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“Shocking” Eric spoiler for 5.1

If you don’t wan to know, don’t read below the cut!

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Story is done

It took me almost two months to write 6 chapters because I am painfully slow, but my Eric and Sookie fanfiction, She’s Not There, is done! You can read it here.  If you are not a True Blood watcher, it may not make much sense to you, so fair warning.  It is also rated M for mature (or more likely, immature) language because some vampires we know have filthy mouths.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  😉

New fanfic recommendation

Just stumbled across an amazingly good Sookieverse fanfiction called The Living Dead by June Smith. It’s an alternate take on Dead to the World, with Eric experiencing a different (non-amnesia) curse.  Good mystery, lots of tension and interesting action sequences, too.  Excellent writing, too!

TB French Quarter Comic Book #6

I can’t lie.  I hated the way they handled the Sookie/Bill/Eric action in this.  Sookie is constantly referred to as if she is still Bill’s girlfriend (even though she says repeatedly that she is not attached to anyone at the moment) and Eric is treated as the pining ex who doesn’t have the same status as Bill in her life.  Ugh, ugh, ugh.

And the whole “who is at Sookie’s kitchen table” spoiler?  It appears to be a rat.  Which is such a tremendously lame thing that I have to wonder whether they changed the last couple of panels to avoid the major spoiler that had been predicted.  Maybe that is why the comic came out in mid-March instead of either the original January pub date OR the June 27 (post-new season premiere) date.

I’m currently signed up for the True Blood continuing comic, but honestly, if it is going to keep harping on Bill and Sookie’s relationship, I don’t think I’ll be interested.