are these underground, living-outside society ones?]
  • Pop up Godric speaks as Eric is about to be executed by Bill: “I lived two millennia.  In those years, I killed, I eviscerated, I slaughtered, I murdered; I could turn the waters of the great lake [indecipherable] crimson with the amount of blood I spilled. Yet even I found my way to a place of grace and peace. So, its not for me to condemn anyone, much less Eric, for the atrocities committed while he dwelled in the darkness. Being around Sookie has made Eric, for the first time in a long while, more human himself. He’s fully capable of moving beyond his past and finding some sort of redemption.”
  • As Don Bartolo cuts his arm, saying that this is the kind of magic Marnie is doing – blood magic – this pops up: The blood magic of Don Bartolo usually involves the blood of an “other.” Marnie’s blood magic involves her own blood. The two, while related, have vastly different purposes and effects.
  • Nan Flanagan on Pam: “Pam has been a tremendous liability to the AVL’s publicity campaign. She’s no Russell Edgington, but her snarky and dangerous posturing could set us back another hundred years at least. For a little while, she was on board with the agenda, protecting the protestors outside their little business, checking cameras and phones at the door, allowing us to shoot promotional spots inside Fangtasia; but off the record, we paid her a nice little sum to cooperate with those requests. And rumor has it she spent it all on white gold from South Africa. I don’t really give a damn how she lives her personal vampire life, but when it comes to the humans, she needs to cool her fucking [indecipherable – birks?]”
  • When Marnie enslaves Luis in her cell, she is saying in Latin, “Be my slave. Submit to me.”
  • Pam, on Bill setting Eric free: “Well, this might be the first time in my life that I can say something nice about Bill Compton. I don’t like to say nice things about people in general; just a rule of thumb for me. But I’ll make an exception in order to thank Bill for releasing Eric from his custody.  He could have let his ego drive the outcome of this debacle, but I’m grateful that he acted like a real man. I hope all this sudden touchy-feely shit isn’t because I’m running out of time.  The last thing I want to do is start saying nice things about everyone because the end’s coming. Sookie’s a slut. Maybe I have a little time left.”
  • As Bill drinks blood on his porch in the moonlight, the following info: Unlike wine, blood does not get better with age. If it cannot be taken straight from the source, it is best enjoyed as soon as possible. This particular blood that Bill is drinking was drained and poured into his glass within the hour.  There are donors on site at Bill’s house at all times, should the King or any of his constituents need a ‘pick-me-up.’



Blu-ray Extras, 4.5: Me and the Devil

Blu-Ray Extras 4.5, Me and the Devil

Disclaimer: I’m only transcribing it if I am interested, so this is not complete. Anything fully in italics or within quote marks is a direct quote from the commentary; everything else is paraphrased.

  • Pop up Godric speaks while Eric is dreaming about biting Sookie: “Many believe who we are is defined by our choices, so what happens when we lose all memory of this? When actions and choices are erased from the mind, are we then nothing? Is Eric to believe he is devoid of character simply because he cannot access his memories? In a way, he is like a child: a clean slate.  He has feelings, yes, but feelings are like the ether; they come and go and disintegrate and reappear at the call of random and often meaningless triggers. But his core remains: his depth, his soul, his love. These are traits that were always there. No spell can rid someone of these. Despite the tough exterior Eric worked so hard to portray, he is showing the human side of himself that has been buried for a very long time.” [BTW, Pop up Godric’s hair is much longer, which is distracting!]
  • The daylight incident exhausted Eric. He has been sleeping on and off since Sookie put him to bed, but now, a few hours before dawn, he’s awakened by his dream. [Excuse me while I preen, but I wrote this into my story because that was the explanation that made the most sense to me. I love it when I get a speculative detail right.]
  • According to Pam, who is commenting as Eric cries in Sookie’s bed: “Eric has only cried twice in his vampire life: once, when Godric met the sun, or so I heard; and once when he got a toothpick in the eye in a diner fight back in the ‘90s and those were involuntary tears.  When I get my hands on those fucking witches, I’m going to carve out their eyeballs and turn their tear ducts into h’ors deuves for a dinner party.”
  • Pop up Godric says [as Sookie comforts Eric after his dream]: “Vampire dreams are a rare thing, to be treasured, remembered, poured over. That Eric has had this dream speaks to the torment he’s experiencing. And yet, through this pain he might transcend, transform, evolve. I do not envy him this suffering and I wish I could be there for him to alleviate it.  When I left Eric on the roof, I departed believing he too would find himself on the path I had only just begun to travel, one of rediscovering the human within and not to turn away from it. I felt sorrow in abandoning my child, but I knew that it was necessary.  He is one of the last old world vampires, and that is a difficult, almost impossible loneliness to bear. Maybe this …connection…with Sookie will remind him of the good inside him.” [Godric pauses before saying the word connection and emphasizes it in the way he says it, which I am assuming will be significant in the long run. I can’t wait to see if there is any information on the blood exchange later in the season. On another note, in my story I gave Eric two nightmares that night because I thought that he was under such psychological stress, it made sense for him to rest poorly. Glad to know I was at least right about the psychology if not the likelihood of frequency of such a thing.]
  • Nan Flanagan: “The Authority and its highest ranking members assembled within two hours after Russell Edgington appeared on national television to eviscerate that poor anchor.  We had a two-day summit and emerged with nearly eight new vampire laws as well as multiple changes to already existing laws. We also put together a memo, which we’re still striving to get in front of the heads of the Republican and Democratic parties. Humans generally don’t like to mix in our politics, if that wasn’t already obvious from the recent failure of the Vampire Rights Amendment. But at a certain point, with all of the anti-vampire sentiment taking over the lives of even the most peaceful and civil vampires, it’s about time the religious right and the US government paid us some attention.”
  • When people ask Jason how many women he’s slept with, he has two different answers. To most people, it’s “around ten.” To himself and Hoyt, it’s 42, a number that hasn’t changed in several years.
  • Bill’s prison can hold up to six prisoners. It was designed to be effective for incarceration of both humans and vampires. It features closed-circuit TV that allows two-way communication as well as titanium bars coated in silver. It’s rumored that Bill spent close to a million dollars on this state-of-the-art facility.
  • Re: Luis’s maker, Padre Santiago: Don Santiago was an ancient vampire who helped found a group of vampires with a plan to infiltrate and prey on humans from within their own institutions. Don Santiago joined the Church in the mid-1400s.  While never one to discuss his origins, his myriad progeny all assumed he came from Russia. [The interesting thing about this revelation is that when you hear Bill talk about infiltrating powerful institutions, it sounds like something all vampires do; but this makes it sound as if Don Santiago was somewhat rogue in these plans.  Does this tell us anything about the various factions among vamps?]
  • Nan Flanagan, on Bill going to glamour Marnie in her cell, thus putting himself at risk since she was suspected of being a necromancer: “When I was touring palaces in the Rajasthan state of India a couple of hundred years ago, I met this man who tried to explain their nobility system. He said that some of the ancient maharajas, meaning great kings, would fight alongside their armies, and the commoners respected that, sure, but while they were risking their lives, they were also risking the stability of their people. Other maharajahs, sometimes less respected, would stay at home for the battle, in safety, so they could continue to rule from afar. I guess the point is, while I respect Bill’s willingness to take responsibility for his own poor choices, I’m a little baffled by his proximity to this witch. She’s shown us how powerful and dangerous she is to vampires, and he is a king. His safety is paramount. He has people who work under him whose lives are worth far less than his own. Bill Compton is either a moron or a lot ballsier than I thought.” [I vote for both.]
  • Pop up Pam, speaking while Eric and Sookie have their heart to heart about his past, just before he walks out her door: “I keep having this fantasy that all of a sudden, Eric clicks his fangs out and drains the fuck out of that Barbie. But just before he dies, he whispers in her ear, ‘Just kidding. I’m still me.’ And then she dies a slow, horrible death, knowing that their little flirtation was all a manipulative joke. *sighs* A girl can dream, can’t she?” [I hate to say it because I have always enjoyed Pam’s acerbic tongue, but her non-stop Sookie hate in the commentaries is actually making me start to dislike her. I imagine many people in the SVM fandom are going to be very unhappy with this.]


A squee of validation

I’ve been convinced for a couple of seasons now that Eric will gradually be revealed to be a far better person than the villain he was portrayed to be in the first couple of seasons.  And if you pay attention to his actions, not what others say about him, you begin to see those good traits.  Well, I just hit the scene on the blu-ray where he is dreaming of Godric and biting Sookie.  Check out what pop-up commentary Godric has to say about Eric and his amnesia!

“Many believe who we are is defined by our choices, so what happens when we lose all memory of this? When actions and choices are erased from the mind, are we then nothing? Is Eric to believe he is devoid of character simply because he cannot access his memories? In a way, he is like a child: a clean slate.  He has feelings, yes, but feelings are like the ether; they come and go and disintegrate and reappear at the call of random and often meaningless triggers. But his core remains: his depth, his soul, his love. These are traits that were always there. No spell can rid someone of these. Despite the tough exterior Eric worked so hard to portray, he is showing the human side of himself that has been buried for a very long time.”

To me, this is the confirmation that the Eric Sookie first dreams of after she has his blood is the “core” Eric — the “real” Eric, if you will, although our choices do shape us.  But what if you have a chance to start making different choices that are more in line with your core values?

I am loving this…!


Blu-ray Extras, 4.4: I’m Alive and On Fire

Blu-ray Extras, 4.4: I’m Alive and On Fire

Standard disclaimer that I am jotting these notes down for myself, so I’m not writing down everything; only those things that are of interest to me.  YMMV.

  • Although being drunk on alcohol is not the same as being high on faerie blood, it is the closest comparison humans can make to this vampire sensation.  Many imagine it is like the feeling that came with turn of the century absinthe, before it was distilled into the kitschy and legal substance that can be found in the United States today.
  • Jason says that he viewed Becky from Hot Shot as being like a little sister, so he viewed the possibility of sex with her like the possibility of sex with Sookie.  “And that’s disgusting – even for small-town Louisiana.” Hah!
  • The Salem witch trials were created [my emphasis] to target anyone practicing the capital felony of witchcraft in the Massachusetts counties of Essex, Suffolk and Middlesex in the late 1600s.  Records show that nineteen people were executed, and several more passed away in prison, serving or awaiting sentences.
  • In the scene where Antonia is burning at the stake and Marnie has the vision seeing it, they both begin to chant the following in Latin: “It is the dead that I seek, come to me, from wherever and everywhere, come to me, o dead ones.”
  • In case you weren’t listening closely the first time, Felton is, indeed, Becky’s uncle-daddy and Crystal is her sister-cousin.  I assume that Becky’s mom is perhaps Crystal and Felton’s sisters, although it would take someone more astute than me to figure out that incestuous little tree.  The blu-ray points out that almost everyone in Hot Shot is related in more than one way and that inbreeding is basically the only way anyone reproduces, which is precisely why the blood line is dying out.
  • Pam’s threat of how she’ll kill Sookie if anything ever happens to Eric: “I’m going to drain every last inch of her, bottle it in these little vials, sell it on the blood black market for at least $50,000 a pop, and then, I’m going to take her hollow, spindly skin and turn it into a Sookie-skin rug for the new house I’ll buy with all that cash; this way, whenever I pass through my living room, I can walk all over her. In heels.”
  • According to Andy Bellefleur, all grandma Caroline Bellefleur has now is the house and her name; the money has all run out!
  • Luna and Marcus got divorced because he was jealous and spent too much time with the pack without checking in.
  • Instead of the term “living room,” many wolves opt to call this space in the house the “den,” a throwback to when their ancestors lived in actual dens.
  • Pam tells a story about Eric: “This one summer in 1974, Eric and I went trolling for women on the boardwalk in Cape Cod and we found these twins, Samara and Chelsea.  God, I’ll never forget those girls; they didn’t stop giggling but they had this dirty blonde hair and legs like you’ve never seen. Anyway, Eric made a toast while he was drinking from Chelsea.  He said, “Pam, to c*nt and gunpowder” then we drained the little tw*ts in unison.  Sookie wouldn’t be getting all mushy-gushy over this sweet, mild-mannered version of my maker if she only knew what the real Eric was like.  She wouldn’t be so smitten.” [Ouch. Just, ouch!  On the other hand, this Eric didn’t seem real impressed with the ‘real’ Eric he was hearing about, so I still think that who Eric is will change in season 5. Pam isn’t going to know who he is.  Maybe he isn’t going to, either!]
  • Eric owns multiple properties, including Fangtasia, Sookie’s house, a farm in Trondheim, a farm in Oland, an apartment in Paris and a plantation in Barbados. [So, does this mean Bill doesn’t know about the farm in Trondheim, Norway? And I still wonder why the hell Eric Northman would pick Shreveport over Paris. And where does he stay in Shreveport when he is there? The basement of Fangtasia? Unanswered questions…]
  • Hoyt and Jessica were on their way to Fangtasia for another date night when they found Jason by the side of the road.  Hoyt has been making a pronounced effort to show Jessica a good time, and she, as always, was thrilled to get out of the house.
  • When Marnie casts the spell on Pam, she says, “Die, die, die, liquefy, fade, rot! Corrupt, unsanctified corpse who walks, behold your true self!”





Season 5 on the brain…

Obviously! I have since updated the previous blu-ray posts to reflect that they concern season 4, not season 5.  This is what I get for writing while tired.

When the season 5 sneak peeks are available on Youtube, I will link to them from here.  Love the one of Bill and Eric after Nan is taken care of. 😉

Blu-ray Extras, 4.3: If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?

Blu-ray Extras, 4.3: If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?

Not a complete list of what is on the blu-ray pop up commentary, but only the parts I’m particularly interested in.

  • According to the blu-ray, what Eric is saying in Swedish when Sookie asks him what he last remembers is this: “The joyous cries of the birds. The wet sand giving way beneath my feet, as I ran straight into the freezing surf.”  That was, indeed, what was written in the script.  However, what Alexander Skarsgard wrote on the side of the page – and what a native speaker has said he actually says on screen is this: “The wet sand between my toes. The wind against my shoulder blades.”
  • Pop up Lafayette tells the story of Nelly somebody, a waitress or fangbanger at Fangtasia who stakes some “nobody vampire who gets a little rough” with her when feeding one night.  Even though Eric didn’t know the vampire, he “made Nelly pay for it in the most painful way possible.”
  • [After a certain vamp is caught feeding on camera] Nan Flanagan explains how the law mandating the True Death if a vampire is caught feeding was implemented.  Great line (somewhat paraphrased): “It’s just like a traffic violation.  It only counts if you get caught.  Only people aren’t normally executed for running a red light.” I’m going to miss Nan. J
  • When Pam refers to the fangbanger she is biting in Fangtasia’s office as “Jethro,” she means it. His name is Jethro Skinner, who “had big dreams of becoming a porn star, but on his way from Jacksonville, Florida to California’s San Fernando Vallye, he stopped in Shreveport to get his vampire fix and never quite got back on the road.” Awwwwwwwww.
  • Pop up Pam tells the viewer that Eric and Bill’s rivalry predates both the Great Revelation and Sookie and that Bill has “had it out for Eric” for some time now.  She observes that Bill is probably plotting to have Eric removed for his personal reasons – which is the problem with almonarchs.  [Ironic that Bill is meant to be subverting the monarchy, isn’t it, but it all goes back to that old saw about the corruption of power.]
  • Pop up Pam is surprisingly misogynistic in a segment that comments on Jessica glamouring Hoyt after she confesses she has fed from someone else.   Pam talks about glamouring as useful for dealing with “overly emotional people” – like women, who she claims cry a lot. “Especially in bed.” (!!!) Although she suspects that in Hoyt and Jessica’s relationship, Hoyt is the crier.  I can hear the wails of the SVM fandom now as they read this version of Pam, which is absolutely nothing like Book Pam.
  • Since I’m still new to blu-ray, I am astonished to realize how clearly you can see that as Eric is climbing down into the cubby with Sookie, his hair is still wet from the shower.  That detail was lost in my previous viewings! That and the fact that Eric has light chest hair, despite the manscaped look.
  • Debbie Pelt got clean and sober (um, right) through ATV – Addicted To V, a 12-step program. She has been sober 10 months at the time of the witch incident.
  • Maxine Fortenberry taught Tommy Mickens to read using infomercial and the microwave instructions on TV dinners.
  • Pop up Pam pronounced Sookie as terrible at three things: Lying, waitressing and staying the fuck out of Pam’s way. She says Sookie needs to curtail her involving Eric in her problems because she drags him – and by association, Pam – into her “little predicaments.” [Again with the Pam-hates-Sookie thing – a bit heavy-handed at this point.]
  • When Bill took on the crown, one of his first actions was to retain an attorney.  Despite offers from firms as far reaching as New York City, Bill wanted someone local.  When Portia Bellefleur took over for Sid Matt, she made quite an impression on Bill with her ambition and intelligence.  It wasn’t long before she was handling all of his local business affairs.
  • Worth quoting, Andy Bellefleur’s comments on why his sister Portia (who has previously always been “sensible”) would want to go out with Vampire Bill.  “She’s got the same sickness all the other women in Bon Temps got: Vamper fever! …How’s a law-abiding, upstanding citizen supposed to compete with someone like Vampire Bill? He doesn’t eat, so he’ll never get fat.  And he’s got money and a big house and a limo-sine [pronounced that way] and years of know-how in the “marital arts.” His deck is stacked and there nothing us regular guys can do anything about.  Except maybe Stackhouse. He seems to do allright.”  Why, Andy, I’m sure many a guy has wondered how he is supposed to compete with the vampires his woman is interested in for those very reasons… 😉
  • When Tara, Lafayette and Jesus confront Pam in the basement of Fangtasia, Pop Up Pam comments that she may think Tara is a little c***, but that she respects her because she is tough. Fore-shadow!
  • [As Claudine appears in Sookie’s yard to ask her to return to Faerie] Claudine got special permission from Queen Mab to return to the human plane and retrieve Sookie.  She’s trying to appeal to Sookie’s sense of family before taking more desperate measures.
  • [When Eric drains Claudine, the following “Hint” appears] Where did Claudine’s body go? Did it return to Faerie, dissipate back into light or disappear forever? [So does this mean we may see Claudine again? Not as Claudette, as expected, but as herself? But then why are the fae so certain they will be hunted to extinction if death is not permanent?]

Blu-ray Extras for 4.2, You Smell Like Dinner

Blu-ray Extras for 4.2, You Smell Like Dinner

Just a reminder that I’m only transcribing the stuff I care about.  There’s a lot more on the disc that I am not taking the time to write down.  Italicized things are direct quotes; everything else is my paraphrase or commentary. I’m hoping to do one or two episodes a night for the next few days, although I’m also planning on going to Comic-Con later this week.

  • Crystal’s take on what traveling “all over this wide world” on the “honeymoon” she took with  Felton entails: They went to Texas, then Mexico, then Texas, then back to Louisiana.  Super romantic – if you’ve never been out of Hot Shot. 😉
  • Eric found out that Jason had reluctantly put up the house for sale just a few days after the announcement.  Pam saw it in the local paper, and thinking it was funny, showed it to her maker.  Much to her surprise, Eric decided to buy the house. [So, either the TB writers don’t know about property laws that don’t allow a relative of a missing person to sell a house out from under the person until they’ve been declared dead; or the vampires have gotten those pesky kinds of laws changed.  If you go missing, perhaps your family can now do whatever they want to with your stuff without waiting 7 years.]  
  • Katerina [Pelham, Bill’s female security staff member he is sleeping with] first met Bill Compton when the King of Louisiana’s vampire security advisors suggested he take on a human female agent for help with his various reconnaissance missions.  He was so impressed with her training and field expertise that he offered her the job within the first 15 minutes of their meeting.
  • According to Pam, the protestors outside Fangtasia have been doing it for a year and are always the same group of people.  (She notes that they all look alike, which makes her wonder about in-breeding.) And a great Pam line: “And what the fuck is a Twitter? Sounds like something a New Amsterdam streetwalker would do for an extra hundred.”
  • Bill’s security detail was carefully selected by a committee within the Authority in charge of protecting important constituents. Bill was also personally involved in this selection process.  The team consists of both human and vampire guards. Many of the humans are ex-military, but some are simply mercenaries of the world.  Although it’s a dangerous job, the benefits are so great that it’s a hard position to turn down.
  • When Bill tells Sookie that Eric has friends in high places, the DVD popup comments “Even Bill does not know the true extent of Eric’s ‘friends in high places.’ “
  • When Nan Flanagan finds Bill in 1982 London, she admits she had been following him for several years, as well as several other vampires.  She felt he had more “potential” and “charisma” than other vamps, however, which would make him useful for a project assigned to her by the Strategic Planning Committee of the Authority. They wanted new leadership to infiltrate the monarchies and follow the influence of the Authority to implement mainstreaming.  Bill Compton was a part of that plan.
  • Nobody really knows when the vampire monarchs came about, or how they rose to power. The only vampire who might be able to explain these matters is buried under a cement foundation… [So, Russell is the oldest vampire in existence?]
  • When the Flashback option offers to show you what kind of gifts an “old soul” like baby Mikey might have, it shows his ability to see the ghost Mavis. I thought his ability to see ghosts was more of a “baby” thing, but perhaps they will do something with it later on, then.
  • Felton got Crystal hooked on V while they were in Dallas as part of their baby-making plans.
  • The skeletons in Luna’s closet include “lots of sex, drugs, rock-n-roll and bad boys.”
  • Great Arlene line when talking about the value of family: “Family is family; not counting my first four husbands.”
  • Eric wanted a cubby that simple and modern, but also reminded him of his homeland.  He had Pam hire a well-known vampire designer from Chicago and the cubby was built in a week.
  • [Off Jessica crawling out of her crawlspace in the closet] A vampire’s cubby is not very different than a human’s bedroom. Some prefer to decorate and personalize the space, while others look at merely as a “crash pad.” Some vampires opt out of cubbies entirely, and remain committed to the old way: coffins.  But since the Great Revelation and mainstreaming, coffins have, for the most part, but thrown by the wayside.
  • [As Bill orders his goon squad to kill Sophie-Anne.] When the details of this initiative to kill the Queen were worked out and actually put into motion is known only within the higher ranks of the Authority, who ultimately signed off the on the execution.
  • Nan Flanagan explains that the monarchs derive their power from the Authority – now. The monarchies used to have more power and consequently abused it, but the Authority has worked hard to change that power structure over the centuries. Nan likes Bill because he respects the Authority’s power and “plays the game with a smile on his face.”
  • Pam really hates Sookie, referring to her as a troublemaker who has only been back five minutes and is already raining on a little vampire’s (Jessica’s) parade. Pam earlier had said she would never pick Sookie to be a pet for Eric.
  • ­[After Sam discovers that Tommy’s leg has healed.] No one really knows how long Tommy’s leg has been in working condition.  He has kept this hidden from everyone, including Maxine Fortenberry.  Although he initially felt pangs of guilt for lying, that quickly subsided and Tommy basked in the sympathy and attention his injury brought him.
  • Eric’s ability to instill fear within not only humans, but vampires alike, has given him a reputation that precedes him. The residents of Bon Temps, Shreveport, and even a handful of those from New Orleans know better than to mess with him.
  • When Marnie casts the spell on Eric, she is saying, “Now I command and charge you, O evil spirit! That you immediately bring! [sic] Having been brought, and the circles I depart, without the noise, terror, tumult, and stench, as well to all the damages, without of my both body and soul…” [WTF? Did they use Google translate to come up with this? I found a better translation online after the episode aired.]
  • Crystal tells the story of how she got pregnant while she was of the age to go to junior high (if she had ever actually gone to school) by a boy from Bon Temps. She got an abortion in Shreveport.  Since she hasn’t gotten pregnant by Felton when they are having sex constantly (thanks to his V use), she thinks that Felton must be sterile.