Eric-related casting spoiler

Finally we are getting some spoilers for the next (and final) season, scheduled to begin filming in January.  Today’s tidbit came from William Keck via Twitter.  Details below the Read More!


I never doubted Eric would live, and I can’t be entirely surprised that he will have hooked up with a woman in the six months that he has been gone from Shreveport and Bon Temps.  As for the description of Frenchwoman Sylvie as a “love interest,” all that tells us that she and Eric will most likely be sleeping together.  Estonian stripper (and former cardiologist) Yvetta was also described as Eric’s seasonal “love interest” when she was cast, and we know how that played out.

So, who is this Sylvie?  Perhaps Eric has chosen her as a feeding partner because of the epidemic? Or maybe she took care of him as he convalesced after his mountaintop sun “incident”? I’ll be especially curious to see what she looks like — a variation on Sookie, perhaps?

So, what does this mean for Sooric?  I don’t think it automatically rules out a Sooric reunion by the end of the show, because it makes sense from a story point of view for Eric and Sookie to be with different partners at the beginning of the season even if they end up together by the end.  That said, I do feel it is too early to call as to what the writers and Brian Buckner actually have planned for our OTP.  I’m wary enough about the direction of the story that for the first time, I currently do not plan to watch the first few episodes on the night they air, but wait to see how things are unfolding before I decide whether or not I should plunge back in.

In the meanwhile, Since William Keck is posting this, we should be on the look out for a more detailed report to come from him on TV Guide soon.

Happy Spoiler Season, Trubies!

2 responses to “Eric-related casting spoiler

  1. I’m choosing to dwell on the fact that they haven’t given her a surname meaning that she won’t be sticking around plus I seen the casting call on Tumblr :

    Episode 7.2 ‘(title:TBA)’ writer: Brian Buckner, director: Lee Rose to film around mid-january 2014 Woman AKA Sylvie: 20s, beautiful, French. Must be French and speak French fluently. Love interest to Eric (Alexander Skarsgard)… Episode 2 Arc, on the final season of True Blood. This role requires full frontal nudity excluding genitalia Episode 2 Arc implies she will only be in that episode. She’ll probably be a f*** and feed to a recovering Eric. Buckner is writing the episode though so gratuitous sex scene no doubt . As for Sooric – Sookie seems to have developed amnesia in regards Eric through season 6 so unless that was there as a plot device to keep them apart before reuniting them I am extremely doubtful.

  2. How convenient that one of the first casting calls is designed to confirm Eric’s alive and that he will be ‘back’ for the last season of TB. I have become so disenchanted with the show that I can only see manipulation in every one of their moves inc. these casting calls…
    I definitely won’t be watching the final season which I expect to be as disappointing as 5 and 6 were. As much as I love Eric & Sookie my main problem with the show (and the latter books) is how they’ve massacred Sookie as a character making her act irrationally, stupidly (the whole Ben/Warlow arc was unbearably lame) and ultimately have her blame herself for being different and accepting all the demeaning judgment from the trolls of Bon Temps by calling herself a ‘danger whore’. To me Sookie was a great if naive and inexperienced heroine in the early books but when I look at her now, I am horrified.

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