Monthly Archives: May 2014

TV Guide article on final season of True Blood

TV Guide has an article previewing the final season of True Blood and I am less enthused than ever thanks to quotes like the following:

“In  the final season, we’re telling a more personal story,” says executive producer Brian Buckner, who took over after show creator Alan Ball and executive producer Mark Hudis. “We’re going back to the original promise of the show: Bill and Sookie. People are going to be very surprised about the way we get there. There’s romance, sadness and resolution.”

So, while I’ll be checking in periodically to see what happens, I will not be watching live every Sunday and will not be recapping this season.  (In fact, for the first time in six years, I felt no qualms about accepting work shifts on Sunday evenings during the summer.  It just isn’t relevant to me any longer.)


Screen caps from promo

Alexander Skarsgard Fans has put up a series of screen caps from promo and finally I see something that interests me — does it look to you as if Bill and someone else is setting fire to Fangtasia?



New trailer

The first trailer with some real hints about is what to come has been released.  I know that they want to be evasive about Eric’s fate for a while longer, but I didn’t see much else in the promo that has me really excited for the season yet. (Especially all the flashbacks to Bill and Sookie’s Twu Luv? Leaves me not only cold, but slightly turned off since I had hoped we were finally past that.)  Anyone else intrigued by something?