About MyVikingBoyfriend

I’ve been a fan of True Blood since it aired, a fan of the book series on which is based  (the Southern Vampire Mysteries) since shortly afterwards and a total Eric Northman addict since Living Dead in Dallas.  I used to write Spuffy fanfic several years ago, but in 2011 started working on True Blood fanfic after the slings and arrows of season 4.  Team Eric all the way, despite what Charlaine Harris decided to do and what Alan Ball may ultimately choose (although I remain hopeful that TB Eric at least may have a HEA chance with his Sookie, unlike poor, screwed-over SVM Eric.)

About Eric Eric Eric

I started this blog on January 30, 2012,  as a place to bring together my thoughts about the Eric and Sookie ‘ship as it has developed on True Blood. If you’re curious about the back story on why I named the blog what I did, check out this post. 🙂


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  1. I sent you a message on fanfiction. I LOVE the she’s not there, he’s not there stories….I’m hoping you will continue the 3rd story in this saga….

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