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ASkars is moving to NYC

*thud* That is sound of me passing right out at home when I heard this news because I will then be living only an hour and change away from the Viking sex/acting/book god.  Yes, Alexander Skarsgard is moving to New York City!

Vulture has a very lengthy interview with ASkars to talk about many things, including The Giver, Tarzan and True Blood, but the standout quote for me? His future plans!  To wit:

You told me before that you wanted to move to New York after True Blood was done. Is that still the plan?
Yeah! I’m actually looking at apartments in New York now. I’m in London for another three months for Tarzan, and then my plan is definitely to move to New York. I’m really excited about it. I don’t really have any plans in terms of what I want to do — movies, television, theater — but I’d love to do a play in New York. Anything that would be a break from what I’ve been doing, something different. I mean, my dad did Mamma Mia!, just after he had done a couple of dark indie films, and he had a really good time doing that. He loved it. He was like, “Fuck it! This is fun. This is different. There’s nothing wrong with fun. I’ll do it!” You know? It’s all about trying to find those projects where you get to enjoy yourself, because I think that’s when you create as well, when you’re genuinely excited about something. Then you’re not just doing it because it’s your job. After seven years on the show, where every break before was a hiatus from the show, there’s something quite exciting about not knowing what I’m going to do next. It’s a feeling I haven’t had in seven years, and I’m pretty excited about it.

Big shout out to sweetmg for the heads up! 😀


Askars talks about the end of “True Blood”

Refinery 29 talked with Alexander Skarsgard about The Giver, the end of True Blood — and his role in Tarzan.  Having finally watched an episode of TB this season — #9 — I’m not that excited about how he felt winding up the show, although he was definitely what kept me watching for seven years.   (I found the episode slow and kind of weird, although I admit I am picking up at the end of the season without having seen anything before so can’t really place it in context.  But Sookie loving Bill and Eric acting as their “marriage counselor”?  That tells me that Show Sookie is an idiot and Eric is better free of his love for her if that is what he is reduced to.  Ugh.)

In the interview, I was much more interested in his comments about Tarzan. Apparently, the new movie is set at a time where Lord Greystoke has settled down with his bride Jane but is called back to the Congo.  So, will we get flashbacks of how they met or anything? And I love the comment about how quickly the suit comes off!  😉

ASkars on True Blood:

And, about the end of True Blood
“Well, I can’t give anything away. There’s only a few episodes left, so I don’t want to say anything about the plot, but I can talk about how difficult it was to leave the show. I had to leave two months before the other guys because of Tarzan, which I’m shooting in London now. It was incredibly emotional, sad, and weird saying goodbye to, not only a character that I played for seven years, but to the show’s dynamic — the cast and the crew.”

How did you stay connected to your True Blood character, Eric? You’ve certainly managed to not define yourself by him.
“First of all, I was very fortunate that the two first jobs I booked in Hollywood were Generation Kill and True Blood. After a season of True Blood, I creatively searched for something different, something challenging, something I was interested in. All the characters I’ve played — between Melancholia, Disconnect, What Maisie Knew, The East or even The Giver — are very different from Eric Northman. I kept searching because I wanted to come back to the show after a five-month break excited to playing Eric again.”

And Tarzan:
Tell us a bit about what you’re doing in Tarzan.
“I’m playing Lord Greystoke. He lives in England with his wife, Jane. The story is obviously based on the novels, so he was born and raised in the Congo. He starts in England as a very well-adjusted British lord, but goes back to the Congo. It’s there that the adventure begins down. The suit definitely comes off pretty early on in the story. [Laughs]”

TV Guide article on final season of True Blood

TV Guide has an article previewing the final season of True Blood and I am less enthused than ever thanks to quotes like the following:

“In  the final season, we’re telling a more personal story,” says executive producer Brian Buckner, who took over after show creator Alan Ball and executive producer Mark Hudis. “We’re going back to the original promise of the show: Bill and Sookie. People are going to be very surprised about the way we get there. There’s romance, sadness and resolution.”

So, while I’ll be checking in periodically to see what happens, I will not be watching live every Sunday and will not be recapping this season.  (In fact, for the first time in six years, I felt no qualms about accepting work shifts on Sunday evenings during the summer.  It just isn’t relevant to me any longer.)

EJ Scott interviews Michael McMillian

Next to Alexander Skarsgard, Michael McMillian is one of my favorites among the True Blood cast thanks to his side line work of writing the True Blood comics. E.J. Scott, the boyfriend of Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica on True Blood) conducted an interview with McMillz, talking about his childhood, going to school at the Interlochen fine arts boarding school in Michigan (not too far from where I grew up), mental illness and depression, what he thinks about former goworker Amanda Bynes, his friendship with Alexander Skarsgard, and his plans for future comics.  You can hear the interview here.


Video that includes ASkars clip from WWtW

NBC did a short story on the situation with the Walking With the Wounded teams and Alexander Skarsgard is quoted, speaking about the hardships they had faced that led to the race aspect being cancelled.


TVLine interview with Stephen Moyer *spoilery*

Michael Ausiello conducted an interview with Stephen Moyer to talk about the last season of True Blood.  Stephen offered a lot of speculation, although (in true TB cast form), not many facts.  Excerpts below the Read More, and full article here.

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2005 ASkars article worth reading has posted a translated 2005 article from King magazine in Sweden, along with great scans. Some of the things we learn about Alexander Skarsgard in this lengthy interview?

  • He claims he and his buddies were cool in junior high, but not high school, so they didn’t have many girls around them.
  • He likes to shop for second-hand clothes — although they can be hard to find because of his size.
  • He always thinks that five years in the future, he’ll be married with children.
  • He has been dreaming about going on a polar expedition for a long, long time.

Definitely check it out!