He’s Not There, Chapter 8: Together

Chapter 8: Together

The stake trembled in the air, but I held myself as still and tranquil as marble, my eyes fixed on the moon and my heart fixed on Sookie.

“Your majesty!” One of the guards said sharply, touching his headpiece.  “Ms. Flanagan is on the line for you.  She says she has the response to your request.”

The stake vibrated more tensely for a moment, but then King Bill lowered his arm.  He stood for a few moments more, the stake dangling at his side, still quivering slightly, before he placed it, steadying it with both hands, back into its ornate case. “Guard the prisoner until I return and then we will resume.” His voice was tight.

The four guards stood around me as I remained kneeling.  After a couple of minutes had passed, I asked conversationally, “Well, this is awkward. Do you often have executions stall at the last possible second?” The two guards holding my arms glanced at one another over my head and one of them shook his head negatively at me. “Good. It seems rather…anti-climactic.”  I rocked back slightly so that I was seated on my feet behind me and got comfortable.


It was a full seven minutes before Bill Compton returned, tugging irritably at his cuffs, his lips pinched and his eyes cold.

“Sheriff Northman,” he finally said, his voice crisp.  “You are a very … fortunate vampire.” He ground out the adjective as if it were not the first word that came to mind.  “On reviewing the warrant for your execution, certain members of the Authority felt that with the necromancer already in our custody, you may not pose as great a threat as previously believed.  Due to your…” The king’s lips tightened slightly and his eyes narrowed. “…reputation as a productive and valuable member of vampire society when you are in your normal state, I have been ordered to release you. You are free to go.”

I was stunned as the guards followed the king’s commands to pull me to my feet and remove the silver binding my wrists.  I was going to be freed?

“Your majesty, what about Pam?” I asked hopefully.

“Your progeny will also be released,” King Bill said shortly.

“Thank you,” I said earnestly.

The guards were already escorting Pam out of the house, unfettered.  She rushed over to me and touched my arm.  “Eric, are you okay?”

I nodded at her and she turned to the king. “Thank you, your majesty. I am free to go?” Pam said calmly. It was disconcerting to feel Pam’s relief mixed with disgust, presumably for our ruler, and yet not be able to detect her true feelings in her face or voice.  I wondered if the Other Eric had schooled her in hiding her emotions so well.

“Yes, although don’t assume that because the Authority has freed your Maker that they are any more amenable to harming the witch.  We are still bound by the constraint against human on vampire violence,” the king warned.  “Perhaps you should contact Dr. Ludwig.  She might have some suggestions for you,” he added more kindly.

Pam turned towards me.  “Are you going back to Sookie’s then?”

Before I could reply, King Bill inserted himself.  “I thought you’d go back to Shreveport together.  Won’t there be greater safety in numbers?” His voice was light, but I detected an edge to it.

Pam’s words didn’t reflect her irritated feelings. “Your majesty, I don’t think returning to our normal resting places in Shreveport is safe for either of us at this point.  Eric will be safer if he remains hidden at Sookie’s.  And until I know what kind of treatment Dr. Ludwig might suggest, I’d feel better staying in my spare coffin at Fangtasia.”

King Bill frowned, bewildered.  “Why would you feel safer in a public place than at home, Pam? That makes no sense.”

Pam raised a damaged eyebrow.  “I have been relying on Ginger’s assistance these last few days.  If I find I am incapacitated by my treatment by Dr. Ludwig, I fear being stranded at home and having to call Ginger there. Would you want Ginger to know your true resting place? I’d never go to ground at home feeling safe again.”

“Is this Ginger so dangerous?” I asked curiously.

“I’ll explain later,” Pam said with a shake of her head.  “So, are you going back to Sookie’s or not?”

I tuned into my bond with Sookie and smiled.  “She’ s not at home at the moment, but I can find her.”

I turned one last time to my king.  “Thank you again, your majesty.  I will give you no cause to regret this decision,” I said solemnly.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Eric,” the King said with a snort. And then he turned from me and strode back towards his mansion.


I followed my bond with Sookie and it led me into the woods, near the lake where she had found me the morning I frolicked in the sun.  I heard her before I saw her, and I didn’t need to feel our connection to know she was frustrated, because she was shouting her frustration at the top of her lungs.   “Jason! Come on!” she yelled irritably into the dark.  “I love you, but my feet hurt, the mosquitos are eating me alive, and you ain’t even going to turn into a werepanther!” I finally saw her on the far side of a clearing.  She was carrying a shotgun in her hands as she called into the dark for her brother. “Can you hear me? You ain’t gonna be a werepanther!” she shouted, emphasizing each word sharply.

I know she couldn’t feel me standing behind her through the one-way bond, but something alerted her to my presence and she turned toward me, the gun at the ready. As soon as she saw me, she gasped – not with fear as she had the first time she saw me, but with shock and joy.  Conscious that my presence was unexpected, I remained where I was, anxious not to startle her with a movement until I knew she was comfortable.  While I was reasonably sure Sookie’s gun was not loaded with anything fatal to vampires, it was still wise to be cautious in approaching an armed woman.

She hurried towards me, lowering the weapon as she moved.  “How—?” I could feel the confusion and relief behind her unfinished question, with an undercurrent of worry. Maybe she thought I had done something dishonorable in order to escape my captors?

“The king set me free,” I answered forthrightly.

I felt the rush of her happiness pour towards me like the waves of the ocean I had dreamed about, like the currents of air I had flown through. Sookie was overjoyed to see me and her joy circled around me in a buoyant, all-encompassing surge of energy.

That would have been enough. I would have been elated to know she was happy to see me, jubilant to feel her relief for me.

But I also felt Sookie’s love. Her love for me.

I didn’t understand it. I knew I wasn’t worthy of it and I couldn’t understand what had pushed affection and desire over the edge in the last 24 hours into this profound sea of feelings, but the emotions that enveloped me were pure, passionate and deep, deeper than I had ever dreamed she could feel for me.

Maybe asshole me wasn’t so far beneath my surface after all; while I suppose I should have asked her what had happened, pressed her to know why she felt the way she did before I acted, I just ran with it.  Literally.  I used my vamp speed to rush to her and then took her face between my hands and began to kiss her.  Her response was eager and full, as she pulled me closer to her body and began to return my kisses hungrily.  As our tongues explored each other’s mouths, I ran my hands over her petite body, enjoying the freedom to finally touch her and caress her without restraint.  Every stroke made her heart leap and her breath deepen, but what roused me most was how each contact between us made her feelings swell and dance.

I buried my hands in her fair hair, slipping my fingertips through the silky strands until they met resistance at the band holding her hair at the back of her neck.  With a growl, I slid the band off and brushed it away into the dark.  Sookie laughed against my mouth as her hair fell free, but she moaned when I grasped handfuls of her blonde waves, entwining them gently in between my fingers and then pulled her deeper into our kisses.  I let my fingertips massage her scalp even as my tongue rhythmically probed her mouth and the response was an intense rush of arousal from Sookie.  When I pulled my mouth from hers to begin nuzzling into her neck, she gasped with pleasure and then moaned into my ear, “Pick me up.”

Given that my little fairy hybrid was apparently trying to climb me to compensate for our height differences, it seemed like a good suggestion.  I slid my hands down her body to that delectable bottom that had been entrancing me since the night we met and, cupping it in my large hands, pulled her up so that her legs could slip around my hips more easily.  The new position allowed her to begin rocking against the hardness pinned between our bodies as she began sucking the lobe of my ear.  Unfortunately, the moist sensation against my ear combined with the intense friction of my shorts against my erection also made my knees buckle, causing us to nearly topple over into the grass.  Sookie laughed as I groaned into her ear, “We need to be flat, or we’re going to tumble into the lake.”

She reached for my blue hoodie, tugging it off and tossing it aside as I lowered her onto the ground, unzipping her own colorful top layer.  She was as eager as I was to bare ourselves and before I knew it, we were both nude and she was throwing herself back onto the carpet of grass at our feet and tugging me down to her.  I was mindful of my large size in comparison to the delicacy of her frame, so as much as I wanted to simply pin her to the ground and have my way with her, I was careful to position myself so that my weight didn’t trap her.  I began to explore the creamy topography of her tanned skin, breathing in the sunshine that clung to her like perfume, and kissing and licking my way around the curves of her breasts as she clutched at my shoulders and back.

I noticed as my tongue ran over the hollow of her neck that she kept tensing slightly, and I suspected that she was bracing for me to bite her.  I would have loved to have slipped my fangs into her the same way I was planning to slide my hardness into her body, but the little flickers of anxiety checked me, reminding me of my solemn vow not to drink from her.  I would not, even in the midst of passion, take blood from her unwillingly.

“Shhhh, Sookie,” I whispered against her throat, “I’m not going to hurt you. Ever.” I gently and playfully ran my tongue over the artery at her neck, flicking it lightly in order to tickle her and then pressing it flat in order to sooth the nerve endings.  She moaned as I continued nuzzling and rubbing, working my way down the front of her body, giving careful attention to every inch.  Gradually I felt her relax and give into the trust between us fully; she quit worrying that I was going to bite her at some unexpected time and instead, she began pressing up urgently against my fingers and mouth – against my entire body – without reservation.

When I slipped my hand between her thighs for the first time, I was amazed at the wet heat I discovered there.  I gently caressed the folds of her entrance, lightly brushing against the sensitive nerve endings, making her twitch and catch her breath, and then with slow deliberation slid a finger inside her.  The heat made me swoon with lust and I closed my eyes and groaned even as she flexed her muscles around my digit, clenching with more power than I had expected. I ravenously kissed her lips as I began to probe more systematically, stroking the inner surfaces, pressing and kneading her increasingly swollen flesh.

As I used my thumb to strum her most sensitive area, I gradually worked in a second finger until she was panting and heaving beneath me.  “Eric, please,” she moaned, grasping at my rock hard erection, which I had been thrusting against her thigh as I prepared her to accept its admittedly hefty size.

I rolled over more directly on top of her, using the hand that had been inside her to place the slickened head of my erection where my fingers had just been.  Pushing only my tip to the inside, I paused as I allowed her to become accustomed to my intrusion, carefully supporting my weight on my arms to either side of her head. Her hands grasped my hair and she pulled my lips down to hers, plunging her tongue greedily into my mouth as she tried to urge me deeper inwards with her hips, but I resisted her impatience for her own good, and took my time to penetrate her slowly with small, controlled movements, pushing just a fraction of an inch deeper with each gentle thrust.  If I hadn’t been so conscious of my desire not to hurt her, I never would have succeeded in my attempts to join her so carefully because the heat and dampness that surrounded my rigid length was making me almost insane with lust.

With each thrust, she enclosed me more fully and not only could I feel how Sookie’s pleasure increased with each movement as her heart raced and her breathing grew ragged, but I could feel as waves of emotion rolled through her. We were not fucking; we were making love. I couldn’t remember my history with lovers before Sookie, but my instincts told me that this was not how I normally interacted with women I bedded.

Each stroke took me deeper and we moved together more freely until I was finally as deep as I dared go without hurting her.  We were moving together in a smooth, hard friction that pulled at me with each withdrawal and squeezed me with each inward plunge. As we rocked together, I was careful to rotate myself unexpectedly in ways that drove her pleasure higher.

Sookie was increasingly hot and frantic in her response to me, her body thrashing beneath mine and her cries unselfconsciously loud as the muscles of her body tensed in anticipation of her orgasm. Inside the molten heat of her body, I could feel as her core clenched me, tiny ripples stroking my own exquisitely sensitive flesh with each urgent push.

And then I smelled and heard the wolves.  I recognized the smell of the male – Alcide, the one who had helped me the day I had spent in the sunlight – but the female’s scent was new.  I hitched in my motion inside Sookie for just a moment, only to have her pull urgently at me, almost whimpering with a frustration I could feel pulsing between us.  “Eric, don’t stop – don’t stop—” she grunted in my ear, her fingers clutching desperately at my biceps.

Determining by their hushed conversation that the wolves were no threat, I closed my eyes and concentrated on bringing Sookie to her bliss, letting myself get lost in our shared physical and emotional ecstasy.  There was also a primal part of me that took pride in bringing my woman to a quivering orgasm in front of someone I considered a rival, no matter what Sookie had said about their mere friendship.  I was marking her as mine with every stroke closer to rapture and I wanted the wolf – no, the whole world – to know it.

The intruders moved away into the woods just as Sookie finally shuddered beneath me, sobbing with completion, her legs and arms locking tightly around me as if to pull me in as deeply as possible with each small quake of her body.  As I exploded inside her with my own powerful release, I caught her heated and swollen lips against my own and kissed her passionately.  As my own aftershocks diminished, I showered her flushed and damp face with tiny kisses, covering her still closed eyes, her enflamed cheeks and her delicate jawline.  I didn’t separate from her yet, reluctant to withdraw from her until I truly had to, and being a vampire, I didn’t have to with any particular speed.

By the time her breathing had steadied again, the wolves had moved beyond my ability to sense them, but still I felt it would be best for us to leave our magical little glade.  The moonlight dappling the trees around us and the melodic ripple of water nearby were like our own Garden of Eden, but the near interruption by the wolves reminded me we were exposed here.  I wanted to make love to Sookie again, but I wanted to do it in total security.

Sookie’s eyes were still closed, her head resting on a tuft of grass beneath her head, her hands stroking my own damp back softly.  Suddenly, she started to laugh and covered her face with her hands, and I felt a ripple of embarrassment and humor through my connection with her. “Oh, Goooooooooooood,” she moaned from behind the fence of her fingers.  “I’ve never done that before!”

Running the tip of my tongue between her entwined fingers teasingly, I smiled as I asked, “Done what? Make love outdoors?” I caught one fingertip in my mouth and began to suck it softly, nipping playfully at it with my blunt teeth.

I felt a twinge of awkwardness from her that briefly made me regret asking, but then she peeked out at me from between her laced fingers, catching her breath with a little moan at what I was doing to her finger.  “No, done that when I knew someone was watching.”

I let her finger go from my mouth with a pop and laughed.  “You knew? I thought you were too…distracted.”  I leaned in and carefully outlined the shell of her ear with the tip of my tongue, making her groan again. She dropped her hands from her face to bury her fingers in the hair at the nape of my neck.

“I suppose you smelled ‘em or heard ‘em with your super vampire hearing or something,” she said, her hips already rocking a little around me.  I loved that my Sookie was so greedy for us to make love again. I felt myself twitch slightly inside her; there were distinct advantages to being a vampire, one of them being magical recovery times.

“Both,” I said, pulling myself away from the enticement of her throat and instead gently stroking the buds of her nipples with my thumbs.  I was entranced to find that they were quickly turning into hard little pebbles that were satisfyingly turgid as I brushed them.  “But how did you know?” I asked curiously.

“Well, I don’t ‘hear’ weres and other shifters quite the same way I do humans, but—” Suddenly she stopped and I felt a brief inner struggle as she considered something.

My hands stilled and I contemplatively pressed soft kisses along the edge of her hairline as I waited to see what she would say.  I was confused; we were lying, still as intimately connected as a couple could be, and yet she was debating about whether to reveal something to me.  I felt a brief pang of disappointment that she felt this was something she needed to think about.

“Sookie?” I probed softly.

She licked her lips and began to brush my hair back from my face by running her fingers through it.  “Eric, you know this when you have your memories, but it just hasn’t come up until now…” She sounded almost apologetic.  “I hear people’s thoughts. Like words in my head normally, although sometimes with the two-natured, it’s more…snarly and hard to understand. So I ‘heard’ Alcide and Debbie. Not that I cared that they were near us at that point,” she said with a breathy laugh and a playful strike at my shoulder. “You had me beyond any shame!”

I had pushed myself up onto my elbows and was staring at Sookie.   “But I can’t hear vampires,” she added hastily. Worried.

“You’re a telepath?” I asked in astonishment. My Sookie was full of wondrous surprises. “But you can’t hear my thoughts?” I asked in disappointment.

Sookie shook her head at me.  “No, not a bit.”

I brushed her lips with mine, sucking at her lower lip as I drew back.  “Too bad.  I wish you could hear what I’m thinking now.”  I stared into her eyes, willing her to hear as I thought intently, I love you, Sookie, and I want to be One with you – forever.

She smiled at me and caressed my cheek, “Oh, it doesn’t take a telepath to know what you’re thinking at the moment.” She wiggled her hips beneath me again, making me swell inside her. I smiled back, but I felt a little sadness as I again longed for her to know, to really know what I felt for her.

“But I like that I can’t hear y’all, Eric,” she said quietly, meeting my eyes.  “I’ve been surrounded by the noise of people’s thoughts all my life.  You can’t imagine how nice it is to have silence.  So restful.”

I kissed her and began to move slowly inside her again. “Mmmm, well, I guess I should be glad you find something about me restful,” I murmured. “Because I don’t think you’ll get to enjoy much rest for the rest of the night,” I said teasingly.  I was determined not to let my hopes and expectations ruin what I did have in front of – or, at the moment – beneath me.

Sookie moaned as I moved and I felt her emotions spiral up again.  “Eric,” she sighed against the curve of my neck, and began to slide her thighs back and forth in a gentle rhythm along their perch on my hips.  She slipped her arms around me and clasped her hands together on my back.  “We should probably go to the house,” she whispered.  “In case anyone else comes trompin’ through these woods.”  I felt a prickle of elation as I realized my Sookie wanted to enjoy being with me without distraction.

Feeling her desire for me, I reflexively and happily gave her a deep thrust, making her arch her back with a pleasured gasp. Yes. Her body had adjusted to my incursion. I wasn’t going to have to hold back so much our second time. We definitely needed to get home soon.

I groaned, pressing my forehead to hers. “You mean Jason? I heard you yelling for him,” I said.  “But I have to tell you, he’s nowhere near by.”  I kissed her passionately, the motion of my hips following that of my tongue, before I reluctantly withdrew from the warmth between her legs.  I was perversely happy to feel her disappointment as our bodies separated and I regretfully sat up, breaking our erotic contact.  “You’ll have to tell me about why you thought he might be a werepanther later,” I growled.  “But for now, I want you to hang on tight because we are going to fly home.” Walking – hell, even running at vamp speed – was going to take too long.  

“What do you mean, fly?” Sookie yelped as I scooped her into the air, holding her securely against me, one hand cradling her luscious butt and the other supporting her back and the prodigious evidence of my arousal happily trapped between my belly and her hip.

The flight was over within seconds since we were so close to home, but even so, Sookie was still gasping in surprise as we landed on the porch.  “Eric Northman, what the hell! Can’t you give a girl more warning?”

No,” I said thickly, tumbling her against the front door and tugging at her legs to raise them back around my waist.  “I need you again now, Sookie.” Slipping my hands under her thighs, I lined up my rigidness against her soft, damp folds and thrust home in one firm drive that made her cry out with rapture.

I wasn’t alone in the joy I felt at reconnecting our bodies.  Sookie’s arousal and happiness reached out and coiled around my emotions as snugly and comfortably as her inner walls enclosed around my hard flesh.

“Oh, God, Eric,” she gasped as I began to rock against her, thudding her hips against the firmness of the door behind her.  If our first coupling had been controlled and sweet, I was not going to be able to maintain my restraint so easily this time.

I fumbled with the doorknob blindly, finally throwing it open and, focused only on the availability of another flat surface – the rug I had muddied with my bare feet on the night we had “met” – Sookie and I tumbled to the floor.  Making mutually hungry noises, I immediately began to thrust inside her more forcefully as she eagerly tried to position her legs to welcome me more deeply.  I was trying not to overwhelm her, but to the detriment of my self-control, she grated out, “Hold – my – legs – higher. Please – deeper,” as she tried to use her own hands to pull her knees into a deeper bend.

Groaning with my own excitement, I repositioned my arms to either side of her with her knees now caught over my inner elbow, pulling her up at an angle that gave me deeper penetration.  I began to move faster and harder, angling my hips so that I was repeatedly stroking across the soft, fleshy inner pad that made her legs tremble with each thrust.  “Faster – faster—” Sookie panted out at me, her fingers clutching at the braided material beneath us in a futile attempt to keep us from sliding too far with our violent movement. “Vamp fast, Eric –” she pleaded, arching beneath me.

I chuckled at my lover’s determination to have what she wanted and complied, moving at a speed human men could not achieve, driving Sookie immediately into wildly inarticulate cries.  Her incoherent noises were nothing compared to the emotional storm that broke forth inside her as I pounded into her.  My Sookie was feeling good from what I was doing and while this was not the gentle lovemaking we had done in the woods, she was loving it and she was loving me.

She was still holding back, though. I could feel it. Keeping up my relentless pace, I randomly caught her bouncing breasts in my mouth, catching them and suckling her nipples with little tugs until they would slip from between my lips.  “Give into it, Sookie,” I encouraged her throatily. “Come on, min älskling, let it go.  Scream it for me, Sookie.” I began to move even faster, and I could feel her final restraint loosening as her cries grew increasingly hoarse and raw.  In turn, I began to lose my own control, my body feeling like it was vibrating on a cosmic level between the world of her thighs, and my own tongue slipping into admittedly garbled Norse as I got caught up in the emotional and sexual frenzy that was swirling between us.  She finally did scream, almost victoriously, as her orgasm shook her and I shouted as I followed her in a rush of forceful spasms.

A rarely discussed feature of vampire sex: if you are doing it at vamp speed and stop too abruptly, the sudden cessation of movement is too intense for the human and often leaves the nerve endings overstimulated, raw and stinging, which can be physically painful.  The kind thing for a vampire to do for a human lover is to keep moving – more slowly, more gently, but moving to give the sensitive nerves time to acclimate to the change in sensation.

Of course, that technique can also lead to multiple orgasms for the human.

As I gently rocked my still firm hardness inside Sookie’s quaking center, I felt the next level of her orgasm start.  Her heart was pounding at an almost fearsomely high rate, and her breathing was still ragged, but as I continued to press into her smoothly and firmly, her inner walls clamped around me ferociously and began to convulse again.  This time, she managed to chant out my name over and over as her entire body shook with pleasure and while I wasn’t about to come again just yet, the sensation of the little quakes surrounding my sensitive rod were exquisite.  I slowed down a little more and then picked up just enough to set her off for a third time.

She had a fourth orgasm by the time I finally stopped moving.

Sookie was lying limply on the rug when I finally pulled myself carefully out of her, bending over to gently kiss her sweaty skin soothingly.  “Sookie? Are you okay?” I said quietly.

She opened one eye a little bit to look at me. “I’m still trembling all over,” she confessed with a giggle. “I think every muscle in my body just shorted out.”  She closed her eyes again and took a slow, deep breath as if to calm her still tremulous body.  “So, do I have six hours of this to look forward to?” she mused.

I grinned bashfully as I leaned up on one elbow.  “You say that as if you have some special knowledge of my stamina,” I said teasingly.  “More than I do. I can tell you that I feel fine, though.” I stroked her cheek with one finger, marveling at the way sunshine had tanned her face.  I brushed my fingers across her lips as well before leaning in and whispering coyly, “If you give me a few minutes of rest, I can make you come again.” I kissed her jawline. “And again.” Beneath her ear. “And again.” The pulse of her neck. “And again.

She swatted at me with a languid hand.  “I don’t think you’re the one that needs time to recuperate,” she laughed.

“Oh, my poor, weak human lover,” I murmured mischievously.  “I suppose I will have to give you tender, loving care until you are able to respond to me again.”

Just as Sookie had done for me since finding me on the road. My heart swelled for love for her.

Sookie squealed and kicked as I used my vamp speed to scoop her up into my arms and place her gently on a chair in her living room.  “Eric! What are you doing, you crazy vampire?” she squeaked.

I knelt before her and softly ran my fingers through her hair to detangle it and arrange it lightly around her face.  “I told you,” I said in a low voice as I began to run my hands slowly but firmly over her: first her face, then down her neck to her arms and shoulders. “I’m giving you tender –” My palms took a leisurely pass over her beautiful breasts before I slid unhurriedly down her sides. “—loving—” I dropped my hands to her hips and began to glide them down over her thighs, just enjoying the smoothness of her skin.  “—care.”

I took my time gently smoothing the muscles of her thighs before cupping her knees in my hands and using my thumbs to smooth out the tension in them both in the front and the back.  I then began to lightly but firmly work the muscles of her calves before grasping her small feet in my large hands.

Sookie had giggled at first as my fingers had worked their way down her body, but she had gradually fallen silent, just enjoying the sensations.  Inside, I could feel her contentment as she relaxed into my care.  Every now and again, there would be a prickle of surprise and even astonishment, but they rose and fell like leaves floating on the top of waves.  For the most part, she was just enjoying being stroked and nurtured and in turn, she was feeling her love for me. Just as our sexual passion had escalated both of us into a frenzy as I responded to her rapture, her pure happiness inspired me to a deep and profound joy as I caressed her.

As blissful as I was feeling, I couldn’t help but think again of how much better it would be if we could be fully bonded, always knowing the other’s feelings.  There would be – there could be – no more distrust or fear between us if that happened. We would always know the truth of what we felt for one another. Even better: the naturally existing loving feelings would be exponentially strengthened by the existence of the bond.  Feelings of love, fed by the shared bond, could only grow stronger.

Basking in the warm glow of our lovemaking made me long to be that close to Sookie forever.

Of course, rubbing her tanned skin also made me want to make love to her again.

I began by kissing the soft arch on the bottom of her foot and then with deliberation nibbling my way up the inside of her ankle. “Mmmmmm,” Sookie murmured as my lips snuck up the inside of her leg, exploring the backs of both of her knees before my tongue began to lap a wandering pattern up the inside of her thigh.

With a sigh, Sookie let her thighs fall open wider and began to trace the edges of my ears with her fingertips.  “Is that the end of my TLC?” she breathed. I raised my eyes to hers before leaning in and kissing her very chastely on her center.

“I’ll never be finished with showing you how I feel, Sookie,” I whispered before using my fingers to gently spread her lower lips apart and slipping my tongue inside her. With a thick groan, Sookie arched her hips against my mouth and clutched at my hair.  Arranging her thighs over my shoulders, I took my time worshipping her with my mouth and my fingers until she coiled up on herself, quaking, her flushed flesh shivering, hot and wet, her only sounds incoherent whimpers.

As I soothingly kissed her thighs with my juice-coated mouth, she fell back in the chair and said with a breathless laugh, “Well, that’s another first.”

I paused in my tender ministrations and looked up at her in surprise.  “What do you mean?” I asked, my tongue still tingling with the delightful taste of fairy.

She blushed and sighed, “Well, I had never tried that before, either.” She smiled like a satisfied cat.  “Glad you did, though.” She made a noise that sounded remarkably like a purr.

I stared in astonishment. Not to be treasonous or anything, but my king-Sookie’s-ex-boyfriend was evidently a fucking idiot.

I shook my head and nuzzled against Sookie’s knee, resting my cheek in her lap.  I didn’t care if I never had to move from this position the rest of my undead life.


“Mmmm?” I glanced up at Sookie, who was regarding me rather shyly for a woman who had just had me buried face first between her thighs for several minutes.

“What about you?” One of her small feet traced up my thigh to find my still firm erection where it jutted out.  She playfully stroked the surface with the edge of her foot, making it bobble and making me groan.  “Isn’t it ‘your turn’?”

Sookie wanted to please me.  I smiled and straightened up to kiss her full on the mouth.  “What did you have in mind for me, my sweet, generous lover?” I whispered.

Sookie reached out to take my silky hardness in her hand, running her thumb over the accumulated moisture at the tip.  “Well, what would you like from me?”

Your blood, freely offered with love, so that I can do the same in exchange and we can be One.

I stifled the thought immediately.  I could feel her love and desire for me, but I knew that was not what she was offering.  I smiled, and I was glad she couldn’t feel my tiny hint of melancholy. Focus on now, focus on what we have, not what I want, I reminded myself.

And then I knew what would make me happy right in that moment.

“Let me sit on the chair, sweetheart,” I murmured.  I took her hand as she stood and continued to hold it as we swapped placed and I dropped into the damp seat.  I tugged her towards me.  “What I want…” I said softly, “…is to see you do… whatever you want to do.” I interlaced the fingers of both our hands together, palm to palm, and then drew one hand to my mouth to kiss her softly on the pulse on her wrist.  “I want you to be in control of how you move. Without worrying about me,” I added firmly.  I could feel her hesitancy, as if she were afraid that whatever she chose would not be enough for me.  “Sookie, what would be exciting to me is to see what you choose to do when you are free to do whatever you want.

For some reason, the thought of Sookie exercising her free will made me hard as a rock.  I suspected this was verging on kinky for a vampire, but I didn’t care.  Of course, I really, really wanted her to choose me, but what would make that choice so sweet was that it would be hers.

“Okaaaaaaay,” she answered with a raised eyebrow.  I could feel she was uncertain of what I was asking as if wondering what the catch might be.

I let go of her hands and playfully dropped my arms to my sides so that they hung off the chair, and let my head fall dramatically limp to one side, with my eyes nearly shuttered.  “Have your way with me!” I said melodramatically.  I opened one eye to peek at her as I ‘waved’ my erection at her by flexing.  “Look, I’m throbbing for you,” I said with a grin. “Surely you can think of something you want to do with poor, old me…” I threw my head back against the chair, baring my throat to her affectedly.

Sookie laughed, but it didn’t take her long to determine (quite solemnly) that what she wanted to do was to straddle my lap and slide down onto my jutting shaft.  I happily followed her lead, responding eagerly to the physical signs of what she wanted me to do and the emotional hints rolling towards me from our connection.  I let her ride me freely, using my mouth and hands to kiss and stroke and brush the various surfaces of her body, responding to her every signal willingly and completely, lost in helping her find her own pleasure.  Her motions were tentative at first, but as she relaxed and accepted that I was enjoying whatever she did, she began to move more unreservedly, experimenting with various angles and speeds and depths.

At one point while she was rocking her hips around me, her eyes closed in intense concentration, her vaginal walls beginning to show the first fluttering signs of another orgasm, I felt her finally give into the freedom completely.  It was like something that had been bound up tight inside for all of her human years had finally been set free, and I felt her embrace her own sensuality and power and pleasure completely and with a profound sense of safety.

With me. I couldn’t help it; I showered every inch of her body I could reach with fervent kisses as she bucked on me, impassioned by the flowering of her trust in me.

It was her most intense orgasm of the night.

And as I felt the waves shake her body and her soul, I exploded within her in response and it was the most intense orgasm of my night as well.


When we finally made it upstairs to Sookie’s bed, we did not rest right away; rather, she pulled me to her on her clean, patterned sheets, and began kissing me with lustful intent yet again. Conscious that Sookie had to be getting a bit sore from our numerous encounters (although she hadn’t complained), I flipped her onto her stomach in a position that would only penetrate her slightly while giving me full stimulation along my entire length. I drew her legs together and, from behind, carefully found her sweet spot. As I began to move inside her again, she arched her back towards me and I couldn’t help but stroke the glorious expanse of the lovely skin along her shoulders, awed and voracious to simply touch her.

I could never have enough of being with Sookie. Never.

When I finally slid my hand beneath our entwined bodies to stroke her most sensitive area, she curved back against me languorously and her orgasm triggered mine, leaving us both finally sated, at least for the moment.

I fell at an angle onto my back across the bed beside her, letting my hand absently stroke the beautiful curve of Sookie’s ass as she caught her breath. Her skin was sweat-slicked and I could feel how the surface was cooling as the dampness evaporated from her body.

“Sookie? Are you cold?” I ask solicitously, running the back of my hand along the small of her back.

“Mmmphhmmmphhmmmmphh,” Sookie said from where her face was half-buried in the quilt beneath us.  She raised her head and laughed, “I don’t know what I am after all that. Still shaking, for sure.”

I smiled up into the dark, my hand continuing to brush her skin.  I would never get enough of touching her. I rolled over and curled along her back.  “Let’s get under the sheets,” I whispered in her ear.  “I don’t want you to catch a chill.” With pleasure, I felt Sookie’s casual acceptance of my concern for her; no surprise, no shock.  We had come so far since she had found me on the road and been terrified of me.  I sat up and helped her pull the sheets back, my hands much steadier than hers, and arranged them around our bodies.

Slack with relaxation from our lovemaking, but still tremulous, Sookie collapsed on her side of the bed, propped exhaustedly against her pillow. When I’d stayed with Sookie two nights before, I had discovered the hard way that it was impossible for someone my size to actually stretch out full length on Sookie’s double bed comfortably; fortunately, I was far more interested in lying close to Sookie than I was in lying flat. I curled against my lover, my head pillowed on her chest and my hands slowly stroking the outline of her beautiful legs through the cotton sheets. To my joy, she was contentedly fondling the bare skin of my shoulder as we lay together; I wasn’t the only one who wanted to stay in physical contact.  I could feel her satisfaction and happiness and a pleasantly banked – but not extinguished –smolder of lust.

I could feel the chill finally fading from Sookie’s skin thanks to our coverings when Sookie suddenly commented, “We left our clothes in the woods,” her voice rumbling with laughter.

At the moment, I didn’t care if I ever wore clothes again in Sookie’s presence, but I asked nonetheless. “You want me to go get them?”

“Don’t you dare move!” she responded firmly, her wonderful little hand continuing to caress my back.

I smiled at her affectionately commanding tone.  I was humbled that she wanted me to remain beside her as much as I wanted to do so. If only I could never leave her side…

As I shifted my head against her breast, I realized how clearly I could hear her heart in this position.  And if I was very still, and very quiet…

“You still there?” Sookie asked curiously after a few moments of my absorbed silence.

“I’m listening to your heart beat,” I whispered. “I can feel it. Every pulse. Through your skin into mine.” I closed my eyes, not only listening, but feeling the vibrations of her heart.  “If I lay still and think about nothing else—” I focused on the rhythmic thumps transmitting from her body to mine and for a moment, it almost seemed as if, as if – “—it feels like my own heart is beating,” I finished, my hushed voiced thick with wonder and wistfulness.

I suddenly realized that some part of me missed being human. Not just being able to be in the sun, but all the other things that Sookie awakened in me; a desire to be honorable; to protect her; to be playful; to feel and show love freely.  Things that I believed Sookie was coming to love in me.

Things that I somehow felt were not part of my experience as a vampire, at least if the reputation of my “normal” self was accurate.

Somehow, I suspected the Other Eric had never wanted those things.  What the fuck was I going to do if I got my memory back and no longer wanted them either?

If my heart could still beat, it would have clutched in fear at that moment, and for a moment, I hated this other self who seemed entirely capable of fucking up my life, the life I wanted with Sookie.

“I feel like mine’s still racing,” Sookie said referring to her still trip-hammering heart. I could hear the laugh in her voice as her fingers continued to play affectionately along my back. “At least there’s some things you haven’t forgot,” she said playfully.

But so much I had.  And so much of it sounded like things I didn’t want to remember, either. But what if I had no choice?  Would Sookie still want me once I knew who I used to be?

I shifted in our bed, putting my head up on the pillow beside Sookie’s so that the hand that had been toying fondly with my shoulders was curled comfortingly beneath my neck.  My beautiful fairy rolled towards me, snuggling in so that we lay together face to face.  I could feel her love for me embracing me through our existing one-way bond.  It gave me the courage to speak.

“Sookie.” I whispered her name seriously. I hesitated, reluctant to disrupt the love and happiness flowing towards me, but unable to enjoy it completely unless I understood whether I had even the remotest chance of keeping it.  I asked in a low voice, “Do you want me to remember again?”

I felt her surprise.  “Stop it! Of course I do,” she said automatically. She considered for a moment before adding, “I mean, I wouldn’t want you to change any. But I do want you to get your memories back.” She continued to look into my eyes as she spoke and I could see and feel her earnestness.

“Yeah, but that would change me,” I responded quietly.  “Once I know who I am, everything I’ve done, I…I couldn’t possibly be the same.”

I could be a monster.

Sookie had told me the Other Eric was not so bad. But did she believe that enough to want to be with me if he was who I became if my memories came back?

“Would you still want me then?” I asked.

I saw her gulp and felt her uncertainty and her fear. I already felt my heart sinking in disappointment before she stuttered out her answer.  “I…I don’t know.” Her words were stumbling. “You did a lot of terrible things to me and people I love,” she confessed, her emotions zinging with revulsion and disgust for those things (for Other Me, for me).  “But then, there’s the you who’s so good and kind and sweet.” I waited as she sifted through her feelings. “I could never have let the old you into my bed. God knows you tried.” Her little chuckle was humorless.

I wondered bleakly if biting asshole me had ever realized how little chance he had had with her.  Obviously, if my memories came back and he was all I was…Sookie would not love me any longer.

I grimly wondered if I could exert my will over this hateful prick that was going to screw up my happiness, if I could continue to be the man Sookie had fallen in love with even when my memories came back.

Maybe he –I—could change.  If I could fight this Other Me and make him do my bidding, not his, maybe Sookie could still love me.  I may not have a thousand years of memory behind me to draw on, but I had my love for Sookie to motivate me.  And if I had her love for me, for me as I was now, to hold on to…

I knew I could do it, or die trying.  Life without Sookie wouldn’t be worth living, anyhow.

“Sookie, would you still want me?”  I asked more insistently, trying to read the answer in her eyes and feelings and willing her to know whether she was even willing to take a chance on me, on us.

“I hope I would,” she said hesitantly and then said, after a moment’s consideration, but more firmly,”I…I hope I will.”  She licked her lips nervously before continuing, “ ‘Cause …that day’s gonna come, and I wanna be still feeling this.” I felt the deep pleasure and happiness and love flow towards me and I could feel how much she really wanted to keep feeling that way, how much she wanted to love me.  “Yeah. I want to so, so bad.”

And I suddenly realized, I didn’t need to fight Him alone.  If Sookie and I became One, we could fight him together.  She would be inside me, with me, and the two of us could make the change happen.  Biting asshole me wouldn’t stand a chance.

I would chance it. I reached up and lovingly caressed her face. “That’s all I need to hear,” I said with relief. I brushed her beautiful blonde hair off her face and leaned in to kiss her softly.

I determined that when the time was right, I would ask Sookie to become One with me, and if she accepted, together we would fight for our love. Together, I knew we could win.


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