The Real Me *updated 4/13/2013*

While Eric was under a spell, he and Sookie exchanged blood, forming a bond that is more than Sookie bargained for. Now that he has his memories back, can Sookie still love and trust the real Eric? And how will they handle it when they discover that their bond is more significant to both vampire and fairy kinds than either of them expected? Sookie and Eric POVs.

Chapter 1: Flying Away

Chapter 2: Girl Talk

Chapter 3: Into the Maw of the Authority

Chapter 4: Sparks Fly

Chapter 5: Big Faker

Chapter 6: Visitations

Chapter 7: Burdensome Politics

Chapter 8: The Devil You Know

Chapter 9: Chasing Threads


12 responses to “The Real Me *updated 4/13/2013*

  1. *gazes longingly at The Real Me, patting screen tenderly, remembering the time I read it, and loved it and missing it* 😛

  2. I SO need to get back to it, I know!!!! Too much going on the last few months, alas, including some medical stuff (now apparently resolving) and busy-ness at work, but hey, many long evenings with not much to do at work ahead, so hopefully my muse will start being good to me again!

    • am sorry you haven’t been well. that is a song i’ve been singing myself! just wanted you to know that i still love this and look forward to seeing it’s completion. he’s not there was just so awesome that the real me suckered me in even before i read the title hehe

  3. I, too, am hoping to read the next chapter(s) soon. I just fell in love with this story and can’t stop reading it. Well, all three of them to be honest. I hope all is well with you and that you will be adding more very soon.

  4. I love your fics thanks for sharing them with us. I look forward to reading more of your very enjoyable writing!

  5. *longing sigh* how I miss this one updating. So few stories left that I like and this one I loved!

    • Some day…maybe to get final closure once the show is over! It’s been a rough year in real life with work and health, but every now and again I think, “Dude, I have to finish this one…” (And then write an original story with an Askars character. 😉 )

  6. I do hope your health improves for your own sake. that being said, we are all very greedy when it comes to your wonderful imagination is taking you. alan ball is stupid for not taking this in the direction of an eric and sookie together ending. season five was so bad I didn’t bother to watch six and seven. I just couldn’t bear them not being together. anyway, hope you are energized and back on your feet soon.

  7. I started reading your stories on ff,net the other day and I really enjoyed them!
    I came over here on WordPress convinced that you were updating “The real me” since several writers don’t like rules anymore.
    First of all I hope your health has improved and RL is treating you better!
    I do hope you will continue writing cuz I love your imagination,
    If not I would like to thank you for everything.

  8. I love your stories. You have a real gift. I hope you are well now. If you should ever finish The Real Me, it would be soooo appreciated.

  9. Mwahaha I just tracked you here from FanFiction, where I posted as myself and not as a “guest”. I just read this Trilogy and love it. You’re a very skilled writer. I hope sometime Real Life gets out of the way and lets your creativity soothe your soul again. I’ll be following you just in case!

  10. This is such a well written trilogy. I hope you’ll come back to it soon.

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