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TB Comics exclusive interview with Michael McMillian

Ryn Blair and Ann Kirla of True Blood Comics were lucky enough to conduct a personal interview with Michael McMillian, actor (Steve Newlin on True Blood) and comic book author!  The interview in full is shared below with their permission, but you should check out their site as well for the great pictures they took of themselves with McMillz!  Thanks to Ryn and Ann for sharing. Exclusive Interview with Michael McMillian.

Interview by Ryn Blair and Ann Kirla

True Blood Issue 201 RIB Autographed 1:25Last year during San Diego Comic Con, True Blood’s presence was definitely felt. There were panels, signings, parties, blood drives, swag, and most importantly, COMICS! With SDCC 2013 quickly approaching & the new season beginning next week on HBO, it’s hard not to reminisce about all of the good times of years past and speculate what the future will hold. We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to sit down with one of the extremely talented individuals who contributes greatly to our vampire addiction, Michael McMillian, True Blood comic book writer and of course Steve Newlin on True Blood. Read on as we pick his brain about the ongoing comic series, the show, and just life in general!

TBC: Now that you’ve worked on your second series with IDW and the True Blood Comics, are there any writers and artists that you click with in particular? I know you’ve worked with a few different ones.

MM: I’ve been really lucky so far, this sounds like a really judicious answer, but it’s true. I mean  Joe’s been great to work with, Stephen Molinar who filled in for Joe on the first season was awesome. Now working with Michael Gaydos is a particular dream come true for me because I loved his book, Alias, that he wrote with Brian Michael Bendis at Marvel. So we’ve been really lucky to get great artists so far. Yeah I’m such a comic book fan, but I’m still in the phase where it’s amazing to see something I’ve written be drawn into a comic so I’m just thrilled with the whole thing.

TBC: In the new True Blood Ongoing series “Where Were You”, how did the concept for Remus come about?

MM: Well ya know, I don’t remember exactly. I think the idea that I had was in season five, ya know, we’ve been introduced to Nora, Eric’s vampire sibling when we were developing the plot for “Where were you”. I knew that I needed something that would sort of frame the flashback sequences and I decided it would be kind of cool if we found out that Godric had a vampire sibling who was kind of the anathema to him. I kind of like the idea of Godric having sort of an evil twin brother in a sense. The sort of soap opera sense. That’s really where it came about. As the “Where were You” series continues it ties asthmatically in season five with bringing up sanquinista’s, the vampire bible and Lillith. So he kind of comes from that hardcore vampire religion. You’ll see more of that in this story line.

TBC: How do you feel about writing your character on the show into the comics?

MM: Well I did Steve Newlin in “Tainted Love”. The first story arc I did when he was still human. I haven’t gotten around to vampire Steve Newlin yet, just because Tara and Steve and some of these newer characters are really getting their chance to shine in season five. We didn’t want to tread on that territory yet. So hopefully I’ll be getting Steve the vampire into the comics sometime soon, I’d love to.

TBC: Did you always want to do writing, or is something that just happened?

MM: I was talking about this earlier today, I was always a fan of comic books. Ever since I was a kid and obviously film and TV. When I was younger I thought I would grow up to be a comic book artist or an animator because I loved to draw when I was growing up. I found theater and got into acting and I think that was much more of a social experience for me and I really fell in love with that. I kind of lost touch with my drawing a bit growing up. But the writing thing there is such a close relationship with writing and theater and film and TV and I always kind of held on to that. It’s something that I always wanted to do. Just where my career’s been going in acting it’s opened up so many opportunities for me as writer so I’m taking advantage of those. Getting into comics is one of them.

TBC: Do you have plans to stay on with IDW and continue writing?

MM: Yeah we’ve got the first, Ann Nocenti my co-writer and I, have the first 12 issues plotted out. So we have at least the first year’s worth of storylines. Then we’ll see what happens after that. I think I’m invited to stay on the book as long as the book is around or as long as I want to or as long as we feel like it’s going well. So we’ll see. Definitely the first twelve issues and we’ll figure it out after that.

TBC: All the Truebies are excited to have you come back on our screen. Do you have a preference when it comes to the old Steve Newlin or the new Steve Newlin?

MM: I loved creating Steve in season two and that is very much an important starting point for where he is now. I think it’s really important for him to see this egotistical big Texas preacher. because it gives us the opportunity now, as a vampire, to see what was behind all that, who this guy really is. I’ve said season two was, the scheme of season two was Steve’s ego the scheme of season 5 is the id and we’re kind of seeing what’s behind, underneath all the repression. For me it’s been so much more fun to play him as a vampire and to be able to sort of peel away the onion and see who this guy is underneath and give him an emotional life underneath all the comedy. It’s been really fun.

TBC: Christianity and vampires are not something that go together as we’re coming to find out. How does Steve balance being a Christian first and a vampire second?

MM: Well I think that where Steve’s at with that right now is that he’s been turned into a vampire, he hasn’t been sent to hell, and he doesn’t feel like a minion of hell and I think that it’s a matter of shifting his perspective. He says in episode two that he got it wrong before. He says Jesus loves vampires. So it’s just a matter of changing his perspective on the issue. There’s one thing he has in common with in his mind he’s been blessed with eternal life and its very god like.

What a great time that was! Thanks so much to Michael for taking the time to speak with us! Can’t wait to see what is in store for us in the upcoming months! We plan on having more True Blood juiciness for you! Make sure to follow us on twitter: @TrueBloodComics & @TruebiesSDCC  and on Facebook: TrueBloodComicBookFans for all you #TrueBlood & #SDCC updates!


Season 5 blu-ray Authority videos

I haven’t even started transcribing interesting info from the season 5 True Blood blu-rays but merjtab has already started posting videos featuring the various Authority members.  Check them out on her Youtube channel! For a sample of what the videos are like, look below as Salome Agrippa explains the creation myth of vampires as well as humans.

And the video below was especially interesting because Remus, the character that Roslyn refers to, was featured in the True Blood comics, so they do seem to be enfolding story lines that have appeared in the comics to date as part of the official canon. You can find more detail about Remus — who was Godric’s vampire brother — on the True Blood Wiki. In the comic storyline, in order to rescue Eric from a confrontation with Reumus, Sookie and Alcide destroyed the 2,000-year-old vampire by by silvering him and exposing him to sunlight.

True Blood Comic #12 *spoilers*

Next to Alexander Skarsgard, my other TB crush is Michael McMillian.  Not only he is a cutie, but he’s smart, funny and doing an amazing job with the True Blood comic! And if that wasn’t enough…he is generous with sharing comic spoilers.  Check out the first 9 pages of the next issue at Issu! A certain Merlotte’s waitress is back from the dead


TB Comic #11

The latest True Blood comic was in my mailbox yesterday, and it opens up a story arc in which a  new waitress comes to Merlotte’s and what seems to be an old swamp witch places a curse on the bar — with blood.  Is the new waitress long for this world? And what will the effects of the curse be?

There wasn’t a lot of Eric content in the latest story arc, but what little there was was an enjoyable little scene in which Sookie and Eric flirt via phone from half way across the globe.  Have I mentioned how much I love Michael McMillian for giving us Sooric readers so many little things to enjoy in the comic series?

As of this date, the comic is going on what appears to be some kind of hiatus after issue #13, so I don’t know what the future holds for the series, but I’m reasonably sure I’m going to enjoy it up until that issue at least.

I’ve uploaded the two Eric and Sookie pages from the issue.  And check out the excerpt from Sarah Newlin’s romance novel!

TB#11001 TB#11002

TB comic ending?

According to Michael McMillian, the current True Blood comic book series will come to an end with issue #14, to be published this June, but he hints it may not be the “true death” of True Blood in comic form.  He posted on his Facebook page:


The TRUE BLOOD ONGOING comic book series is coming to and end this June with the huge conclusion to “Here We Are Again.” But this doesn’t mean it’s the end of True Blood comics, so stay tuned. In the meantime, please show your love for True Blood and pick up issues 11-14, we’ve got a really wild storyline in the mix with new creatures, new villains and jaw-dropping moments you can’t see on the show!


His Facebook post also linked to this description of issue #14:

True Blood #14
Michael McMillian (w)
Beni Lobel (a)
Michael Gaydos, photo (c)
Alan Ball’s hit HBO series, the sensually sizzling story of the lives and loves of vampires, mind readers, and all manner of creatures, continues! With creative collaboration from TRUE BLOOD creator/writer/producer Alan Ball, actor/writer Michael McMillian concludes this climactic arc that has former Merlotte’s waitresses returning from the dead!
*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 9-to-1 ratio (9 Michael Gaydos, 1 photo)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Expected in-store date: 6/12/13

Bullet points:
•    Final issue!
•    Ask your retailer about the photo variant cover!
•    Written by Michael McMillian, “the Rev. Steve Newlin” from the show!

I have been loving McMillz’s writing of the series so far, so I am disappointed to see that it is ending for now, but I am hopeful. that after this next season is done, they will pick it up again.  Because things are not stable in the True Blood world but are constantly changing, it is a challenge to write stories that don’t start to seem out of place because the relationships of the comic books don’t match those on screen.  I’m assuming that the reason there is still hope for the series is that they can advance it forward to another time frame/set of circumstances after this next season is completed.  If they do, I’d be hoping for more Eric/Sookie goodness, because that has been a hallmark of the current run to date.


Preview of TB ongoing #10

Michael McMillian posted about the next issue of the True Blood comic, due out in stores tomorrow, and posted a link that shows the first several pages of that issue. Here’s his FB post:

True Blood #10 is in stores tomorrow! It features a solo story about Alcide and beautiful artwork by Greg Scott and Esther Sanz. It’s also my first issue as solo writer on the book and maybe my favorite comic I’ve written so far. This marks a perfect jumping on point for anyone interested in the comic book series. Please check out the link below for a sneak peek. Thanks!

And here’ s the preview link, which shows several pages of the new issue. The dynamics include ongoing sexual tension/flirtation between Eric and Sookie, as well as Rikki and Alcide talking about how she understands Sookie is just Alcide’s friend — and that Rikki is “not Debbie Pelt.”

TB Comic #8 – Sooric parts

I’m still loving how Michael McMillian is handling the Eric and Sookie relationship in the comics.  I know there are limitations with the comics since they are forced to occur in some nebulous time outside the show canon, but there is enough of a positive Eric/Sookie vibe to give me joy and keep me entertained until the show returns this summer.

Spoilery gallery for True Blood ongoing #8 is below the Read More.  And I love how Michael Gaydos and Beni Lobel draw our Viking!

Eric flies with Sookie back towards Bon Temps after asking for help from Pam and Tara. (TB#8, page 4)

Eric flies with Sookie back towards Bon Temps after asking for help from Pam and Tara. (TB#8, page 4)

Chester, the leader of the Ghost Pack attacks Eric. (TB#8, page 15)

Chester, the leader of the Ghost Pack attacks Eric. (TB#8, page 15)

The wolf attacks Sookie (TB#8, page 17)

The wolf attacks Sookie (TB#8, page 17)

Sookie tries to use her fae energy to fight the werewolf. I personally think it's a little late for Eric to be calling Sookie "Miss Stackhouse" when there aren't other people around. TB#8, page 18)

Sookie tries to use her fae energy to fight the werewolf. I personally think it’s a little late for Eric to be calling Sookie “Miss Stackhouse” when there aren’t other people around. TB#8, page 18)

Sookie's fae power to the rescue - although Eric also takes the wallop.  The magical amulet that Chester is wearing is knocked off, however. (TB#8, page 18)

Sookie’s fae power to the rescue – although Eric also takes the wallop. The magical amulet that Chester is wearing is knocked off, however. (TB#8, page 18)

But Chester goes for the amulet again... (TB#8 page 20)

But Chester goes for the amulet again… (TB#8 page 20)

...but lucky for Eric and Sookie, Alcide can kill the were now that his magical amulet is off.  (TB#8 page 21)

…but lucky for Eric and Sookie, Alcide can kill the were now that his magical amulet is off. (TB#8 page 21)

Eric offers to heal Sookie with his blood after she is injured by the magical were, and the story line comes to an end...or does it? (TB#8 page 22)

Eric offers to heal Sookie with his blood after she is injured by the magical were, and the story line comes to an end…or does it? (TB#8 page 22)

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