Unexplained TB Mysteries

True Blood will periodically throw in some event that never is satisfactorily explained.  For many viewers, this is evidence that the writers are losing their wits and leaving giant, gaping plot holes in the road for us to fall into.

This may be true.  I can’t deny it.  However, it occurred to me during season 4 that these mysterious plot holes could actually be little ‘gifts’ to fanfic writers, deliberately placed into the narrative for us to expand on or explain.  Yeah, it’s a stretch, but hey, it is possible, yes?

My current list of True Blood “unexplained mysteries” is as follows.  Feel free to point out others.

  • Why didn’t Eric show up to defeat the Maenad?   He was last seen going to see the Queen and play endless Yahtzee while he tries to get helpful information for Sookie and yet disappears from the screen until Sookie finds him ‘hooking up’ with Yvetta after Bill’s disappearance.  His decision not to help with the Maenad situation is never explained.  UPDATE, 4/14/12: A TB season 5 promo seems to hint that Eric was genuintly just stuck playing Yahtzee with Queen Sophie-Anne.  Could it be that simple?

  • What happened to Eric’s clothes during the witches’ spell?   When asked about this at ComicCon in 2011, Alan Ball made a joke about what might have happened, but it has never been explained how Eric went from fully dressed in Moon Goddess Emporium in Shreveport to barefoot, dirty and in nothing but jeans on the road to Bon Temps.

  • In episode 4.1 She’s Not There, Jason describes Eric as “that crazy tall [vampire].”   We’re left to imagine why he has concluded that Eric is crazy, given that the last time Jason presumably saw Eric was following the explosion in Dallas.

  • Eric exchanged blood with Hadley in episode 3.7, Hitting the Ground. Are they bonded?    If it turns out that he and Sookie are bonded by the mutual blood exchange of episode 4.8, Spellbound, why didn’t he bond with Hadley? Is there more to a blood bond than just the actual exchange? Does there have to be intent? Or were Eric and Sookie just on a shared V trip and not having a permanent bonding experience at all?

  • How did Bill get Sookie to take his blood after she was shot?    Sookie is shot at the cemetery and in 4.10, Burning Down the House, Bill tries to give her his blood to heal her.  She is unconscious and will not accept it.  Alcide and Bill have a discussion saying they can do nothing but pray and the next thing we know, Sookie is waking up, healed from Bill’s blood, but with no indication of how he actually got her to drink it.

  • Where did Amnesia Eric get his clothes?   He only had jeans when he arrived at Sookie’s house and he’s a big guy.  And yet he is seen wearing gym shorts and a sleeveless hoodie pretty quickly.  Over the next couple of days, a variety of plaid shirts and at least one Henley are added to his wardrobe as well as a pair of running shoes.  Did Sookie shop? Did some portion of the clothing belong to brother Jason despite Jason being smaller than Eric? Did some belong to Hoyt? Alcide? And who picked out those shirts? If Sookie bought them, what does that say?


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