My fanfiction

I recently started writing True Blood fanfiction.  The series of stories below are sequential and are planned as a trilogy.

She's Not ThereShe’s Not There – Set in the canon TB universe between season 3 and 4 just after Sookie disappears to the fairy realm.  What happened when Eric realized he could no longer feel his connection with Sookie? Romance/Drama, rated MA for language only because Eric (and especially Pam) have filthy mouths and it’s hard to get too lemony with the romantic interest in another dimension. 😀

He’s Not There – Sequel to She’s Not There.  Eric doesn’t know he’s Eric, until Sookie finds him. Canon take on season 4 up until a point and then AU.  EPOV.

The Real Me – Sequel to He’s Not There. While Eric was under a spell, he and Sookie exchanged blood, forming a bond that is more than Sookie bargained for. Now that he has his memories back, can Sookie still love and trust the real Eric? And how will they handle it when they discover that their bond is more significant to both vampire and fairy kinds than either of them expected? Sookie and Eric POVs. WIP.

Fanfic recommendations

Back and Forth by California Kat – When Sookie realizes that her feelings for both Bill and Eric might be caused by their blood, she does something drastic to clarify her feelings.

Five, As Agreed Upon by ficlet78 – When Sookie confronts Eric over his owning her house in You Smell Like Dinner, they make a deal: if he can feed from her five times, he’ll give the house back.

The Choice by Wylis – When Sookie is shot during the Witch War in season 4 of True Blood, Claudine visits her in a dream and shows her what her life will be like if she chooses either Bill or Eric.

Tales of the Dead by kjwrit – I am not traditionally a fan of AU/AH, but kjwrit writes fabulously fun and sexy chicklit using Eric and Sookie as the character models.  This one features Shreveport Coroner Eric (who sees dead people) solving a mystery with Police Detective Sookie Stackhouse.

The Living Dead by June Smith – Exceptionally well-written AU to Dead to the World in which Eric shows up on Sookie’s doorstep with a different kind of curse.

Hopeless by Queen of Area Five – One shot (at least at this point) about what happens when Sookie is not “glamoured” by Bill in the basement of the asylum in season 5 but is instead taking to Authority headquaters.


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