Season 5 blu-ray extras

Season 5 blu-ray enhanced viewing extras

Note: I am not transcribing everything on the discs, but only those things I find interesting.  YMMV. COMPLETE through 5.12.

Episode 5.01: Turn! Turn! Turn

HINT [shown as the Authority capture Bill and Eric at the Compton compound]: “Did the Authority have Nan Flanagan followed in an effort to ensure she carry out her final order? Is this why they were able to capture Bill and Eric so quickly?”

FYI [when Pam tells Sookie to tell Eric she’s sorry]:  “Pam still feels guilty for almost blowing up Moon Goddess Emporium.  Not because Sookie was inside and she might have killed her, but because she blatantly went against Eric’s wishes.  There’s nothing Pam hates more than not being in Eric’s good graces (other than, perhaps, her face rotting.)”

FYI [in regard to Pam’s spell going away when Marnie died]: “When the creator of a spell dies, oftentimes the magic itself dies, thus rendering the spell powerless.  In some rare cases, like Jesus’s, the magic is transferred to another living person to be carried on.”

FYI [when Steve Newlin appears at Jason’s front door]: “Steven Newlin has been missing since January 15th, to be exact.  He was last seen in a white shirt and blue jeans, leaving a pray-in in Dallas, Texas.  His car was found on Route 43, his wallet and keys sitting on the dash.”  [Recall that according to show chronology, it is now October 31 or Nov. 1, so Steve has been missing for 9 ½ months. – MVB]

HINT: Steve Newlin made quite a few enemies in his short human life.  It’s not a huge surprise that someone decided to exact revenge on him and turn him into the thing he has hated the most. But the question remains: who did it?

HINT [as Pam explains this is not the first time she turned someone]: Unbeknownst to Eric, Pam made a vampire just one year after she was made herself.  She had taken a liking to a farmhand named Colin, but just days after turning him, she grew tired of him.  She summarily released him, leaving the new baby vamp to fend for himself.  Rumor has it he accidentally met the sun when he went to ground in a that wasn’t actually light tight, but no one knows for sure.  Pam wasn’t anywhere near the boy when she felt the vibe of his True Death.

FYI [when Steve Newlin comes out to Jason]: Most vampires are sexually fluid, many considering themselves to be pansexual, so Steve’s coming out isn’t a big deal within the vampire community.  But given Steve’s history with the religious right, it’s a very big deal on a personal level.

NORA GAINESBOROUGH, [when Nora is introduced on screen]: Born in Surrey, England, Nora Gainsborough was turned vampire by Godric and spent decades traipsing around the earth with her maker and vampire brother, Eric.  Under the sponsorship of Salome Agrippa, she left Eric and Godric to become a Chancellor for the Authority.

FYI [as Nora, Eric and Bill are walking along the docks]:  Nora has taken Eric and Bill to an abandoned shipping dock at the Port of South Louisiana.  They are looking for an empty shipping crate where they can go to ground until the next evening.

HINT: According to the Book of Vampyr, Lilith was the first earthbound vampire, created in the image of God, a vampire Himself.  Some vampires in the Authority take the book literally, while others take it ‘with a grain of salt.’

FYI [with Jessica and the college students]: Jessica met her new friends, students from the University of Northern Lousiana, at Merlotte’s.  After a brief make out session with Bobby D. in the men’s room (which Sam quickly put an end to), she got his phone number so she could invite the gang over to party at Bill’s mansion.

FYI [while Jessica and her college buds are playing quarters]: Vampires have been playing drinking games for centuries, initially just amongst themselves, drinking only blood.  But as the years went on and vampires found themselves spending more time with humans, they introduced alcohol into the mix in hopes of reducing humans’ inhibitions.  Quarters was invented by humans and originally played with silver dollars, but this was quickly ratified by vampires for obvious reasons.

FYI [when Sookie and Lafayette are waiting for Tara to rise from her grave]: Although the turning process is typically complete when the sun sets, when a vampire can walk freely without fear of burning, the actual timing varies from case to case.  Not entirely unlike egg incubation, some vampires are ready to come out of the ground much sooner than others.

HINT [when Martha begins to eat Marcus’s body in wolf form]: Every pack has its own rules and rituals.  The Shreveport pack has a long history of eating its deceased packmasters.  Why? None of the younger wolves really know.  It’s a tradition that predates Martha and J.D.’s time as children in the pack, one they intend to make sure is carried on by the next generation.

CAT INGERSLEV,[ the provider of forged papers] once worked security detail for the Authority, but after decades of being caught between the dueling factions within the Council, she decided to cut her losses and become a mercenary for vampires on the run.  [I’m actually surprised that she is a mercenary – I sort of thought she was more of an activist for some reason.]

Episode 5.02: Authority Always Wins

HINT [As Tara is attacking Sookie in the yard after first rising]:  Tara Thornton never liked vampires, and the Franklin Mott debacle her dislike shifted into downright hatred.  Now that’s been turned, it will be an uphill battle to come to terms with the transformation into something that she loathes.

FYI [when Pam gives Tara a Maker’s Command not to bite Sookie and Lafayette]: Even though Pam has forbidden Tara from biting Sookie or Lafayette, there is some serious concern about Tara’s ability to understand and obey.  With half her brain missing when turned, the vampire Tara may not instinctively react to the “rules” dictated by the maker-progeny relationship. [This is interesting to me as it implies that the magic of turning doesn’t make obedience to the maker quite as clear cut as it always sounds. If you are too low functioning in some way, you may not be capable of obedience.]

SALOME AGRIPPA [as she meets Bill, Nora and Eric at The Authority]: is best known for her role in the death of John the Baptist. When her stepfather Herod promised her anything after her seductive dance of the seven veils, Salome’s mother Herodias urged to ask for John’s head on a plate.  After John the Baptist’s death and the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth, Salome took to a hedonistic  lifestyle and traveled to Rome, where she consorted with wealthy and influential people, often bringing parties to a close with her dancing.  It was here that she was turned by an unknown vampire who left her to fend for herself.  A kind, older vampire, Aurelia, took Salome in and educated her in how to be a vampire.  This relationship continued until Aurelia’s death in the Spanish Inquisition.

FYI [when Salome first uses a key pad unlocked by her own blood]: The Authority has its own group of scientists and technology experts at its disposal.  Under the leadership of their tech guru Molly, they developed this device, which relies on the unique chemistry of an individual vampire’s blood.

FYI [as the vampire enter the Authority for the first time]: The entirety of the Authority complex represents a blending of the modern and the ancient.  Many of the architectural features have been shipped from other parts of the world, piece by piece, and reconstructed underground.  The reception area exemplifies the ‘through the ages’ style, demonstrating the long tenure held by the Authority in the vampire world, as well as a rare Renaissance era portrait of Roman Zimojic.

FYI [when Alcide refuses to eat Marcus’s body although by pack law, he should become the new packmaster, having defeated Marcus]: Not participating in a pack’s traditions is considered an enormous insult that will often result in a wolf being abjured.  Some of the young wolves of this pack feel the ritual is outdated and should be abandoned, but they participate nonetheless.  The Jackson pack did not hold up such a tradition, so Alcide has never actually eaten a deceased packmaster before.

FYI [as Sookie and Lafayette try to coax Tara to drink a Tru-Blood]: It’s widely accepted that only two-thirds of new vampires survive their first year.  Many die through accidental sun exposure or are killed in conflicts with humans (as young vampire often overestimate their new powers). However the vast majority of new vampire deaths occur due to insufficient feeding. [Huh.  So, why do vampires insufficiently feed? No skill? No desire? What? – MVB]

HINT [as Pam begins to put on lipstick in the office of Fangtasia]: Pam’s using one of her favorite lipsticks, “Fire Down Below,” by NARS.  It’s the closest modern equivalent she can find to the color she wore in 1905, and with everything else going on, it’s a strong trigger to her memories from that time in in her human life.

NIGEL BECKFORD [prisoner in the Authority cells with Nora, Eric and Bill]: had a severely dysfunctional childhood that left him with an intensely scarred psyche, more monster than human.  He regularly indulged in cannibalism, especially of children. [As a human!! – MVB] He was caught one night by a woman named Serena Montgomery but, to his surprise, instead of calling the authorities she joined in the carnage.  Together they terrorized parts of the Eastern Seaboard for almost a decade in the early part of the 1900s. Serena never revealed her vampire nature to Nigel until the night that an angry father of one of their victims cut Nigel’s throat and left him to die.  When the coast was clear, Serena pulled Nigel from the makeshift grave and turned him.  They continued their illicit activities for another decade.  Eventually they were caught by the Authority, and Serena met the True Death while Nigel was sentenced to life in prison.

FYI [The vampire cells in the Authority]: These cells are designed to keep even the most powerful vampire inside.  A special silver alloy ensures that nobody escapes, and the UV lights are twice as strong as direct sunlight at the Earth’s equator on a clear day.  The intensity of the lights, combined with regular injections of silver, have resulted in Nigel’s burnt appearance.

FYI [when Sookie silvers Tara to control her in her house]: Fortunately for Sookie and Lafayette, the chains Sookie used to restrain Eric during Marnie’s reign of terror were left in the cubby.

HINT [When Andy and Jason find Debbie Pelt’s abandoned truck]: The night she tried to kill Sookie, Debbie parked her car about a third of a mile from Sookie’s house – far enough to stay hidden but close enough for her to make a quick escape.

HINT [While Sookie is visiting the Stake House looking for information]: Ever since vampires came out of the coffin, certain extremists have been engaged in illegal ‘vamp hunts.’ These hunts are typically only effective against a young vampire, though with enough people and firepower, a group of hunters could possibly take down an older, more powerful vampire.

FYI [As Sookie installs a colloidal silver mister over her front door]: A colloidal silver mister is a series of pipes and nozzles that spray colloidal silver, usually activated by a motion sensor.  In theory, this should repel a vampire trying to get past a perimeter where he or she is not wanted.

In Eric’s cubby, there are not only nice looking speakers, but on the bedside table are Jon Krakauer’s Under the Banner of Heaven and Stephen Allen’s Lords of Battle: The World of the Celtic Warrior.  One of the other books, with a title I can’t read because it is underneath the Krakauer book, appears to have a library binding.

FYI [As Steve Newlin is being interviewed on TV]: Since Steve Newlin abandoned the Fellowship of the Sun, leadership fell to his former wife, Sarah. After Steve became a vampire, Sarah and the rest of the FOTS disavowed any and all ties to Steve Newlin.

KYLE SINGER [kid who punches Jason in the Sheriff’s office, blaming him for his mom and dad’s divorce]: attends Bon Temps High School as a freshman.  He’s sensitive about his size, and often gets picked on for being bigger than many of his classmates and more interested in the arts and theater than sports.  He only has one friend, Holly’s son Wade.  The tension of school and at home have made Kyle very temperamental and prone to outbursts.

HINT [When Eric saves human Pam from the would-be killer]: Eric was in San Francisco on a business trip.  Having heard about the city’s burgeoning underground vampire scene, Eric decided to pay a visit.  When Pam was attacked, Eric’s first instinct was to ignore and move on, but something about Pam’s bravery compelled Eric to intervene.  They’ve been a great team ever since, at least until Sookie Stackhouse came into the picture.

FYI [Just after Eric compliments human Pam on her dress and apologizes for all the blood]: Pam got her dress from a Parisian dressmaker.  Paris was considered the height of ladies’ fashion at the time.

DIETER BRAUN [Chancellor Authority who is interrogating Bill] was born in Konigsburg, Prussia in 1770.  His was a noble family who expected him to continue their dynasty.  However, once Dieter began his higher education, he became estranged from his family and fell in with a group of intellectuals centered around the philosopher Immanuel Kant.  Dieter eschewed material possessions and began to live as an ascetic, dedicating his life to scholarly pursuits.  This all changed when Prussia’s stability and peaceful statis became threatened by Napolean Bonaparte.  Dieter wanted to do his part to defend the Prussian way of life, so he enlisted.  At the Battle of Jena-Auerstedt, the Prussian army was taking a heavy beating. Dieter, fighting as a foot soldier, found himself behind enemy lines outmanned five-to-one. Miraculously he overcame his enemies and returned him only slightly wounded.  He refused accolades and medals, wanting only to return to his studies in the newly subjugated Prussia.  He was surprised one night to find someone waiting for him: a female vampire named Collette.  Her human companion had been killed by Dieter and in a strange bit of logic, she felt Dieter to be the only suitable replacement.  Dieter was by nature a curious man and granted her request.  They began a relationship that resulted in Dieter being turned four years later.  [So, a Chancellor of the Authority who is only 200 years old? Seriously?]

FYI [When Dieter tortures Bill with silver in his IV]: The inventor of the silver IV system was a member of the Authority Research and Development team named Jim Preiss.  A suspension of electrolytically refined silver can be ‘pushed’ through large gauge IV tubes into a vampire’s body, creating incredible pain and discomfort.

FYI [While Hoyt is working below his mama’s sink]: Hoyt moved back in with his mother shortly after he and Jessica broke up.  It’s been pretty miserable for Hoyt but a welcome distraction from the post-Jessica misery. [Why, Hoyt, why? Jessica moved out of the cute little haunted house, the ghost was banished and Hoyt was probably the only one paying rent on it anyhow.  Were the memories that bad that he couldn’t stay? – MVB]

ROMAN ZIMOJIC: began his human life as a simple farmer in the 1400s in what is now considered Serbia.  He was a natural leader in his village but always strived for more.  When the opportunity arose to join his childhood friend Petur in working for Petyr’s mysterious boss, Roman took it and never looked back.  Even after he learned that his friend’s master was a vampire, Roman embraced his new life of adventure and discovery. The trio spent years travelling through Europe.  Roman became educated in different languages and cultures, and he and Petyr excited discussed their futures as vampires.  But the master was cruel; he made it known that he would turn only one of them.  Roman and Petyr refused to participate, but the master glamoured both men, commanding each to kill the other.  Roman overpowered Petyr and choked his friend to death.  When it was over, the master was true to his word and turned Roman, but Roman never forgot the ordeal. One hundred years later, Roman, now working with the Authority, got a chance to avenge his friend’s True Death in an elaborate trap that ended in the master’s death.  This led to Roman’s quick ascension to Guardian, a post he has held to this day.  [So, while Roman is more than 500 years old, he came to the Authority at only a little over 100?  Why so many young vamps on the Authority, pray tell? And how does a human meet ‘the True Death’?]

HINT [as the vampires are taking communion drawn from Roman’s wrist]:  The vampires who created the Authority were devout followers of what was then known as the cult of Lilith, an offshoot of the dominant vampire theology of the time.  [Wait, Lillith was an offshoot of another theology? What was that?] The vial containing Lilith’s blood has been handed down through the ages and is considered to be the actual blood of Lilith, not unlike the Catholic sacrament of the Eucharist.  The faithful believe that the Guardian’s sharing of the Blood takes on both a symbolic importance as well as the very real function of sustaining the progenitor’s essence in their veins.

FYI [As Roman is speaking the words of the ritual]: Roman is speaking Aramaic, the traditional language of the vampire religion.

FYI [As Nora is removed from the Council Chambers by guards]: The Authority recruits the most capable vampires for their security detail.  In some cases, they have sought out and turned humans from the elite military outfits across the world. It’s not unusual for the Authority guards to come from the U.S. Navy Seals, the British SAS or the Israeli Mossad.

HINT [As Roman is lecturing prisoners Bill and Eric about mainstreaming]: For Roman, mainstreaming is both a personal and practical goal.  Unlike most vampires, he retains a strong connection to his former human self and feels that humans are not inferior to vampires.  He also recognizes the pragmatic notion that in order to maintain their population, vampires cannot destroy that which sustains them.

FYI [When Roman nearly stakes Bill]: The stake Roman is using is one the Guardian has used for centuries.  Until the invention of the iStake, it was the only stake used by the Guardian when administering the True Death.

5.03 Whatever I Am, You Made Me

[As newly vamped Tara comes upon a stranded motorist, fixing her flat tire] LINDSEY RUBY was headed home from her job just a few miles away when she got a flat tire. She works part-time as a receptionist at an animal hospital, but is taking online courses to fulfill the pre-requisites for veterinary school.  It’s been her dream ever since her first grade class hamster, Shambles died.

THE VAMPIRE AUTHORITY [As Roman prepares to talk with prisoners Bill and Eric, he asks Salome to stay] Although he had heard of her many years earlier, Roman first met Salome in Napes in the 16th century.  Roman had recently been made Guardian and was traveling through Italy for a top-secret vampire political summit, in which was rumored several human government officials were in attendance.  Salome was participating in the conference on behalf of Italy’s vampire monarchs, and Roman immediately took a liking to her.  Just a few days later, he brought her back to the Authority Headquarters with him to become acquainted with her new job as Chancellor.

FYI: [As Sookie is asking Pam to summon Tara, who has run away] A special facility that makers share with their progeny is the ability to “summon” them at will.  It sends the vampire a sensation many have likened to a cold chill running down their spine.  Sookie has seen Bill use this to get Jessica’s attention many times in the past.

HINT [As Sam is about to find Tara behind his bar] Like vampires and werewolves, shifters also have a heightened sense of smell. In addition to sniffing out other supes, they can even detect emotions like fear, anger, and desperation.

AUTHORITY CONFESSIONAL: Steve Newlin explains his change of view after becoming a vampire.

MOLLY RAY [As Molly is fitting Eric and Bill with iStakes] is one of the youngest vampires working so closely with the Council, having been turned around 100 years ago.  Nora brought her into the Authority to help modernize the outfit, and Molly didn’t fail to impress with her thermal imagine surveillance, blood-readers for all entrances and exits, and, of course, her famous iStake.

FYI: After listening to Roman complain about the mess and danger of staking prisoners, Molly took it upon herself to find a cleaner and safer way to carry out executions. The first prototype was built without the Lilith symbol engraved on the front, but Salome insisted on adding the image to the next iStake model.

FYI [As Tara is knocking back TruBloods in Merlotte’s] Although Tru Blood technically fulfills all the nutritional needs of a vampire, it isn’t quite as satiating as real human blood.  And since newly turned vampires wake up especially hungry and feral, Tara needs practically a whole case of the synthetic blood to feel fully fed.  Most baby vamps don’t know how to feed properly and need a maker keeping a close eye on them if they hope to survive.

FYI [In the Sheriff’s office, with Kevin and Rosie giggling over naked Sheriff be-hind] Now that their secret romance is out in the open at work, Kevin and Rosie have taken their relationship to the next level.  Kevin recently brought Rosie to his hometown in Alabama to meet his folks and Rosie made Kevin a copy of the key to her apartment.

HINT [When Andy discovers Holly’s son posted his naked butt online] Rocky’s “Sheriff Mom Fucker” post garnered sixty-four “likes and over thirty comments.  Wade re-posted the picture to his own wall, under the heading “Sheriff Assy Buttfleur,” another nickname he and Rocky still call Andy behind his back.

GORDON AND BARBARA PELT Long-standing members of the Jackson pack that Alcide once belonged to, Debbie’s parents Gordon and Barbara Pelt own a small pharmacy just outside of Byram, Mississipppi.  Their only daughter’s substance abuse wasn’t the first to plague this family: Barbara battled alcoholism in the late 1980s but sobered up with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous and Ralph Waldo Emerson.  [So, no vengeful sister, which is fine with me! – MVB]

JILL STEELER [Jason’s former teacher who seduced him] used to be an English teacher and part-time librarian at Bon Temps High.  After Jason graduated, she moved to Indiana to teach at a school for the blind.

HINT [At Merlotte’s, where there is a sign on the freezer] Sam usually keeps things in working order, so it’s a little strange that the refrigerator is broken during business hours.

FYI [After it is revealed that Tara is in the walk in freezer] Because vampires are technically not alive and no longer have heartbeats, temperature does not affect them the same way as humans.  Although they may feel cold to the touch, they do not feel cold inside.

ELIZABETH ‘IZZY’ CHANDLER [The prostitute Bill and Lorena are drinking in Pam’s brothel] once hailed from Atlanta, Georgia, but was so disgusted with her parents’ slave-owning history that she ran away from home and moved to Sacramento, California. She applied for work at the Evening Bee newspaper, but without the proper education, she was turned away.  She eventually hitchhiked her way to San Francisco, where Pam took her in and taught her the trade.  [I’m sorry, but slavery ended in 1863, so her parents had owned slaves 42 years before – which had to be at least a good 15 or 20 years before she was born – and she was still upset enough by it to run away? How old were these parents?  Just strange timing all around.  – MVB]

FYI Like many other vampires at the time, Bill and Lorena would frequent the local brothels and have their way with the prostitutes.  This often began with drinking and ended in draining.  Most vampires felt entitled to the girls since they had paid for their time.  Madams like Pam, of course, felt differently.

HINT [While Bill and Eric are fighting in the brothel] Although Eric and Lorena have known each other for some time, this is Eric’s first time making Bill’s acquaintance. Is this altercation why they haven’t gotten along all these years? Or was there something else? [Okay, that’s intriguing, because I assumed this was what set them off on the wrong foot – but could there even be something MORE that put them against one another? – MVB]

FYI Eric met Lorena through some common vampire friends a few decades earlier.  She tried to make a move on him, but Eric wasn’t interested.  Although he appreciated Lorena’s dark side, he often found her to be a “nagging bitch,” as he once described her to Pam.

FYI [While Eric is in Pam’s brothel] Eric was passing through San Francisco on what he considered a routine business trip.  He was not actually a Sheriff at the time, but he decided to intervene in Pam’s brothel trouble because something about the madam struck a chord in him and he felt compelled to help her.

FYI [While Jason is talking with his ex-teacher] When Jason was in high school, he often struggled with his studies. Most of his teachers would pass him anyway so he could keep playing football, but Miss Steeler took an interest in making sure Jason actually understood the material. She offered to tutor him for an upcoming essay on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, so he went over to her apartment after practice one day to hit the books.  When they took a study break for cookies and milk, one thing led to another and the two would up having a six-month affair.

HINT [While Alcide is talking to Debbie Pelt’s parents] Debbie’s parents have never been too fond of Alcide.  Although they knew Debbie had a wild streak, they always felt that he was partly to blame for her drug use.

FYI [While Andy is talking to Holly, asking her to ‘go steady’] Andy has never had a girlfriend in his life.  He briefly dated a woman he met at the Police Academy named Sherryl Lynne, but when she found out he lived with his grandmother, she promptly dumped him in favor of another cadet with his own apartment.  Andy is hoping to make Holly his first (and maybe even last) real relationship.

FYI In terms of Holly, Andy represents her first serious prospect since her divorce from Wade and Rocky’s dad.  Although she went on a few dates with a trucker named Ronan from Baton Rouge, she broke it off after discovering he hadn’t paid his taxes in twelve years and the IRS was going after him.  Tax evasions is one of Holly’s three dealbreakers, the other two being men with ponytails, and arrogance.

HINT [While Jason is at his ex-teachers house] Prince Charming [the cat] seems to have not taken a liking to Jason. [Oooh, so maybe something DID happen when he got all bit up by those werepanthers, even if it isn’t a moon transformation? – MVB]

FYI [While Bill is talking with Salome alone for the first time] Although Christian mythology and popular legend credits Salome with seducing her stepfather Herod and ordering John the Baptist’s head on a platter, Salome herself holds that she was little more than a political plaything for her mother, who used Salome to carry out her most base desires.

FYI The Dance of the Seven Veils, which was given its name in an Oscar Wilde play, was the dance Salome performed in order to seduce her stepfather, Herod.  Salome was wrapped in scarves before being delivered to the king’s chambers, hence the ‘veil’ reference.  But how much of a ‘dance’ was it? Only Salome really knows.

TRACY [At Tracy’s Togs, where Jessica is trying on clothes] Tracy, owner and operator of the local boutique Tracy’s Togs, was born and raised in Bon Temps.  She attended Bon Temps High, graduating the same year as Jason Stackhouse. After a brief stint in community college, she married a dentist named Earl and promptly divorced him for his money.  She kept the house, the car and the ring.

FYI [While Eric and Pam are in bed] Eric had never turned anyone until he met Pam.  She was his first and only progeny.  Having learned the gravity of the maker-progeny relationship from Godric, Eric considers procreating a very serious undertaking. [Yes! That was what I had suspected – MVB]

HINT [While Salome is talking to Eric in her chambers] Salome knew Godric for years before he made Nora.  So when Salome sponsored Nora for the Authority and the two women became involved more intimately, she expected Nora to share stories about her 2,000-year old maker.  But much to Salome’s disappointment, Nora kept all the details of her previous life private.

HINT [As Salome tells Eric that she sponsored Nora’s Chancellorship] Chancellors are elected to the Authority Council by the Guardian.  Existing Chancellors can nominate and sponsor candidates but ultimately the decision lies in the Guardian’s hands.  Salome convinced Roman of Nora’s prowess long before her actual election.  By the time the papers had crossed Roman’s desk, it was only a matter of ceremony.  Salome was actually sponsored by Roman himself.

ROSALYN [As Rosalyn is torturing Nora] Roslyn was born into a prominent Texas family, where the oil and money seemed never-ending. But Rosalyn hated how little life offered women at the time and always longed for more. She quickly grew tired of homemaking and when her twin sister Evelyn mysteriously disappeared, Rosalyn decided it was time to make a change herself.  She left in the night for Dallas, and it was that she met her maker, so to speak.

FYI [As Tara is dreaming about biting Arlene in the freezer] Not only do vampires have heightened sense, but their dreams are more vivid and haunting than human dreams.  And because vampires often equate feeding with sex, Tara had the equivalent of a teenage boy’s wet dream.  [Godric said that vampires rarely dream when talking about Eric’s dream about biting Sookie in season 4, which seems like a contradiction, but maybe vampires do dream less often, but more intensely.  – MVB]

FYI [As Roman is undressing while talking to a naked Salome] Roman has been pushing the mainstreaming agenda for centuries.  When he first took up his role as Guardian, mainstreaming was but a flicker of hope.  But with a lot of strategy and a lot of elbow grease, Roman built up enough momentum for the Great Revelation to become a reality.  Although there have been setbacks, Roman has seen the mainstreaming movement take hold of vampires and humans alike.

FYI [As Tara goes into the tanning salon to kill herself] With anti-vampire sentiment pervasive in the wake of Russell Edgington’s stint on national television, vampire suicide is at an all-time high.  Tara isn’t the first vampire to break into a tanning salon in search of UV rays.  But most prefer to stake themselves or to meet the sun, as tanning bed UV rays are rather weak, causing a much slower, more painful True Death.

5.4 We’ll Meet Again

FYI [As Eric and Bill are dropped off to begin their search for Russell] At Bill and Eric’s request, the Authority was kind enough to drop them right outside of Shreveport, a good starting point for their search for Russell.

FYI [As Sookie is rather hysterically confessing to Jason that she killed Debbie Pelt] Sookie holds a special attraction for supernatural types.  As a result, one could say that she attracts conflict, drama, and danger into her life the lives of those around her.

HINT [Just after Bill asks Tara in Fangtasia if Sookie is safe and Tara has been complaining about saving Sookie so many times] Sookie rekindled something in Bill, a feeling he had not experienced in a long time.  That’s not easily forgotten and is probably why he wants to know if she is safe. [Well, at least that is better than reading about how he still passionately loves her, no matter what – and you know they could have gone there. – MVB]

HINT [Eric has just been confronting Pam very physically about whether she was the one who dug up Russell Edgington and he is clearly still enraged] If Pam had nothing to do with digging up Russell, then Bill and Eric’s investigation just got a lot more complicated. [Good point, and one I hadn’t thought about.  Talk about hard choices – betrayal by your progeny or having no clues to where Russell is and a deadline to meet? Eric is fucked either way.]

FYI [ As Pam is telling Eric he might as well release her if he doesn’t trust her] Pam doesn’t really want Eric to release her, but she’s trying anything to get a reaction.  She’s very aware that for a vampire, being released means a lingering sense of loss and confusion, not unlike the human experience of losing a parent. [Is that a truth that is hard-wired into vampires or is it meant to be a psychological phenomenon? Do different vampires experience it differently? And didn’t Bill release Jessica early on, but without a lot of fanfare being made over it? – MVB]

ALEXANDER DREW [the child Chancellor, aka the Annoying One clone] was a child during the Spanish influenza outbreak of 1918 and was almost one of its victims.  His mother, a woman of some influence in Philadelphia’s social circles, took her dying son to a man rumored to have powers over life and death.  The man – a vampire named Edgar – tried to dissuade Mrs. Drew but she insisted.  Alexander was spared death by would forever inhabit a child’s body.  Shortly after being turned, he moved to Edgar’s house when his mother proved unable to tend to the baby vampire’s needs.  Edgar was a member of the Authority and involved Alexander from an early age.  Alexander was very bright and charismatic and rose in the Authority’s ranks, become a Chancellor in 1982.  He worked diligently to push Roman’s mainstreaming agenda in the Scandinavian countries, as well as the more liberal countries in South and Central America.  Normally, turning a human child is considered cruel by all but the most mercenary vampires and child-sized vampires are very rare, with no more than a hundred or so in existence.

HINT [When shifters Emory and Suzanne drop into Merlotte’s to see Sam]  The shifter group is secretive in nature. The members try to socialize in the very specific context of the group and it’s not unusual for them to go days without communication.  But Sam’s real reason for avoiding Emory and Suzanne has more to do with Luna that with any need for secrecy. [Since Luna was part of the group, why does he want to avoid them? Especially since they seem to know they are dating? – MVB]

HINT [As Sookie walks through Merlotte’s, where everyone is thinking nasty thoughts about her role in turning Tara] When Sookie experiences heightened emotions, it becomes more difficult to maintain the concentration required to filter out the thoughts coming her way. [Well, at least that explains why sometimes she hears things and other times she doesn’t. Maybe.  – MVB]

FYI [When Lafayette curses Sookie’s car in demon form] Santa Muerte is a religious figure.  Literally translated it means “Saint Death.” Lafayette is summoning Santa Muerte, saying “come to me, come to me.”
HINT [As Sookie starts to drink at home] Anything that might lower inhibitions makes Sookie more susceptible to the barrage of thoughts from other people.  In a large group, this would become nearly unbearable for her, so she usually avoids alcohol and drugs.

HINT [As Jessica glamours Andy Bellefleur to make him forget about Debbie Pelt’s murder] Once Jessica learned to glamour she discovered an almost unnatural predilection for it.  She can glamour a human as quickly and easily as a much older vampire.  Of course, it helps that her victim is Andy Bellefleur…

HINT [ As Pam checks on Tara in her coffin after Tara was burned] Just as the progeny of a vampire must obey his or her maker, the parental feeling and dynamic are built into the relationship . So even though Pam hated Tara before turning her, she can’t avoid caring for Tara now, even if that comes out in Pam’s unique way. [No wonder Eric is so solemn about turning someone – if you can’t help but care of them, it makes sense to make sure it is someone you are open to feeling that way towards. – MVB]

FYI [As Pam agrees to let Eric release her] Releasing one’s progeny is easy to do but difficult to live with.  The emotional hangover, even when the relationship is unhealthy, can last for hundreds of years. [So, Eric is going to feel like shit for a while, no matter if releasing Pam was his choice or not.  Waaaaahh! And knowing this, watching the actual release is a subtly different.  Pam gasps a little as the words are spoken and now I wonder if she actually felt something almost physical when he said it. – MVB]

ANGELA, DELILIAH & LILIANNE [the three fairies who take Andy, Jason and the corrupt judge to the fairy club in a limo] are three young fairies.  They are best friends, inseparable since birth.  Delilah is the leader, Angelica is the funny one and Lilianne is the diplomat of the group.  They all worked for Queen Mab but left when she began severing ties to the human plane.

HINT [As Bill and Jessica are searching his home for bugs, when he finds a “low quality shit” doobie] Lots of makers take a “helicopter maker” approach to their progeny, keeping their offspring on a short leach.  Though strict at first, Bill relaxed over time and now is more like the “cool dad,” letting Jessica learn on her own most of the time – even if that means looking the other way at certain behaviors.

FYI [ As Roman threats to execute Bill and Eric by app] The iStake Mobile App can activate any iStake around the world.  The technology was developed by Molly and is only available to high-ranking Authority members.

LEDA [a fae who beckons to Jason the first time he enters the fae club] Leda, the woman beckoning Jason, is a middle-aged faerie.  She had been living in tiny, protected fairy enclaves until finding out about the faerie club from her friend Maurella.  She made a beeline for Louisiana and has been dancing here ever since.

MELANIE FARLEY [a girl that Pam brings to Tara for feeding] was born in southern Ohio, the daughter of a taxidermist and a dental assistant mother.  Melanie was popular in high school, but she hated college and dropped out to move with in with her boyfriend in Chicago.  Four years later, she caught him cheating and booked it south to stay with her cousin in NoLA. She decided to go back to school to become a paralegal and pays her tuition by acting as a live donor to vampires. [That takes college-age plasma donation – which was common back when I was in school – to a whole new level… -MVB]

FYI [As Roman takes out the stake made of the Judas tree in the Council chambers] Tradition holds that the Stake of the Judas Tree was created by a Roman guard, Marcellus, who discovered Judas’s hanging corpse.  Without quite understanding why, he cut the bough, kept the thirty silver pieces, and over the next three years worked the bough into the form seen today.  Marcellus was turned into a vampire by a Chancellor and became the executioner during the Great Purging, using the stake on all of his victims.  After the Authority had accomplished its goals, the stake was designated as a sacred item to be used only by the Guardian. [“The Great Purging”? I want to know more!!! – MVB]

Rosalyn talks about the Sanguinistas – and mentions Remus, Godric’s vampire brother, who plays a significant role in the True Blood comics in flashback.

FYI [As Roman looks threateningly at the Council, speculating on who else besides Nora might be a Sanguinist] After Roman became Guardian, he immediately began instituting his mainstreaming agenda.  Though most vampires went along with it, there were very vocal Sanguinists among the ranks who did whatever it took to derail Roman and his new Authority.  After an attempt by one Sanguinist group to assassinate Roman while on vacation in Iceland, he made it part of his mission to exercise extreme prejudice in ridding the world of the Sanguinists.  The bloodiest conflict to date occurred in Siberia, where Authority guards were pinned down by a group of 20 insurgents.  The fighting lasted a week but the Authority eventually breached the compound and eliminated everyone inside.  The Authority called it the Siberian Victory; the Sanguinists refer to it as the Siberian Massacre.

FYI [As Roman presents video evidence that the Annoying One/the child vamp is a traitor to the mainstreaming cause] The video shows Chancellor Drew feeding on a human on a rooftop with the unmistakable Seattle skyline in the background.

FYI [Just after Roman stakes Drew into a gooey mess all over his laptop] The Guardian has not needed to stake a Chancellor in almost 400 years.  Early in Roman’s guardianship, a Chancellor desiring the guardianship for herself almost succeeded in assassinating Roman.  After narrowly escaping with his life, Roman immediately gathered the Chancellors for the public execution of his would-be killer.

FYI [When Hadley spots Jason in the faerie bar] After the Sophie-Anne affair, Hadley and Hunter were contacted by the faeries in charge of rounding up all human-faery hybrids.  Since Hadley could not travel to their plane, she was put in the protection of some faeries on the human plane.  They eventually made their way to the faerie club, a growing haven for earthbound fae.

FYI [As Hadley explains she is hiding from the vampires] A faerie safe house is a “place” that exists outside of the earthly plane, kind of like a pocket in the fabric of space that allows faeries to be hidden from any vampires.  Entering or exiting only works for someone with faerie blood in their veins, unless physically accompanied by a faerie.

HINT [Just after Hadley drops the bomb that Sookie and Jason’s parents were killed by vampires, not a flood] During Hadley’s time with the faeries, she’s picked up quite a bit about her (and Sookie’s) lineage, some of which she wishes she could forget…[Hmmm.  Does Hadley know something about how fae started breeding with Stackhouses? – MVB]

5.5 Let’s Boot and Rally

FYI [As Lafayette smudges his house because of his distress over the demon inside him messing with Sookie’s car] Lafayette is using a “smudge stick,” a bundle of dried sage, to drive out the evil demons that haunt him.  A tradition often used in Native American purification rituals, smudging has also become a staple of neopaganism.  It is believed to aid in psychological and spiritual cleansing and to ward off what Lafayette calls “hinky brujo shit.”

HINT [When Arlene walks in a sleeping, naked Andy after he has been returned to his home by the fae] This isn’t the first time Arlene has walked in on Andy naked since Andy likes to “air dry” after he showers.  Terry, Arlene and the kids moved in with Grandma Bellefleur after their home burned down.  With Andy living there as well, Caroline has a particularly full house.  It hasn’t been easy on anyone.

HINT [As Eric, Bill and Sookie sit at her kitchen table after interrupting her with Alcide] How long have Bill and Eric been gone from Sookie’s life? [Well, they killed Nan the same night she told both of them it was over and then were captured and recaptured.  Pam has mentioned that no one has heard from Eric for four days, and it has probably been a day or two since then, so maybe a week at most? And yet Sookie is jumping all over Alcide like a horn dog. Not sure what the hint is supposed to imply beyond that they are back already and Sookie is already ‘moving on.’ – MVB]

FYI [When Sookie quotes “onward into the jaws of death” as she leads the way to looking for Russell] Sookie is referencing Alfred Lord Tennyson’s famed poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade.”  Pam first introduced her to the UK’s Poet Laureate, claiming that Tennyson was a friend of her human father’s who would recite his work to her when she was a little girl to help her fall asleep.  After hearing Pam’s story, Sookie decided to stop by a bookstore and pick up a collection of his poems.  [Read the full text of The Charge of the Light Brigade – MVB]

KATHY MCLEOD [Woman at the bar in Fangtasia who asks Tara for a drink and flirts] Kathy McLeod is an elementary school teacher in Frierson, just outside of Shreveport.  Her fiancé, a fellow teacher, recently broke off their engagement when he found out about her vampire fetish.  In addition to frequenting Fangtasia and other vampire bars, Kathy keeps a stash of vampire porn hidden on her laptop.

FYI [As Russell is dug up in Doug’s memory, revealing the ancient vampire as a bloody, skinless wraith] If a vampire doesn’t feed, he will begin to decompose, slowly and painfully. Eventually, a vampire can die this way, but it would take a very long time.]

HINT [When Sookie reveals she sees a necklace that Bill and Eric recognize as the Authority symbol] The only vampires that have these specific pendants and wear them at all times are members of the Authority.  But the symbol itself, which represents Lilith, the Vampire God, is rather popular, covering the majority of Vampire Bibles across the world and adorning the walls of many Sanguinist homes. [There really is an actual Lilith symbol, used in astrology. – MVB]

HINT [After the Authority report that Eric, Bill and Sookie stopped at the convenience mart for coffee and Nutter Butters] The group stopped for a cup of coffee at Sookie’s insistence, claiming she needed something to help her hangover if they wanted her to keep reading Doug’s thoughts.  And the Nutter Butters were for Doug, a nervous man easily calmed by the comforts of junk food. [Sugar and fat produce opiates in the brain, so I sympathize with your drug of choice, Doug – MVB]

FYI [As Salome uses the blood from her finger to enter the shrine that holds Lilith’s blood] Blood-reading technology is used throughout the Authority Headquarters to prevent any breaches in security.  This particular door is restricted only to the Chancellors of the Authority.

FYI [As Roman mourns his need to stake Chancellor Drew, who he had thought was a fellow mainstreamer] Alexander Drew [the boy vampire – MVB] joined the Authority in the early 1900s and shared Roman’s love what was then becoming one of the more popular sports in the United States: golf.  The two would hit the links together and discuss politics, a ritual they kept private from the other Chancellors.  Alexander would not become a Chancellor himself until 1982.  [Okay, so just to clarify,  you can be Authority but not be one of the Chancellors, which seems to be a small subgroup. So Nan was Authority, but she wasn’t a Chancellor, and Molly is Authority, but she also is not a Chancellor. – MVB]

Salome talks about the shrine of Lilith (and looks gorgeous in all that green, too!)

FYI [After the commander tells Terry to “dead check” the Iraqi woman they have shot] A military term that was first popularized in a 2004 article for The Village Voice by journalist Evan Wright, “dead checking” refers to double checking or confirming that an Iraqi enemy is, in fact, dead.  It became standard during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and usually involved two bullets in the chest and one to the head. [Evan Wright is also the author of the book Generation Kill, the book on which Alexander Skarsgard’s 2008 HBO miniseries was based.  If you haven’t seen it, you should – MVB]

HINT [As Jessica and Tara talk in Fangtasia about what is like to be a new vampire] Baby vamps are hard to come by in Bon Temps, so it’s no surprise that Jessica and Tara are bonding.  Jessica’s mishap with Hank the trucker was inextricably linked to the fact that she had almost no one to turn to when she was first made.

FYI [As the group looking for Russell turn into the abandoned asylum] The Babcock Hospital for the Insane has been shut down since the 1950s, after controversial procedures such as electroshock therapy and experimental drugs caused the facility to lose its funding.  It was briefly used by the state as a hospital for the criminally insane, but patients were transferred elsewhere shortly after, leaving the once beautiful edifice abandoned to deteriorate.

FYI [As Jason digs a wooden bullet out of a tree at the crime scene where Emory and Suzanne have been shot] Wooden bullets are nothing new; they have been used by militaries for decades, both in training and in combat, most notably by the Germans and the Japanese during World War II. However, it wasn’t until the Great Revelation that they became widely available at the consumer level.

HINT [As Sookie walks through the asylum with Doug and pauses, shaking her head] Sookie is struggling to read Doug’s thoughts.  Is it the peach schnapps or is it something to do with her faerie powers?

FYI [After Eric consoles Doug by telling him that New York City smells like pee and the people are rude] Many of New York City’s vampires live in Hell’s Kitchen, situated between 34th and 59th Streets from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River.  Some think Hell’s Kitchen got its name from Davy Crockett, while others believe it came from gangs taking the namesake from a slum in London, but the majority believe it was first coined by a New York cop witnessing a riot on 39th Street.  What they don’t know, however, is that the riot the cop witnessed was amongst a nest of vampires, fighting over a part-faerie human pet.

HINT [As Tara smokes a cigarette outside Fangtasia] When she was dating Naomi, Tara limited herself to one cigarette a day. But now that she’s a vampire and doesn’t have to worry about her lungs, she’s picked up her old habits and smoke a pack, sometimes two, a day.

FYI [When Hoyt shows up at Fangtasia in his fangbanger get up] Hoyt acquired his new look at the pierre Bossier mall’s Hot Topic. He bought whatever was on display in the Fangbanger aisle, without actually trying it on, and slathered on some of Jessica’s old Wet N’ Wild black eyeliner.

FYI [As Sookie and the rest of the group pass the asylum morgue] The morgue is not the only place the Babcock Hospital for the Insane would keep dead bodies.  There is also a graveyard in the west yard, where patients who died in treatment were buried.

FYI [As Patrick burns the bodies of his unit’s Iraqi victims]  Patrick burned the bodies to cover up his tracks.  He was looking forward to returning home to his wife Maggie and didn’t want anything to hold him up.

HINT [As  Terry and Patrick are remembering Iraq and the Ifrit] While Ifrits have more powers than men and spirits, it is believed that they can be tamed or even harmed, with properly applied magic.  How might this affect other residents of Bon Temps? [Well, it might be a useful tool if we didn’t know that the Ifrit was defeated by the end of the season without being used by someone else!  So what is this comment, a prompt for fanfiction? Sheesh. – MVB]

HINT [As Jesus’s decapitated head appears to Lafayette and Ruby Jean] Being a brujo himself, Jesus recognized Ruby Jean’s gifts very early on.  Despite her constant hassling, Jesus bonded with Ruby Jean and appreciated her somewhat eccentric take on magic. [So, did Jesus ever tell Lafayette that his mama was a medium and probably not really crazy? If not, why not? I would be more inclined to believe Jesus didn’t know about her magic until he was dead himself rather than he would withhold such important info from his lover. – MVB]

FYI [As Luna and Sam talk about Emory and Suzanne’s deaths, when they hear a noise that is probably Emma in her wolf form in her room] Luna is fierce, loyal and loving but she’s also stubborn as an ox.  She doesn’t want Sam to know that Emma is a werewolf because it would mean he was right in their recent break up fight.  She also doesn’t want to admit, even to herself, that maybe Emma does need a pack.

HINT [As the Obamas are shooting Sam and Luna] How did this group, hiding their identities behind Obama masks, know that a shifter lived here?

FYI [As Roman gives his speech about Sanguinistas to the assembled members of the Authority] Mainstreamers consider Sanguinistas to be “fanatics” and “fundamentalists” while Sanguinistas often slander Mainstreamers as “morally loose sympathizers.”

5.6 Hopeless

HINT [As werewolves attack the group at the asylum] This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Russell consorting with werewolves.  Alcide recognizes these particular wolves as members of the Shreveport pack.  [What I wonder is how an injured Russell hooked up with the Shreveport wolves? Did Salome bring them to Russell? – MVB]

FYI [As Jessica and Tara fight in Fangtasia] To Jessica’s surprise, Tara, a younger and less powerful vampire, has gained the upper hand in their tussle.  Tara’s time as a cage fighter in New Orleans has given her an advantage that Jessica did not expect.

FYI [As Alcide notes that one of the dead werewolves is Nate, whom he pronounces a “fucking dumbass”] Nate was a longtime member of the Shreveport pack. He was one of Marcus Bozeman’s most loyal followers.

KIBWE AKINJIDE [Who has led the Authority in taking Russell captive] came into the Authority already possessing a certain amount of clout due to his role in organizing vampires in Africa.  Roman chose to recruit Kibwe for the man’s diplomatic connections and leadership qualities.  Kibwe surpassed expectations and quickly rose to his Chancellor position.

HINT [As Bill “glamours” Sookie] Bill is pretending to glamour Sookie so he can have a moment to tell her what he thinks will be his final goodbye. [And what does Bill’s final goodbye consist of? Wishing her to go home and do things that actually impossible to who she is, by telling her to live a human life.  Because Bill must think Sookie hates her supe side as much as he does his own. Eff you, Bill Compton. – MVB]

HINT [As Eric glamours Alcide into protecting Sookie] Glamouring a werewolf or shifter is only marginally more difficult than glamouring a human.

FYI [As Luna and Sam are rushed to the hospital] We are in the Monroe Hospital, not far from Shreveport and Bon Temps. [Actually, it is 100 miles between Shreveport and Monroe, which I wouldn’t describe as “close,”  but I recall a road sign that put Bon Temps town center one way and Shreveport 22 miles in the opposite direction, so I think this is all fictional geography anyhow. – MVB]

FYI [As Emma in wolf form goes to her Granma Martha’s house] Werewolves, like any member of the canine family, have an incredibly refined sense of smell and can detect odors up to two miles away.  Their sense of smell also helps wolves detect the unique olfactory fingerprint that every wolf gives off. Now that Emma’s maturing into a wolf, it was a simple matter of using her nose to track down Martha.

FYI [As Kibwe slaughters the humans rescued from the basement of the asylum] Kibwe knows that glamouring, although 99.99% effective, still leaves some room for error.  There’s only one solution more effective…

FYI [As Jason dreams about his father Corbett] Corbett and Jason were very close.  Thought Corbett loved Sookie dearly, Jason was the apple of his eye.  It was because of Corbett’s love of the New Orleans Saints that Jason first took an interest in football and with Corbett’s encouragement, began playing in the first place.  Corbett would also take Jason fishing, and even though they rarely caught anything, they would always stop for a Dilly Bar at Dairy Queen. To this day, Jason can’t pass a Dairy Queen without buying two Dilly Bars, one for himself and one for his father.  [What in the frilly heck is a Dilly Bar? I had to Google it because we don’t get to a Dairy Queen all the often.  –MVB]

FYI [As Alcide flashes back to making out with Sookie] Alcide is having flashes of things that happened before they went after Russell.  When Eric glamoured Alcide to erase those memories, he must have also partly muddied events from earlier in the night, including the interrupted make-out session between Sookie and Alcide.

HINT [As Martha brings Emma to Luna in the hospital] Martha had a complicated relationship with her son, the kind that mothers of troublesome children have.  She loved Marcus but had to acknowledge that he was not the kind of man she would have hoped to call a son.  Throughout Marcus’s marriage to Luna, Martha grappled with mixed emotions, vacillating between her dislike of Luna and her empathy for her daughter-in-law’s difficult situation. She grew to respect Luna for standing up to Marcus and even quietly supported Luna’s decision to divorce Marcus.

FYI [As Lafayette visits his mother after the nursing home called him to come] Lafayette last visited his mother about six months ago.  Due to their strained relationship, he tends to limit the amount of times he sees her. [Okay, I have put up with poor punctuation in this blu-ray set of commentaries, but this is actual word misuse.  This should read he limits either the ‘amount of time’ or the ‘number of times,’ but not the ‘amount of times.’  HBO, who is doing this, the winter intern? Bring me to CA and I’ll write them for you – correctly. – MVB]

HINT [As Salome serves bubbly looking blood to the Chancellors, Eric and Bill in honor of the capture of Russell Edgington] The blood that the Authority is drinking is a special type of highly oxygenated blood.  The process creates an effervescent effect that is a true delight to the vampire senses and, because of its great expense, a rare treat.

HINT [As Roman brings in the ancient jug of wine that costs “a fucking fuckload of money”] The blood Roman’s referring to has an interesting backstory.  Because of the tendency towards intermarriage, hemophilia afflicted a large number of European monarchs and royalty.  This blood likely came from one of the Hapsburg princes, making it even more luxurious.

HINT [As Roman questions Eric’s religious views] Eric has always had a problem with authority and in his opinion, has stayed alive this long by looking out for himself and himself alone.  Simply put, he’s not a joiner.

ROSALYN talks about the origins of the Authority:

[Rosalyn makes an interesting point that the Authority has been what has been holding the monarchs in check. With the Authority gone, what will the various monarchs do? – MVB]

FYI [As Roman quotes a verse about the value of humans from the vampire bible] The passage quoted by Roman underscores the idea that humans have some amount of grace bestowed on them by the vampire God.

FYI [As Sookie and Jason look for the fae club in the field] We are in a field by the old Thibodeaux farm, not far from Bon Temps.

FYI [As Sookie hears the fae party but can’t yet see it] The faerie club exists in a “pocket dimension” created by the faeries to hide their presence from earth dwellers. It’s accessible only by entities bearing fae blood, though non-faeries can be physically transported.  Unlike the faerie plane of existence, this is a self-contained microverse. [And just after this, Sookie walks right in with no effort whatsoever, while Jason is still standing out in the field! Based on what previous commentaries have said about having to have fae blood to get in, this would seem to indicate that Sookie definitely does have fae blood – and Jason does not.  I wonder if they will explain this when Niall turns up? – MVB]

FYI [We meet Junior, clerk at the Stake House, who is talking about what sounds like the same field where Sookie and Jason just met the fae] In Junior’s tenure at the Stake House, he’s become aware of the scope and depth of the supernatural world. He was initially focused on vampires but in his crusade to rid the world of the fanged creatures, he stumbled across the existence of werewolves and shapeshifters. Surprisingly, Junior has a secret werepanther lady friend with whom he meets up every few weeks for quick trysts in his truck. He keeps vowing to quit her but something about her keeps him coming back…

HINT [When Sam comes into the store, Junior looks at him strangely] Junior recognizes Sam from when he and his friends tried to kill him.

FYI [Sam is tensing up as Junior watches him] Just as dogs can smell the minute changes in body chemistry, Sam detects the byproducts of fight-or-flight in Junior’s sweat and exhalations.

JERRY CLIJSTERS [The male vamp feeding on Hoyt until Hoyt is nearing death outside Fangtasia] is a recently made vampire.  He’s from rural New Mexico and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a graphic artist.  He ran with a rough crew of Hollywood wannabes, including a vampire named Tabitha, who kept Jerry and his friends high on her blood.  They returned the favor by letting Tabitha feed on them.  One night Tabitha, unusually hungry, got carried away and drained Jerry; she decided to turn him as atonement, which suited Jerry just fine.  After his first year as a new vampire, he decided to travel through the United States, hitting all the vampire hot spots all along I-10 before heading North.

HINT [As the faeries are dancing, we can see various humans, like the judge] The faeries keep a roster of influential clients in order to ensure their location remains a secret.  Their reasoning is that no client would be foolish enough to admit visiting the club or that it even exists.  It’s a type of mutually assured destruction that keeps everyone satisfied.

FYI [As Claude explains why these fae are different than the ones Sookie met in the fae portal before] Claude and a large contingent of faeries left their world when Queen Mab went too far in her harvesting of faerie-human hybrids.  Before the portals between the two worlds were closed permanently, there was an exodus of rebellious faeries to the Earthly plane, where they created this faerie club and others like it throughout the world.

FYI [As Nora recites a prayer, ignoring Eric, who stands outside her cell] This prayer is called the Mater Magna and is similar to Catholic prayers.  It invokes both God and his daughter Lilith in times of need.

FYI [As Russell rants while Roman prepares to execute him] Russell has had an antagonistic relationship with the Authority for almost the entirety of Roman’s guardianship.  Russell has a general disdain for any person or organization that asserts dominion over him (or any other vampire) and a very specific distaste for Roman’s mainstreaming agenda.  For his part, Roman feels that Russell’s laissez-faire attitude is a threat to the future of human and vampire co-existence.

5.7 In the Beginning

FYI [As Level 1 Protocol is announced after Roman is staked by Russell] There are four levels of emergency protocols within the Authority Headquarters.  Three and Four are for minor violations, and typically are called upon when the blood-reading technology malfunctions or when a maintenance crew happens upon the wrong room. But levels One and Two are saved for more serious breaches, level One almost exclusively for moments in which the Guardian is believed to be in great danger.

FYI [As the fae are testing Sookie’s light powers after blasting her in their confrontation] Faeries use luminescence tests as a means to quantify the amount of light remaining in part-fae.  It is a test Queen Mab banished from the plane of faerie, falsely claiming it diluted someone’s powers.  Claude and his sisters know the test is harmless, and it is practiced more frequently on the earthly plane.

CLAUDIA CRANE Claudia, Claude’s fourth oldest sister, is a part-time dancer and part-time bartender at the faerie club.  She escaped from the faerie plane long before Queen Mab closed the portal, whilst swept up in a torrid love affair with a part-faerie named Beau.  After Beau’s light depleted, he left Claudia in search of a life of normalcy.  Claudia has never been the same since. [So, the light depletion thing is real, which means Sookie really COULD be ‘normal’ someday. Bummer, because I like her keeping her supe status, unless they are going to make Eric human, too. – MVB]

HINT [When Claudia tells Sookie she has to be careful how and how much she uses her light] What does Claudia mean when she tells Sookie to be careful of how she uses her powers? Has Sookie been responsible with her light or has she been reckless?

FYI [As Alcide and Rikki are training in the barn] Alcide met Rikki when he and Debbie first joined the Shreveport pack, but they never got to know each other.  Debbie, jealous as she was, made sure Alcide never got close to any of the other werebitches. [Then it’s a good thing Debbie didn’t leave to see Alcide become packmaster, because I don’t think she’d like him screwing all the werebitches.– MVB]

FYI [As Martha explains how JD turned down packmaster previously to let the role go to Marcus] Martha’s husband wasn’t the most revered of packmasters, but he was packmaster nonetheless.  And as much as he struggled in that position, his bigger quarrels were at home with his son.  Marcus was recalcitrant and aggressive, often believing himself to be above the laws of the pack since his own father was in charge of enforcing them.  But when his father died in a tragic tractor accident when Marcus was only 10, J.D. stepped in an helped prepare Marcus for his future as packmaster of Shreveport.

FYI [When Jason tells Sookie he always thought his parents death was his fault] The night Michelle and Corbett Stackhouse died, Sookie and Jason were at Gran’s house. Even though he was 11 years old, Jason was deemed unfit to babysit Sookie.  He always felt if he was a better kid, his parents would have trusted him to take care of his sister.  Had that been the case, they would not have had to drive the two to Gran’s and they possibly wouldn’t have been on the bridge at the exact moment they met their deaths.  Being a devoted sister, Sookie never placed any blame on Jason and assured him she would always be there for him.

FYI [As Lettie Mae comes into Fangtasia looking for her daughter] Since Lettie Mae married Reverend Daniels, she has devoted her life to his church.  After overhearing that Tara was turned into a vampire from a few ladies after Sunday services, she called Lafayette to find out the truth about her daughter.  He told her, “You wanna know the truth? Get your Jesus kissin’ ass on down to Fangtasia and you’ll find out.” So that’s just what she did.

FYI [As the Chancellors stand around in the Lilith shrine] The Blood Shrine is one of the oldest rooms in the Authority Headquarters.  Roman had the room updated in the 1990s to be more modern in both security and design, but the Shrine itself, of course, remains ancient.

FYI [When Nora tells the story of Lilith’s death] Nora is quoting from the Book of Vampyr:”Lilith met the Sun by the hand of Man…And on the ensuing night, her progeny collected her remains in an earthen jar.”

FYI [Just after Russell rips Dieter’s head off] Dieter Braun, a Chancellor of the Authority since the Renaissance, was a firm believer in mainstreaming.  He helped launch Roman’s agenda, turning the dream of co-existence the two men shared into a reality.

HINT [As the vampires are roaming through the French Quarter, high on Lilith’s blood] Under Roman’s watch, the Authority tended to remain hidden in their underground chambers.  But now that the Guardian is gone, the Council has opted for an outing on the famed Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

HINT Typically, vampire blood has on effect on vampires.  Judging by the behavior of the Council, Lilith’s blood is no ordinary vampire blood.

FYI [As Don Bartolo begins to cut on Lafayette’s head] Don Bartolo is carefully preparing Mariea and her womb for a ritual that will restore Jesus’s magic to his bloodline.  He is practicing a ritualistic form of black magic, which involves caring Santerian symbols into human flesh, using his knife as a pen and Lafayette’s blood as ink.

HINT [As Maria stabs Don Bartolo to death] Maria has always harbored a grudge against Don Bartolo for the way he used magic.  Her family has a long history of practicing white magic, a far cry from the form of magic Don Bartolo has coerced her into participating in.  She did not want their son to have Jesus’s magic for fear that Bartolo would make him use it for evil.

HINT [As JD tells the Shreveport wolves what his ‘vamper friend’ told him] What vampire told J.D. that “the end of days is coming?” How do other supers, like werewolves, fit into the Sanguinists’ plan? Do they fit in at all? [This could actually be interesting if Warlow is part of some vampire end-of-days prophecy.  What is the vampire myth about end times? I’m sure we’ll hear more this season – MVB]

FYI [The wedding party in the bar] This Bourbon Street karaoke bar is closed for a private event, the party after the rehearsal dinner for a big Southern wedding taking place the next evening at the Oak Alley Plantation.

KRISTA “KC” COOPER [the bride-to-be] was born and raised in the Garden District of New Orleans.  The younger of two siblings, KC and her family come from old money dating back to the founding of the city; her family once owned a plantation much like the one on which she’s getting married.  She met her fiancé Bryan at a tailgating party for a New Orleans Saints football game and the two got engaged just four months into their relationship. [BTW,I forgot how great Denis O’Hare’s voice is! – MVB]

HINT [As Jason tells Jessica about his parents’ death] After opening up to Jessica about his sexual addiction and discovering that the two could be friends despite the state of their sex lives, Jason has wanted to share even more of himself with her.  As soon as he heard about his parents, he couldn’t wait to talk to her about it and get her advice.

FYI [Just after Jason shoots Jessica in the head after the bites him during the argument] Regular bullets do little to no harm to vampires. They will typically heal within just a few seconds unless, of course, they’ve been silvered, which would make the healing process much slower.

FYI [As the wedding massacre takes place] Krista and Bryan had invited all of their out of town guests to the karaoke bar for the rehearsal dinner after-party and not one of them survived.  The wedding planner is in for a real surprise in the morning.

Nora describes the effects of drinking Lilith’s blood:

5.8 Somebody That I Used to Know

FYI [As Luna starts to snarl about how people who hate shifters are everywhere] Most shifters have problems controlling their anger.  This seems to be the result of a biological trait as opposed to learned behavior; some speculate that shifters are just more prone to the fight-or-flight reflex, but in human form that basically translates to a short temper.

FYI [As Luna skinwalk shifts into Sam] A shifter can only skinwalk after he or she has killed a family member.  Both Luna and Tommy inadvertently skinwalked the first time under moments of emotional stress, but it is also something that can be done at will (at great risk to the shifter.)

HINT [As the high vamps tumble out of the elevator at Authority Headquarters] Everyone but Eric seems to be riding the post-Blood euphoria; seeing Godric during his crisis of conscience seems to have had a sobering effect on Eric.

Russell’s thoughts on the vision of Lilith:

FYI [As Alcide is having sex with Rikki in a chair] Shifters and were have very physical sex lives.  Because of their dual nature, the physiological response to sexual stimulus activates the animal parts of the brain, making the sexual act incredibly primal.

SARAH HARRIS [As Bill visits his dying daughter Sarah in flashback] (nee Compton) was the only daughter of Bill and Caroline Compton.  After Bill was turned and left his family, Caroline raised Sarah to be someone who could stand on her own two feet. Sarah became a schoolteacher at an all-girls school where she met her husband, Phillip Harris, also a teacher.  They had a daughter, Elizabeth, who would be the sole bright spot in an otherwise difficult life.  Phillip died of tuberculosis, leaving a then-thirty-year-old Sarah to raise her daughter alone.  After her daughter left for college, Sarah became increasingly depressed and isolated.  Thought she continued to teach, her health suffered until she was diagnosed with leukemia.  She fought the disease for six months before succumbing.  Thought she saws her father one last time, she died three months short of seeing her daughter marry James Bellefleur.

HINT [As Sarah begs to be turned] Bill’s always had a complicated view of being a vampire.  He knows that eternal life comes with a price and he is very reluctant to drag his daughter into his own personal hell.

FYI [When the hate group shows Hoyt that they have brought him Jessica] Jessica was hungry enough to get a little careless. When she and Reggie got outside, she was waylaid by the other members of the hate group.  Under other circumstances, Bill would have responded to her fear vibe, but he’s very distracted by everything going on at the Authority.

FYI [When one of the hate group says that It’s not a crime to kill a vampire because they are already dead] Since the Great Revelation, it’s considered a felony offense to kill a vampire, though vampire rights advocates feel that the government hasn’t done enough to enforce this new law.

THE CLAUDES [As Sookie talks with Claude and his sisters as the fae club] Known as “the Claudes” amongst faeries, this family of siblings includes Claude and sisters Claudine, Claudia, Claudette, and Claudija (to name but a few).  They are famous for being the single biggest faerie litter ever, with sixteen girls and one boy.  The Claudes’ mother was a protector of the Stackhouses and, as is faerie tradition, the obligation passed to the next generation.  Though outnumbered sixteen-to-one, brother Claude generally assumes the leadership role now that Claudine has passed on.  This is a point of contention with the siblings because Claude was born third from last.

FYI [As Lafayette discovers a vial of V in Jesus’s emergency kit] Jesus began to regularly carry vampire blood in his first aid kit after seeing Lafayette use it to help Calvin Norris, who was critically injured after his run-in with Sam Merlotte.

HINT [As Lala uses the V to heal his injured mouth] When V is used for medicinal purposes, the side effects that make it so addictive are dramatically reduced.  Lafayette knows that using V topically poses to no risk to his vampire blood sobriety.  [Wait, Lafayette is deliberately staying V sober? – MVB]

FYI [When Sam shifts into a cobra to convince JoeBob to talk] Sam has shifted into a king cobra.  He saw one once at a zoo in Dallas and has always wanted to try this particular animal but, until now, never had a good reason.

FYI [When Luna-as-Sam meets real Sam] Because skinwalking is rare, it doesn’t often occur that a shifter will encounter the imprinted person.  When it does occur, the psychological effects are unpredictable, ranging from mild disorientation to a breakdown of the shifter’s psyche.

FYI [When the fae tell Sookie that Einstein was also a Halfling] Many of history’s scientific and creative geniuses were partially fae.  Ironically, Albert Einstein never actually knew of his special nature.

HINT [As the fae try to help Sookie tap into the energy ripples at the bridge where her parents died] This procedure has never been tried by this group of faeries.  It’s one of those things that they think will work “in theory.”

HINT [As Sookie sees what her mother saw] The events of the night that Sookie’s parents were killed left an impression, a ripple in the energy of time and space.  With the help of the faeries, Sookie is able to tune into that ripple and experience things as her mother did.

HINT [As Hoyt asks a chained up Jessica why she doesn’t love him any more] Even though Jessica broke Hoyt’s heart, he’s incapable of harming her.  She’s still the first girl he ever loved, something that means a whole lot to him.

HINT [When Sookie explains that in the vision, first she was her mama and then she was the vampire, leading Claude to freak out] Faeries lead very long lives, so it’s not often that they see something that is truly shocking.  The fact that Sookie made a bond with a vampire is so inconceivable that it has Claude and the others seriously rattled.  On top of that, they have no idea what the ramifications will be…will this bond lead a vampire, or vampires, right to the faeries? [Since the faeries said someone needed to have a bond in order to connect with someone else in these kinds of energy things, either Sookie has some bond with Warlow directly – which is scary – or she is able to bond with vampires in general because she has become ‘one’ with Eric.  I hope they give us another clue in the new season! – MVB]

FYI [When Tracy from Tracy’s Togs comes into Fangtasia, where Tara is tending bar] Tracy and Tara barely tolerated one another in high school.  Their mutual enmity began in the lunchroom when Tracey decided she didn’t like the way Tara was looking at her.  Tracy started a rumor about a teacher having an affair with Tara that landed Tara in the principal’s office.  Tara responded by spiking Tracy’s diet soda with a laxative, resulting in a very embarrassing incident during cheerleading practice.  Their rivalry culminated with Tara promising Tracy’s boyfriend the best sex of his life if he would take her to prom instead of Tracy, an offer he couldn’t refuse.  Tara went to the prom for half an hour and ditched the guy.  Insulted, he told the school he had sex with Tara before, during, and after the prom, a lie that hurt Tara’s reputation but furthered her anti-Tracy crusade.

RYDER ROUNDTREE [the emcee at the Shreveport pack competition between Alcide and J.D.) is a were by nature and an emcee by trade.  He’s a member of the Shreveport pack but travels throughout the South to host werewolf events and ceremonies.  He’s also an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church and has added wedding officiating to his list of services.  [So, in other words, he’s kind of a Quinn ripoff! – MVB]

FYI [As J.D. announces that the “animal” they will track is a college track star] For hundreds of years now, the traditional quarry in the packmaster ritual has been an animal of great strength or speed, something that would post a challenge to a wolf.  Depending on the pack’s location, this could mean a deer, a wild boar, jackrabbit or moose.  Tonight, however, J.D. wants to “hearken back to [their] forebears.” This entails hunting an animal of a different sort…a human.

FYI [As Eric tells Nora that he saw Godric during the Lilith high] Godric prided himself on being able to choose potential vampires very well.  He choose Eric because of Eric’s indomitable spirit and never-say-die attitude.  Though he never disclosed his reasons to Eric for choosing Nora, Eric trusted his maker and accompanied him on the night of Nora’s turning.

HINT [As Pam presents Tara with Tracy, chained up in the basement of Fangtasia] Pam has really turned the corner regarding her progeny. She’s almost acting maternal, taking care of Tara’s physical and emotional needs.  And Tara’s really coming around to being a vampire, especially the glamouring part of it.

HINT [As J.D. is whupping Alcide’s ass out in the woods] Although Alcide is normally stronger than J.D., with the packmaster hopped on V, Alcide doesn’t stand a chance. J.D. tried the blood a few times in his youth, but only recently started taking it regularly.

FYI [When Lafayette is possessed by the Iraqi woman that Patrick and Terry killed] What Lafayette is saying more or less translates to: “I will remove the curse only if one of your pigs slaughters the other one.  One of you pigs must die.”

HINT [When Warlow’s energy field appears in Sookie’s bathroom] How is it possible that Warlow is appearing to Sookie in her house? Could she have done something more than simply channel the memory of her parents’ deaths? [Maybe the faerie thing works by connecting with the energy – which is only remnants if the people are dead, but is current if they still exist! – MVB]

FYI [As Russell coyly invites Steve Newlin to Hong Kong someday] Most vampires, if they live long enough, will have lived in almost every part of the world.  Russell, being one of the oldest, has literally been all over the globe.  Every country is his home, but he certainly has his favorites.  When he was King of Mississippi, he and Talbot would often go to Hong Kong for month-long vacations.  The owner of the Kowloon Shangri-La, Eric Yang, was a vampire; even before the Great Revelation, Mr. Yang had partitioned off the top two floors in order to create a luxurious haven for visiting vampires.

HINT [As Bill proposes bombing the Tru Blood factories] Bill’s plan to destroy the Tru Blood factories is the perfect way to demonstrate his value and loyalty to Salome and the remaining Chancellors.  Eric’s surely wondering if this is still part of some long-term plan or if Bill has finally joined the Lilith faithful. [You know, for all that Bill has whined all this time about how miserable he is, he’s still willing to do something incredibly shitty like bombing the Tru Blood factories in order to keep his unhappy existence going.  That’s not just surviving, that’s pursuing power.  – MVB]

5.9 Everybody Wants to Rule the World

FYI [As the news shows the Houston Tru-Blood plant burning] The Houston Tru Blood bottling plant, located in the industrial part of the city outside the Port of Houston, was the third of its kind to open, and created nearly 6,000 jobs in the area.  And because the plant also offered a daily tour to the public, it created a surge of tourism that helped boost the local economy.  [Since season 6 seems to be going to some Tru Blood factory later in the season, I am guessing it will be this one in Houston.  Maybe that’s why they initially were casting the Governor as the Governor of Texas rather than Lousiana? –MVB]

Kibwe talks about Tru Blood:

FYI [When Molly tries to use the exit elevators and finds her blood doesn’t give her clearance] Level 1 Protocols are only initiated when the Guardian is believe to be in grave danger.  The protocols remain in place for at least 48 hours, and longer if the Chancellors so choose.  It prevents anyone from getting in or out of the Headquarters (except, of course, for the Chancellors.)

HINT [When Lafayette tries to call up the “creepy spirit thing” (Warlow) in Sookie’s bathroom] We have only seen Lafayette summon the ghosts of humans.  Can he also access other spirits and creatures?

FYI [When Lafayette comments that Tara hasn’t been pissed at him this long since he stole her boyfriend in 8th grade] Tara had been dating a boy in the grade above her, Michael Curtis, for about three weeks (a long time for both middle school standards and Tara’s standards) when she caught him making out with Lafayette in the custodial closet.  Lafayette and Michael had an ongoing flirtation for the next several years to come, until Michael joined the military and moved to Fort Jackson for basic training.

FYI [As Luna argues about coming with Sam to look for the Obamas, he says he loves her] This is the first time Sam has told Luna that he loves her.  In true Sam and Luna fashion, the three little words slipped out in the midst of a tiff.

HINT [Terry is contemplating going to Patrick] Terry intends to track Patrick down and offer him what he deems a fair fight: one-on-one, no weapons no hiding, and no cheating.

FYI [Just after Eric tells a questioning Bill that he is more of a mainstreamer than Eric will ever be] Bill was initially recruited to the Authority because of his mainstreaming ways.  Nan Flanagan followed him and recognized this in him, especially noting how he would glamour humans he fed on instead of killing them.  Until he was introduced to Sookie’s world, Eric and no compunction about killing humans who stood in his way.

HINT [As Sookie asks Bud Dearborne about her parents’ deaths] Before the Great Revelation, the existence of vampires was still a mystery to humans and, more specifically, law enforcement.  Many unsolved cases in Renard Parish were attributed to gators or wild hogs.  Sheriff Dearborne would often turn to these explanations, lest he wanted open case files sitting on his desk for the rest of his career.  After vampires came out of the coffin, Bud reviewed several old cases and realized that many of them could have been vampire attacks.

HINT [As we see Arlene coming into Merlotte’s with a pencil in her hair] Arlene was running late for work today and couldn’t find the pink scrunchie that matches her sweatshirt, so she put her hair up with a pencil.  Little did she know, Lisa took the scrunchie and wore it to school.

FYI [Just as Arlene puts a gun to Patrick’s head and threatens to blow his brains out] Arlene has a habit of staying up late to watch old cop movies, her favorites being Bad Boys, Die Hard and Carlito’s Way.  Although she’s always had morbid fantasies about holding a gun to someone’s head like the heroes in these films, she never actually expected it to happen.

HINT [As Nora tells Eric how she saw the truth of Lilith] When Salome first recruited Nora to the Authority, she had high hopes of bringing the British vampire under her wing and introducing her to the Sanguinist movement. Like any smart politician, she waited to earn Nora’s trust before beginning the indoctrination.  [When was this? When did Nora join the Authority? I somehow thought it was much earlier, but maybe not? – MVB]

FYI [As Salome dances half nude for an equally nude Bill in her bed] Salome was always fascinated by Lilith, but was not as devout in her early days as a vampire.  It was not until the mainstreaming agenda came to the fore that Salome realized the true importance of vampire religion and devoted herself to following the word of Lilith and the Book of Vampyr.

HINT [When Bill fantasizes Sookie in bed instead of Salome and he bites Sookie] What is the meaning behind Bill’s hallucinations? What does it say about his feelings for Sookie? [Well, I think it says that what he really loved about her was her fairy blood, which he dearly wants to gorge on – MVB]

HINT [When Sweetie and Bud put Sookie in the pig pen] Sweetie and Bud have been starving the pigs to make them more aggressive.

FYI [When Andy shoots Bud Dearborne] Shooting Bud was no easy task for Andy.  He spent years admiring Sheriff Dearborne, holding him up as a dear friend and mentor. He always felt that he learned more from Bud than from any of his teachers at the Police Academy or any of his Bellefleur elders.

FYI [After Patrick is shot and the Ifrit comes to claim him] Now that “blood has been paid with blood,” an exchange which literally involves the Ifrit taking Patrick’s remains, the score has been settled and the Ifrit has been satisfied.  Terry no longer needs to fear this demon.

FYI [As Steve Newlin and Russell walk near an abandoned farm, talking about the first werewolves Russell claimed] Steve and Russell are walking through property once owned by the Ardoins, a family of prospectors who settled in Bon Temps around the same time as the Comptons and the Loudermilks.  Since there are no surviving Ardoins, the land was returned to the state and the buildings were left to ruin.

HINT [As Russell gives his blood to J.D., the new Shreveport packmaster] Russell has a long history of aligning himself with werewolves and using them to do his bidding, especially during the daytime.  What does he hope to get out of his alliance with J.D. and the Shreveport pack?  [I’m guessing that Russell hoped to eventually send the Shreveport pack to fetch him Sookie at some point.  He did say he would think of nothing else but her blood once he tasted it. – MVB]

JACKSON HERVEUX Once a proud packmaster, Alcide’s father Jackson Simeon Herveaux blew through his savings on a series of poorly placed bets.  His gambling problem not only drained his pockets, but it drained his personal life.  He drove away his pack and his children, Alcide and Janice. Now he spends his days and nights betting on sports games, hoping he might be able to turn his luck around.

FYI [As Sookie and the Claudes watch a TV report on burning True Blood factories in Japan and Kuwait] Given the history between the two species, faeries have never trusted vampires.  Unlike humans, who are only just beginning to understand vampires and their ways, the fae are keen enough to now this is part of a larger vampire plan.

HINT [When Eric injects Nora, causing her to pass out so they can make their escape from the Authority] Eric is injecting Nora with a very rare form of liquid silver so powerful, it causes a vampire to pass out from pain the instant it infiltrates the body.  It is about seven times stronger than the silver used intravenously during official Authority interrogations.  Nora will probably wake up in a few hours, but the pain will last even a few hours beyond that.

5.10 Gone, Gone, Gone

FYI [As a TBBN news anchor describes day 3 of the Tru-Blood crisis] Given the implications of the destruction of the Tru Blood factories, news coverage has been consistent and wide-ranging.  Even specialized networks like E! are participating, with Ryan Seacrest interviewing celebrity vampires about the crisis.

FYI [When Sookie finds Mike Spencer at her door] Sookie’s never gotten over the night when Mike Spencer, under the influence of Maryann, forced her to cuddle with him on her kitchen floor.  Things have been weird with him ever since.

HINT [As Sookie stakes Mike Spencer] The better question is not WHO turned Mike Spencer, but WHY… [Oh, intriguing point!]

FYI [As Elijah is counting money in Fangtasia’s office] Much to the chagrin of those in his area, Elijah severely abuses his position of power.  As the new Sheriff, he has extorted all of the local vampire-owned businesses, thrown parties were involuntarily fed on (makes it more fun that way, according to Elijah] and turned a harem’s worth of women.  Despite this lack of order, he’s very diligent about collecting his protection money, stopping by Fangtasia every night.

FYI [When Elijah tells Pam and Tara there need to be 30 new vamps in Area 5 by the end of the year] The Procreation Mandate issued by the Authority requires the Sheriff of every area to provide a certain number of new vampires, depending on the population of each area.  This is a new measure coming from the now-Sanguinist Authority; they’re hoping to quickly increase the total number of vampires.

FYI [As Andy and Sookie talk about Mike Spencer] Andy and Mike had a relationship that was based on mutual professional respect.  When the two first met, Mike took Andy out for a beer.  As the night wore on and the alcohol flowed, Mike’s stories got weirder and weirder.  From then on, Andy decided to keep his distance from the coroner.  But he always remained respectful of Mike, just in case he ended up being a serial killer. [ROFLMAO because I could totally see Mike as a serial killer – MVB]

FYI [As Bill enters the Lilith shrine] Bill seems to have moved up quite rapidly in the Authority’s ranks. Could he be taking over some of Roman’s responsibilities? Or does the post-Roman Authority even allow for a hierarchy? [I’m guessing the latter – after Roman’s heavy-handed rule, I’m guessing Salome and the others don’t want to be told what to do any more. – MVB]

FYI [As Bill and Nora force Eric to take Lilith’s blood] Bill and Nora believe that the only way they can convert Eric is through Lilith’s Blood.  They think that if he can simply see Her again, he will be convinced of Her power and divinity.

HINT Eric’s been pumped full of silver, leaving him in a very weakened state. [My poor baby!!! – MVB]

FYI [As Godric appears to Nora and Eric] Nora hasn’t seen Godric for centuries but she has had the occasional dream, usually involving the two of them in a large, white room. Humans of every size and color lie on tables, beckoning Nora and her maker to feed on them. Nora and Godric each begin opposite each other, usually on the same female.  With locked eyes, they start to bite down…and that’s when Nora always wakes up.  [Sounds slightly reminiscent of the dream Eric had of Godric while with Sookie, although the setting is different. Hmmmm…. MB]

HINT [As Lilith kills Godric] Seeing Lilith kill Godric confirms Eric’s feelings about Lilith’s malevolence.  For Nora, it is the beginning of her faith in Lilith and the Sanguinist beliefs. [Actually, I don’t understand why Nora would feel that way given how she has been bad-mouthing Godric all this time.  Did she expect Lilith to forgive blasphemy? – MVB]

FYI [As Russell and Steve dance to Katy Perry’s “Teen Age Dream” at the frat house] The frat was having a house meeting to plan their annual December Christmas party, “AlcoHolidays,” when Russell and Steve arrived in search of a snack.  Twenty-two of the brothers were killed.

HINT [As Sam lets Jessica threaten a redneck who threatened her in Merlotte’s] Although he distrusted vampires in the past, Sam has grown a lot in his journey to come to terms with his own supernatural nature.  After everything Sam’s been through, he’s definitely going to be more sympathetic to other supernaturals.

FYI [As Jessica announces her guards have left her] The guards were always guns-for-hire.  Once the money stopped and it was clear Bill wasn’t coming back any time soon, they quit en masse.

HINT [As Pam tells Tara they can give Fangtasia to Elijah and “live in the wind.”] Since being turned, Pam hadn’t really found a place she called home until she and Eric opened Fangtasia.  Over the years spent running the place, she’s developed a certain fondness for it, though she’d never cop to anything that sentimental.

FYI [As Sookie packs to go stay with Jason for a bit after having staked Mike Spencer] Sookie used to stay at Jason’s house pretty regularly, especially after a late night at work.  This came to a standstill after she found a bra in the couch cushions.  She never said anything but when pressed simply told Jason she preferred the “neatness of home” to his bachelor pad.  Now she only stays over in emergency situations.

HINT [As Jason discovers the hidey hole under the bed in Sookie’s house] Even though Jason has a reputation for being kind of dim, he’s always been smarter than people give him credit for and his training as a police officer seems to have cleared some of the cobwebs.  It makes him feel good to show off to Sookie.

HINT [As Sookie and Jason find the scroll] What language is this on the scroll? And did Gran know about this before she died? [I’m guessing she might not have known until after she passed on, because she seems like she would have told Sookie if she had. – MVB]

FYI [As Sam tries to call AVL to get photo opp with Steven Newlin and Emma] The AVL has call centers in Buffalo, Tampa and Flagstaff, with both human and vampire employees.  On an average day, they will handle around 20,000 calls with inquiries that range from the political (pro and anti-vampire sentiment0 to the practical (vampire first aid) to the outlandish (“Can I turn into a vampire from a bat bite?”) In the wake of the Tru Blood factory bombings, the call centers are receiving double the calls.

HINT [As the Authority comes to bring Jessica to her maker] We’ve seen the Authority decked out with various Apple products.  Is this a coincidence or does Apple have a significant number of vampire employees?

FYI [As Steve Newlin goes head to head with Congressman David Finch on TV] Steven knew David Finch from the early days of the anti-vampire movement.  They met on occasion at various fundraisers and gala events.  Being a closeted gay man himself, Steve knew all too well the little tells that can give one away.  So when he heard rumors about David Finch’s sexual preference, it was no surprise to Steve.

FYI [As Hoyt leaves Bon Temps in his truck] Hoyt knows that he’ll need a car in Alaska and has pragmatically decided to drive the whole way. He’s looking forward to the trip as a way to clear his head and see parts of the country he wouldn’t otherwise see.  Even though it will be a longer drive, he’s planning on heading to the Grand Canyon, then up to Yellowstone, and then through the rural parts of Canada until he reaches his destination.

HINT [As Jason begs Hoyt not to go, even though Hoyt no longer knows him] Without supernatural assistance, the chance of reversing the glamoured state is so low as to be considered impossible.

FYI [As Bill gives Jessica a tour of the Authority] The Authority’s main chamber walls originally came from Turkey.  They were commissioned to be built by powerful vampires living during the height of the Byzantium Empire.  The walls were later moved to New Orleans when the Authority was being built.

FYI [As Bill impresses upon Jessica the importance of the vampire bible] Jessica’s parents homeschooled their kids. In addition to the state-mandated secular materials, Jessica would study the King James edition of the Bible two hours every day.  Her mornings began with a recitation of the book of the Old Testament and she had to name all of the books of the New Testament before bedtime.  By the time Jessica was twelve, she could easily recite, word for word, the contents of the Books of Genesis, Leviticus, Kings, Judges, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, as well as all four Gospels and the Book of Revelations.  Once she was made vampire, she tried to forget all of that as quickly as she could.

HINT [As Ginger and Tara kill Elijah with Eric’s sword] Tara appealed to Ginger’s loyalty to Pam and Fangtasia in a high-stakes proposal: go along or lose it all.  Given Ginger’s intense feelings towards Pam, it was a no-brainer for her to join forces with Tara.

FYI [As Steve scolds Emma for shifting into her human form] In theory, a were can stay in animal form indefinitely, but in practice, many things – stress, stamina, emotional state – will dictate the duration of the shift.  In some cases, the opposite will happen and a shifter or were can get “stuck” in animal form, a situation that usually corrects itself once the animal is completely exhausted and loses consciousness.

HINT [As the new Authority talks about ordering translated copies of the book of Vampyr for every new vamp] The now-Sanguinist Authority is essentially trying to create a theocracy.  A very large obstacle is the ignorance of those they are trying to govern.  Nora wants to wage a direct war on that ignorance by making the Book of Vampyr required reading for every vampire on the planet.  Implicit in this desire is the use of force, if necessary.

HINT [As Russell tells the Authority about faerie blood] Russell came into the Authority knowing the power of faerie blood. Has this been an ulterior motive for him all along?

FYI [As Russell rants in his original accent at the Authority when Salome calls faeries an abomination] Russell’s Southern accent is a bit of an affectation.  He finds it charming and genteel and like the way it sounds in his mouth.  He’s all but forgotten his original accent, a pidgin of Celtic and English from 700 BCE, but it comes out sometimes when he loses his temper.

Steve Newlin’s take on why Russell got so upset:

FYI [As Claude examines the fae scroll] The faerie language is like no other language on earth: infinitely complicated, with shifting syntaxes, twenty-three tenses, and a seeming exception for every two grammatical rules.  It would take a normal person his or her whole life to master.

HINT [As Maurella explains the scroll is a contract] Though the nature of the agreement is unknown, it’s clear from the reaction of the faeries that it’s a sacred and binding pact.

5.11 Sunset

HINT [As Nora sits and thinks about Lilith killing Godric] Like Eric, Nora has fond and powerful memories of her maker.  She had similar flashbacks and visions of Godric and knows better than to ignore his words. [I feel they should have shown Nora’s fondness for Godric before she became a Sanguinista more clearly, if this is the case. So far, I’ve only heard her badmouth him, so her regret seems out of the blue to me – MVB]

FYI [As Nora recites a verse to allay Salome’s suspicions] Nora is quoting a passage from the Book Vampyr.  She knows the word of Lilith will satisfy Salome.

HINT [As Bill tells Jessica he’s let go of the trivial concerns of humans] When Bill was a young vampire under Lorena’s watch, he was taught to disregard the ways of humans and embrace his savage nature.  But he managed to reclaim his humanity and align himself with the mainstreaming movement, preaching this lifestyle to his own progeny.  But Bill’s time with Salome has brought him back to his older, more savage ways.  Only now, he’s doing it under the pretense of religion.

FYI [As Jessica tells Bill she wants to turn Jason] Jessica is paraphrasing a section of the Book of Baphomet, that suggests a vampire is not complete until he or she has procreated.  It is a somewhat contentious section among the less fervent followers of Lilith.

FYI [As Eric is pacing in his chambers, IMO because he’s worried about Russell going after Sookie] Eric is pacing in his chambers.  He looks highly uncomfortable, not unlike a caged animal.  The room was once considered to be his quest quarters, but Bill insisted the residence become more…permanent. [And it is a gorgeous room with all that purple in gold, but I’m still going to puke in my mouth a little when Nora comes in shortly. Ugh. – MVB]

HINT [As Nora is jumping all over Eric, making me cringe] After her recent vision shook her to the core, Nora found an emotional safety in Eric that enabled her to break completely from the Sanguinist movement.  Despite the years of devoting herself to Lilith, Nora has finally abandoned her faith.

And this is not on the blu-rays, but I saved all of these from when the episodes first aired last year.  Alex and Lucy talk about the motivation behind Eric and Nora’s make up sex:

HINT [As Sookie and Jason talk about the faerie contract that sells her to Warlow] What does a contract like this mean? Is Sookie bound by it? What happens if she breaches the contract?

FYI [As Sookie and Jason walk through the quiet fae bar] Although the bar and dance floor shut down certain nights of the week to give the staff a break, the club’s doors are always open to faeries seeking refuge from the human plane.

FYI [As the military leader approaches the Authority headquarters in a stretch limo] The caravan of cars approaching the Authority Headquarters is comprised of General Cavanaugh and his entourage, which includes three high-ranking official from his administration and several Secret Service bodyguards.  Only the officials know what business Cavanaugh is on; the bodyguards are privy to very little information.

FYI [As Gen. Cavanaugh speaks to the remaining Chancellors] Roman was the only member of the Authority that General Cavanaugh ever dealt with.  The two men would meet once a month to discuss the politics of human-vampire relations.  Every now and again, Roman would invite the General out for a game of night golf, but his invitation was never accepted.

FYI [As Gen. Cavanaugh tells the Council he has video of Steve and Russell eating the frat boys] The video of Russell and Steve killing an entire fraternity was recorded by a security camera installed just a few weeks before the attack.  Brothers of the Gamma Kappa Tau house had been plagued by a series of burglaries, believed to have been committed by a rival fraternity, and installed the cameras in an effort to catch the culprits.  Steve and Russell were so blissed out from their feast that it didn’t occur to them to do a proper sweep before leaving.

HINT [As the General tells the Council that the humans have weapons the vampires have never heard of – yet] The US government has spent years covertly preparing themselves for what they officially call an HVE – Hostile Vampire Event.  [And clearly, we’re going to see some of this weaponry in season 6! – MVB]

GONDRY and LAMBERT [The guards keeping an eye on Jess while she visits Jason in order to “turn” him] knew each other long before they were recruited to join the ranks of the Authority guards.  Before they were made vampires, the two men worked as private security guards in Chicago.  After the Great Revelation, their firm started hiring vampires to work with the human guards.  And when Gondry realized how much more money their vampire counterparts were making, he convinced Lambert that they should get themselves turned. They asked a fellow guard, who was happy to oblige for a small sum.  The firm eventually went out of business and the men were instantly snapped up by the Authority’s security task force.

FYI [As an automated voice in the Authority announces dawn in two minutes] The Authority announces dawn for two reasons: first, if a vampire does not get the proper amount of rest, he will suffer from the bleeds.  It is uncomfortable, unpleasant, and weakens the vampire, making him more susceptible to attack.  Second, the Headquarters are all but shut down during the day.  Lights are turned out.  Doors are locked.  Alarms are set.  The Authority knows vampire are most vulnerable during the daytime, and takes any and all precautions to protect themselves.

THE ELDER [Just after she has entered, dancing] has always championed the arts.  It is one of the reasons she and Queen Mab clashed.  Queen Mab wanted to suppress faeries’ creativity, while the Elder wanted the species to flourish.  When the Elder escaped to the human plane through the portal, she was thrilled the faeries could create a safe haven to express themselves freely through dance and music.

HINT [As Holly’s boys “apologize” to Andy for putting his butt up on Facebook] Having one of the saddest love lives in all of Bellefleur history, Andy never imagined he would have a family of his own.  But when things got more serious with Holly, Andy decided that maybe, just maybe, he could make her his wife someday.  Although her sons haven’t exactly welcomed him into the fold, Andy is making an effort to get along with Wade and Rocky.  He knows how important it is to his future with Holly.

HINT [As Alcide and his father talk about whether his dad stole money from the pack] Did Jackson actually steal from the pack? If so, why did he do it? What is the true story behind Jackson’s fall from grace?

FYI [When Rosalyn comes looking for Elijah] Rosalyn isn’t all that different from a territorial dog: she likes to leave her mark.  Over the decades, she’s made a habit of turning humans pretty much wherever she goes.  It’s how she marks her travels and the passage of time.  Although she definitely has her favorites, Rosalyn cares deeply for each and every one of her progeny.

HINT [When Pam takes credit for Elijah’s death] Why does Pam take the fall for Tara? Is she trying to protect her progeny or does she have an ulterior motive IS she perhaps hoping this is her chance to get closer to Eric? [Oh, that never occurred to me!  I thought it was just because she was ready to protect Tara the way Eric would protect her. – MVB]

FYI [When Rosalyn smells Jessica] The older the vampire, the stronger her sense of smell.  And while Rosalyn may not be as old as Russell Edgington, she’s no spring chicken.  Considering Jessica’s proximity, it’s no surprise that Rosalyn sniffed her out.

FYI [After baby vamps burn themselves on Jackson Herveaux’s silver chain link fence] Jackson bought his silver chain link fence from the Home Depot in Bossier City.  Although the store stopped carrying silver chain link because of the material’s expense, it restocked after the Tru Blood factories were attacked. [And why was Jackson all the way over in Bossier City instead of Mississippi where he lives? Visiting Alcide since Alcide had moved? Or did the writers just forget they are in Mississippi, not Louisiana? Pfft! – MVB]

HINT [Just after Jason is glamoured by Russell Edgington to tell where Sookie is] Jason allowed himself to be glamoured by Russell fairly easily.  Doesn’t he know better? Or is it possible this was part of the faeries’ plan all along?

FYI [As baby vamps attack a neighbor of the Herveauxs.] With the Authority’s recent procreation mandate, more and more baby vamps have been surfacing.  The vampires attacking Jackson Herveaux’s neighborhood were all turned near Soda Lake.  Biker Chaz Cantrelli was drinking whiskey in the park, Steven Fox was walking home after a late night at the office, and high school senior Laura Flett was partying with some friends when a nest of vampires descended upon them.

FYI [When we first see the pens of humans in the Authority] The prisoners surrounding Sam and Luna are humans that have been snatched from the streets by a team of Authority guards led by Steve Newlin.  The former reverend chose to target mostly rural areas, so as not to incite mass hysteria in New Orleans.  The prisoners’ clothes were removed as soon as they arrived to make feeding on them easier and cleaner.

Russell shares his view on faeries:

HINT [When the Elder goes out to confront Russell] What experience might the Elder have in battling vampires? Why does she seem so suddenly confident that she can take Steve and Russell out?

HINT [Just after the Elder zaps Steve Newlin] The Elder’s power seems much stronger than the light from any other faes we’ve met.  Does a faerie’s power grow with age, like that of a vampire? Or is there another reason the Elder is so strong?

5.12 Save Yourself

HINT [As Russell approaches the fae club while the faeries are blasting him with light] Russell appears to be unaffected by the faerie light blasts. Did drinking the blood of the Elder make him even more powerful?

HINT [After Eric stakes Russell] Russell doesn’t immediately die after Eric stakes him.  Is this another effect of the Elder’s blood? [Hmm. If Warlow has made deals with fae hybrids before, maybe he knows this about faeries and has been drinking them so that he special powers, like Bill will? They are predicting a surprising connection between Billith and Warlow. – MVB]

FYI [As the Authority guards bring Sam to Bill for breakfast] The Authority’s vampire guards are very well paid, earning almost $150,000 a year before taxes.  They are allowed 14 nights of vacation every calendar year.  The guards work in shifts – three nights on, three nights off – but even when off duty, the guards are expected to be “on call” and ready to report to the Authority in the event of an emergency.

FYI [As Sam zips around the Council room in fly form] Sam and Bill initially regarded one another with a simmering hostility that stemmed from each man’s relationship with Sookie.  They later put aside their differences to save her and the rest of the town from Maryann.  Since then, neither one would say they were friends, but a grudging mutual respect has replaced the antipathy.

FYI [As Nora and Eric bicker while entering Fangtasia] Like most siblings, Eric and Nora have a tendency for petty squabbling from time to time.  Though their fights never had any real anger behind them, they exhausted Godric so much that he threatened to release them unless they stopped, a ploy that only worked for a few hundred years.

FYI [As Eric cleans out the secret cash stashed in Fangtasia] Eric has taken advantage of his immortality by making shrewd investments in real estate.  He has a knack for predicting population growth and has profited by selling off various properties at the height of their market potential.  Since the Great Revelation, he’s been in the process of legitimizing his holdings. [So Eric is basically a real estate mogul? And Sookie told Bill in a conversation about what they would do if they had normal lives that she would go into real estate. Hmmm…..MVB]

HINT [As Jason sees his parents after his blow to the head] Jason is the only one seeing his parents right now.  Is this because of his head trauma? These don’t seem like the Michelle and Corbett we’ve seen before…

HINT [Just after Eric admits the Authority also has Pam and Tara reminds Sookie she owes Pam] Sookie does owe Pam, but could she have any other reason for agreeing to help? [Ugh, are they implying she wants to help rescue Bill? It would be in her character, but ugh, Sookie, just UGH. Although Eric wants to rescue him, too.  IMO, more evidence that they are bonded and don’t even know it yet. – MVB]

FYI [As Bill is lecturing the Authority guards on the Authority being breached] The Authority has only been breached once before. In 1955, a nest of vampires managed to get past the surface level guards and into the elevator.  When the doors opened, the Authority guards were waiting.  They opened fire, killing five of the seven vampires; the surviving two were arrested and later executed by Roman.

FYI [When Bill orders the guards to kill all creatures they find while looking for Sam] The “at rest” state of a shifter is the human form.  When a shifter goes to sleep (or is rendered unconscious) in animal form, he or she will revert; this also holds true if the shifter is killed in animal form. [Is this true of weres, too? – MVB]

FYI [As Sam and Luna debrief while in the cells, with Emma in a cage nearby] Steve Newlin has sufficiently frightened Emma into staying in wolf form for as long as she can.  Because Steve is off campus, the pup stays in the cells so that the guards can take care of her without accessing Steve’s quarters.

HINT [When Rikki is freaking out after being forced to take V] Rikki was given a higher-than-normal initial dose of V.  Her body is struggling to metabolize it, hence her reaction. And since the effects of V are slightly amplified in weres (compared to normal humans), the negative side effects of this overdose were worse for Rikki.

FYI [After Jackson has given Rikki colloidal silver to drive the V out of her body] Just as silver has a repellent effect on vampires, colloidal silver will serve as an antidote to vampire blood in the human circulatory system.  This works on a molecular level, forcing the V out through the sweat glands and respiratory system.

FYI [When Jackson Herveaux brags that he has some of the best V available in his possession] Jackson got th

is particular vial of V from none other than Eric Northman.  It was given to Jackson during an inter-pack rivalry that was getting particularly blood; Jackson asked Eric for some of his blood “just in case.” Jackson never needed it but kept it all these years.  [And, again, why was Jackson getting this blood from an Louisiana vamp if he was still in Mississippi? Just seems strangely convenient. – MVB]

FYI [When Lafayette makes Cajun margaritas for Holly and Arlene] Lafayette’s Cajun Margarita contains tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, sour mix, and a hint of jalapeno juice with a rimmer comprised of cayenne and celery salt. Lafayette wouldn’t ordinarily just make drinks for everyone out of the blue, but he’s been in a good mood since coming back from Mexico. [And he could make me one of those any day! – MVB]

FYI [After Maurella asks Andy to get her some salt] Because of the crystalline nature of salt, it’s useful in warding off  “dark energy.”  Faeries, being creatures of light, thrive on salt and consume it in large quantities; similarly, salt can be used to disrupt or dampen dark magic and is used by Wiccans in creating protective circles.  [So, does Sookie have a craving for salt? – MVB]

JANE BODEHOUSE [Who is sitting at the bar in Merlotte’s] maintains a busy barfly schedule.  As soon as she leaves work, she goes home for a quick Lean Cuisine dinner and then she’s off.  Monday is karaoke night at Happy Endings in Shreveport.  Tuesdays are $1 beer night and shuffleboard at Hoi Polloi’s, just outside of Bon Temps.  Wednesday nights Jane heads to Monroe’s premiere Tiki bar, the Cha Cha Cabana.  Thursdays she can be found at the Locus, a little dive bar just west of Ruston.  Fridays she usually kicks it at Mulligan’s, a Chili’s knockoff in Bossier. Her favorite night thought, is Saturday, where she drives to Longview to watch college football – and college boys – at El Casino Royal.  Sunday is her rest day, as the good Lord intended.  And though Jane has her schedule set, she’s not such a creature of habit that she might just up and decide to head into Merlotte’s from time to time.

FYI [As Maurella gives birth] Freed from the biological requirements that plague earthly creatures, faeries breed often and quickly.  Ever since she came of age 482 years ago, Maurella has been with a number of partners, mostly fae but with an occasional human thrown in for the sake of genetic variety.  [When do faeries come of age? At a few months, given their rapid growth? – MVB]

FYI [As Maurella delivers number 4] Faeries always give birth to multiple offspring.  While quadruplets and quintuplets are the norm, it’s not unheard for litters to number as high as eight.  Because they have mixed parents, Andy and Maurella’s children will be half-fae, half-human.

FYI [As Maurella informs Andy that the girls are his responsibility] Because female faeries breed so often, they usually leave the litter with the father in order to begin seeing out their next mate.  This occurs regardless of the father’s species.

LLEYTONG HENRY [the vampire that J.D. has hung up and is draining] is a mainstreamer whose former life changed abruptly after meeting two vampire sisters, Laura and Roberta.  He fell in love with both women and they fell in love with him. The sisters turned him four years ago and now the threesome lives outside of Shreveport.  Unfortunately for Lleyton, he’s known J.D. since before becoming a vampire, and when J.D. needed some V, he decided to pay a visit to his old friend…

HINT [As Luna shifts from Steve Newlin into herself] The public at large has no knowledge of the existence of shifters. Luna’s on-air shift could threaten the one thing that her kind prizes most: secrecy.

FYI [As Level 2 protocol is initiated] Level 2 Protocol takes effect in the event of an imminent invasion.  All Authority guards are summoned to HQ and begin an organized hunt for the intruders.  Additionally, all non-essential systems are powered down.

HINT [As Eric and Nora kill Authority guards in the main chambers] During their time with Godric, Eric and Nora would hunt and kill as a team. Now that they’re together again, does it matter that the prey has changed from humans to vampires?

HINT [As Pam and Tara kiss] Every maker-progeny dynamic is different.  Some, like Lorena and Bill, immediately begin a physical relationship.  Other makers never relate to their progeny in that way.  And some, like Pam and Tara, dance around the subject until one day, the dam bursts.  From Pam’s reaction to her rescue, one could say this kiss was long overdue.

Salome reflects on what will happen when she drinks the blood of Lilith [And is Valentina Cervi gorgeous in that green or what? – MVB]

FYI [In the carnage at the HQ] Jason was trying to keep track of how many vampires he killed but at 23 realized he’d double counted one of his kills.  Before he could correct the tally, he was rushed by a cadre of guards and lost count completely.

HINT [As Sookie and Eric stay behind to get Bill] Eric suspects that Bill might be past the point of saving, but because of the bond they’ve formed, he feels an obligation to try and save him.

FYI [As Bill stakes Lilith] By her own count, Salome’s age would be 1,977 years old, give or take a few years for ancient calendar discrepancies.

FYI [As Bill tells Sookie she is an abomination] Bill is referring to a passage that describes the antagonistic nature of vampires (creatures of the dark) and faeries (creatures of the light).  According to this passage, the two are anathema to one another by design. [You just keep believing that, Bill, and let Eric sin it up with Sookie then. – MVB]


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