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Eric Northman season 6 fan video

Cantrous has put together a visually fabulous fan video of Eric Northman in season 6, juxtaposed against the song for the finale, “Radioactive.”  It is so good that it almost makes up for — well, you know.  Enjoy!



Meanwhile, in Stockholm…

SOMEONE is having a good time cheering for Hammarby! I don’t know if this from earlier today or last night — a trip to the game for Alex’s birthday, perhaps?


Happy 37th Birthday to Alex!

I’ve seen many birthday wishes to Alexander Skarsgard today, but this one made me laugh the most — ASkars celebrating his birthday in his birthday suit! Happy birthday to our favorite Viking vampire. 🙂

Celebrating Alexander Skarsgard’s birthday in style

Tomorrow, Alexander Skarsgard will turn 37 (which still would make me a cougar in relatively speaking, but oh, well.)  Alexanderskarsbrow on Tumblr has put together a witty and charming series of animated gifs on how to celebrate the Tall One’s birthday in style that reads like a fun little Eric fanfic.  Go forth and enjoy!

Krokodilller!!! Celebrate Alexander Skarsgard’s Birthday in True Eric Northman Style

True Blood final season discussion

According to Michael Ausiello, HBO execs are having the discussion about whether or not season 7 will be the final season of the show or whether they might give it a season 8 as well.  Because I had gleaned the same idea from Brian Buckner’s interviews from earlier this week, I recently sent a letter to Michael Lombardo, the President of Programming for HBO, to ask him to extend the show long enough to give Sookie a happy ending with Eric.  I wrote that if that is not possible in season 7 because of Alexander Skarsgard’s schedule, to please then extend True Blood one more year in the hope that having enough advance notice would mean Alex could work it out with his other projects.

Who knows if HBO will listen, but I like to think that they know what will make the most fans happy and act accordingly, as it is in their best business interests.  And while I’ve only once before contacted show or network admins about something I want to see on a program (having been a Spuffy shipper in my BTVS days — and that obviously did not work out), I honestly don’t care what else they do with the stories beyond the Eric and Sookie pairing.  But that is something I want, as a viewer, to see and I don’t feel bad telling them that.  My Sooric love is what keeps my motivated to keep watching (and writing and posting on this blog) in some otherwise mediocre seasons.  And one life lesson I have learned from my son, the master of self-advocacy — you get more things you want in life if you actively ask for them rather than just passively hope.  I may not have his charm in coaxing people to come through for him (because he truly has a magic touch in seducing people into spoiling him rotten), but darn it, I can try.  🙂

Amelia Rose Blair named series regular

The actress that plays Willa, Amelia Rose Blair has been promoted to series regular for season 7 according to SpoilerTV. I suspect we will see the same announcements for the actors playing James and Violet shortly as well, since the original casting calls made it clear they were intended to be involved in the next season from the beginning.

ARBlair crop

HiddenEloise’s finale recap

HiddenEloise recaped the finale and articulates why so much seemed so incredibly off.  Well worth reading, especially her critique on Sam’s sudden relationship with Bill after what had happened at The Authority.  I’d like to think that six months’ time jump was a dream as she speculates, but I don’t think it was meant to be anything but the new reality, alas.  That said, after finally rewatching the episode (and yes, it took my four days to be finally sit down and watch it again without getting sick to my stomach), it played better the second time since I knew when to expect the shocks.  Since they have not yet started breaking the stories for next season, I am still hopeful that they will make an effort to address some of the criticisms brought up.