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Christoph Walz may play villain in “Tarzan”

It’s looking more and more as if “Tarzan” is really going forward with Alexander Skarsgard in the lead role.  The Hollywood Reporter announced today that Christoph Walz is in negotiations for the role of villainous Belgian soldier Captain Rom, who wants to “capture Tarzan in exchange for diamonds.”  (So, does this mean Tarzan is still living in the jungle in the film? I thought originally he was supposed to have reintegrated into British society.)

The THR story also says that the search for Jane is still open, although Margot Robbie and Emma Stone are both possible contenders.  (I ❤ Emma Stone and would LOVE to see her with ASkars!)


Bailey Noble (Adilyn) made series regular

SpoilerTV shared an article from The Hollywood Reporter today that says Bailey Noble, who plays half-fae Adilyn Bellefleur, will be a series regular for season 7, the final season of True Blood.  As the person with the most remaining fae blood in Bon Temps, how vulnerable will poor Adilyn be to the vamp threat?  I know Jessica offered to protect her even without drinking her blood, but I wonder how that would work out in reality even if Jessica means to restrain herself.

NBC documentary on WWW in 2014

ITV in the UK will cover the Walking With the Wounded expedition with a two-part documentary to air in 2014, but we in the US are not going to be totally left behind thanks to NBC!  An article focused on the UK coverage says that NBC will take the footage from the UK special and supplement it with exclusive coverage of the USA team for a special intended for US broadcast.  Alas, no word about who is covering the Commonwealth team or how, but I’ll be happy to see what happens with our Viking adventurer in more detail!  Although, is anyone else starting to worry a bit about whether this is dangerous to hike for that long in Antarctica, even if it is summer there?  Typical summer temps are in the 30sF which still sounds plenty nippy to me for such lengthy exposure.

Alternative Endings for The East

Good news for those of us (like me!) who are waiting for the DVD of The East to ship in a couple of days! The disc contains alternate endings. has some screen caps from those alternates, so check them out.

via Alternative Endings for The East.

E!Online interview about WWW challenge

E!Online interviewed Alexander Skarsgard about his upcoming adventure this winter in which he will compete as a member of a team with four wounded soldiers in a race to the South Pole.  And guess what? Two of Alex’s teammates are women! (As the proud aunt of female Air Force Airman who has deployed to combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan I know the strength of today’s young women even in fields of battle.)  I hope we will be able to follow the details as the month-long, 208-mile trek unfolds.

E!Online story and video here.


More from “Walking With The Wounded”

More from “Walking With The Wounded”.

Alexander Skarsgard: Mere Mortal or Nordic Sex God?

Reblogged from HamptonsPartyGirl via Ponderings of a Lost Daughter just because it is such a pleasant, feel-good story about Alex.  I think we all need that!

Err… and the picture isn’t so bad, either.  *cough*