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ASkars filming in South Africa

As we know, Alexander Skarsgard will be heading for Antarctica in November and December for Walking With the Wounded, but first, he’s slated to spend some time in South Africa filming The Giver with Meryl Streep and Taylor Swift.  According to RadioTimes, the dystopian YA novel-turned-film started filming today (October 7) in Cape Town.


2005 ASkars article worth reading has posted a translated 2005 article from King magazine in Sweden, along with great scans. Some of the things we learn about Alexander Skarsgard in this lengthy interview?

  • He claims he and his buddies were cool in junior high, but not high school, so they didn’t have many girls around them.
  • He likes to shop for second-hand clothes — although they can be hard to find because of his size.
  • He always thinks that five years in the future, he’ll be married with children.
  • He has been dreaming about going on a polar expedition for a long, long time.

Definitely check it out!