Screen caps from promo

Alexander Skarsgard Fans has put up a series of screen caps from promo and finally I see something that interests me — does it look to you as if Bill and someone else is setting fire to Fangtasia?




New trailer

The first trailer with some real hints about is what to come has been released.  I know that they want to be evasive about Eric’s fate for a while longer, but I didn’t see much else in the promo that has me really excited for the season yet. (Especially all the flashbacks to Bill and Sookie’s Twu Luv? Leaves me not only cold, but slightly turned off since I had hoped we were finally past that.)  Anyone else intrigued by something?



Promos — including one with Eric? *spoilers*

Two promos have come out in recent weeks and one of them finally has (unless I’m seeing things) Eric in it!

UPDATE: I wasn’t seeing things….but the second clip turns out to be a fan-made promo, not an official one.  Can you feel my disappointment? You should be able to.  *sigh*

First, a short one, featuring Sookie’s voice over talking about how the government has abandoned the people of Bon Temps.

And second, a longer clip that I think has our first glimpse of Eric at the 44 second mark, with what looks to me like darker hair and a blue tooth headset on. UPDATED to note that the clip has been identified from “The Giver.”  Which, hey, good to see Alex, but….still not Eric.




Spoiler about season 7 big bad

Our friend Michael Ausiello’s latest spoiler chat has a clue about the possible big bad for True Blood season 7, and I’m guessing the would-be villain may be related to someone who met their death at the end of last season.

Question: Do you know if we’re going to meet any of the beloved but sadly departed characters of the past on True Blood‘s final season? If not, do you have any other scoops? —Kenn
Ausiello: No word yet on any Nights of the Living Dead, but I can tell you that we’re getting what sounds like a new Big Bad in Mr. Gus. Though he’s a Japanese businessman, he’s apparently been so Americanized that he’d make J.R. Ewing seem Asian. (By which we mean he rocks a 10-gallon hat and speaks with a drawl.) Oh, and thanks to a business back-stab, he’s got a thirst for vengeance that’s described as “infinite.” So, while he’ll appear to be middle-aged, I have a hunch he’s immortal.

Anyone else wondering if our Japanese businessman friend could be a relative of the late Ms. Suzuki, who met her end so brutally at the pointed end of Sarah Newlin’s stilettos?  Maybe he’s the reason one of the destroyed Tru-Blood plants was located in Texas.


New ASkars book porn :-)

This is why I love ASkars so much: how many other Hollywood actors can be relied on to consistently get snapped by paparazzi with book in hand?  The Daily Mail in the UK reported he was seen dining in the Tender Greens restaurant in Beverly Hills, munching away while engrossed in his book.  What’s he reading? I believe it is Adam Hochschild’s King Leopold’s Ghost, a history of what happened when King Leopold II of Belgium seized the Congo in the 1880s.  I sense a tie-in with his role in Tarzan here…!

Love pics of Alexander Skarsgard and books? Check out my ASkars book porn page here.


Is Askars at risk of bursting into flames?

When I saw the news last week that Porsche was recalling vehicles because of potential engine fires, I naturally worried about our friend Alexander Skarsgard, who is known to drive that brand of vehicle.  Could our favorite Swedish celebrity be at risk for bursting into flames much like his Viking vampire character, Eric Northman?!? Fortunately, AutoEvolution reassures us that ASkars may drive a Porsche, but not the make under recall, which is the 911 GT3.  Instead, he drives a Porsche Panamera S, which means that the only thing that is too hot to handle is Askars himself when he is behind the wheel.  


Happy (future) birthday to me


I can already tell you what I will be doing for my July 4 birthday in 2016 — attending the opening of Tarzan ( in 3-D!!!!)  which will open on July 1 that year. Now, normally, I don’t really care if a movie is 3-D, but this is going to be Alexander Skarsgard in 3-D.  Presumably in a loin cloth. And maybe Victorian dress clothes.


Margot Robbie, who recently starred in  The Wolf of Wall Street, has been tapped to play Jane and she and Askars will be joined by Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz.  The movie will be directed by David Yates, the director of the final four Harry Potter blockbusters.

Is anyone else hoping for a series of Tarzan films?

Details on the film at the Wrap.