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MyFutureLover “Parallels” video

MyFutureLover, whose Sooric analysis of season 5 was understandably missing until the last episode is back! And one of her latest offerings is a nice little compilation video of all the little parallels to previous episodes that the writers picked up on this season.  I caught some, but she picked up some I had missed.  Enjoy! And check out her other vids — while I don’t always agree with her analysis, she catches some interesting things more often than not.


True Blood season 6 only 10 episodes long

TV Guide did an interview with Alan Ball that mentions not only will the show not start filming until January to accommodate Anna Paquin’s pregnancy, but season 6 will only have 10 episodes.   A couple of excerpts are below the “Read More.”

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Denis O’Hare interview with Vulture *spoilers for 5.12*

Denis O’Hare talked with Vulture about the season finale.  Lots of interesting details, but I’m excerpting just a couple.

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Christmas in August!

So, I revisited my “wish list” for the finale and have to declare that the episode turned out to be Christmas in August!  Here were my wishes:

  1. Eric rescues Sookie and the other fairies. Hopefully without flipping out and eating a bunch of them himself. ;-)
  2. Eric kills Russell.  I love, love, love Russell, but so long as he is alive, he is a threat to Sookie.  This would be Eric’s third opportunity to kill Russell and he really, REALLY needs to follow through this time.
  3. Bill chooses to remain dark when given the choice to reject the Lilith wackiness.

Obviously, I not only got what I wanted, but Billith was the extra-big-special present that I didn’t even expect.  Still squeeing in joy over the outcome.  Did you get what you wanted?

Janina Gavankar finale recap

Janina Gavankar appeared on Afterbuzz to do an hour-long recap of the season finale.  Definitely worth listening to for behind-the-scene insight into production and plot developments. Check it out!

Stephen Moyer interview about finale *spoilers*

Stephan Moyer talked with our buddy Michael Ausiello at TVLINE about the True Blood season finale.  Excerpts below the Read More.

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TVLine interview with Alan Ball *spoilery for season 6*

Michael Ausiello conducted a VERY long interview with Alan Ball concerning the finale and what to expect in season 6.  Excerpts below the Read More.

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