She’s Not There



This was my first True Blood fan fic.  First drafts were published on, but I consider this the official version.

She’s Not There – Set in the canon TB universe between season 3 and 4 just after Sookie disappears to the fairy realm.  What happened when Eric realized he could no longer feel his connection with Sookie? Romance/Drama, rated MA for language only because Eric (and especially Pam) have filthy mouths and it’s hard to get too lemony with the romantic interest in another dimension.


Chapter 1, She’s Not There

Chapter 2, Active Investigation

Chapter 3, Moving On

Chapter 4, Keys to the Kingdom

Chapter 5, Out With the Old, In With the New

Chapter 6, She’s Not There (Reprise)

The story continues in He’s Not ThereEric doesn’t know he’s Eric, until Sookie finds him. Canon take on season 4 up until a point and then AU.  EPOV.


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