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Episode 6.9 title and casting news *spoilers*

I want to take the SpoilerFairy out for a beer someday because she keeps coming through for us.  Episode 6.9 title and casting news below the Read More.

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“Blood Will Spill” promo *spoilers*

HBO has posted a new general promo: “Blood Will Spill”!



I don’t write this blog expecting a bunch of hits because I don’t think more than a handful of people know me in the SVM/TB fandom, but it was cool to see my blog hits for yesterday hit 749 — three times what it has ever been before.  (And clearly, it was people looking for Dead Ever After spoilers, so I am not surprised!)  So thanks for making me smile on what was in many other ways a rough day.  XOXO!!

New clip for “What Maisie Knew” *spoilers*

She Knows Entertainment has an interview with Alexander Skarsgard about his new film What Maisie Knew, and it includes a new clip! Sorry I can’t embed it here, but it is worth watching.

Waiting Sucks promo: Eric! *spoilers*

I didn’t expect HBO to come through with their Eric “Waiting Sucks” promo until later since I think they save the best for last, but they gave us a much-appreciated gift yesterday.  Thank you, HBO!!! Video is below the Read More.

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New trailer for “The East” *spoilers*

Looking for a happy thought? How about a glimpse of Alexander Skarsgard stripping off his clothes in the woods? New promo for The East, opening in limited release on May 31!

Waiting Sucks – Alcide

And in happier news, there was another True Blood video spoiler this week!  Time to catch up on what’s going with Alcide…even if he’s not Eric.  Below the Read More!

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