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Thank you for the last year

One year ago today, I put up my first post on Eric Eric Eric.   (And if you’ve never read the story behind the blog name, you can find that here.)

I had been driving a couple of coworkers and my family members cray-cray with my need to talk about True Blood (especially a certain Viking!) and I finally decided it would be better to just channel all that speculation and obsession into a blog where I could track spoilers, speculate to my heart’s content, and post my own fanfiction.  I didn’t know if anyone but me would ever read it, so it has been a real joy to have so many cool and interesting fellow Trubie fans stop by — and then decide to keep checking in.  I’ve made some great friends in the fandom over the last year and I just want to say thank you all for talking True Blood with me, especially my fellow Sooric lovers.  You guys keep me sane! XOXO

Here’s to a Sooric-friendly season 6!


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Details of 6.3 casting call *spoilery*

The lovely folks at Bookies Love True Blood posted the detailed casting call for 6.3.  Below the Read More!

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Spoilery tidbit about Eric?

An intriguing tweet from True Blood costume designer Audrey Fisher — below the Read More!

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KVBS talks about season 6 Pam *spoilery*

No details, honestly, but Kristin Bauer Van Straten was asked what to expect for her character Pam in Season 6 in this week’s E! SpoilerChat. Below the Read More for only the most cautious.

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Great recap of the latest tidbits for 6.3 from Eric and Sookie Lovers — and I love the video of the possible song that matches the episode title.



SpoilerTV revealed the episode title for True Blood Episode 6.03 – as well as an update in this edition of News From The Casting Couch!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!

spoiler warning

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The Real Me, Chapter 7

It’s cold. It’s gloomy.  And real life kind of sucks at points.  But I have a new chapter for you and have actually started on the next one already.  Thanks have to go out to those who have encouraged me while I’ve been struggling with the writing lately, including eys1214, sweetmg and treewitch703.  I know where I want to go with this even if I’m slow, nebulous and having a nasty case of the winter blahs.  Thanks for hanging in there and letting me bounce ideas off of you.   🙂

And, hey, it’s spoiler season!  😀

The Real Me, Chapter 7: Burdensome Politics

Fan video – Eric Northman, “Hurt”

I don’t normally pass on fan videos, but this was so nicely done I just have to.