ASkars talks “The Giver” and “True Blood”

Time Magazine sat down and talked with Alexander Skarsgard about his time filming The Giver with Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges and Taylor Swift, as well as the end of True Blood.  Here’s  what he had to say about his final season as Eric Northman:

Let’s talk about True Blood. That dream sequence between Eric and Jason got people very excited. Can you tease anything about their romantic-sexual futures as the final episodes approach? The people need to know.

I can’t say much about the plot, but that was a very memorable scene. Ryan [Kwanten] is so funny. It was a very tough night for me — I couldn’t stop laughing. He’s a hilarious guy. But we knew that scene was coming. We shot that scene where he drinks my blood in season six. There wasn’t a real plan to follow through, but then when we shot it, it was strangely sensual, and Ryan and I just looked at each other after shooting that scene last year like, “We’re definitely going to see that dream sequence.” Sure enough, a couple months later we got the script, and there it was.

What was your reaction when you saw how the series ends?

I’ve been really happy with this whole season. To me, that’s Eric at his best, when he’s got one clear objective: revenge. When he’s that focused and determined, it’s so much fun to play that and hopefully watch as well. The fact that I’ve gotten to work with Kristin Bauer [van Straten] so much this season — I always miss her when we shoot seasons and we don’t get to work that much. It’s been great finishing this series side by side with Kristin. I really liked how we leave Eric at the end of this show. I’m very happy with it. Hopefully fans will be as well.

 The rest of the interview is well worth reading, so check it out!

On a personal note, I still have not watched much of season 7, although I caught a few scenes while recording the first two episodes for a friend.  I’ve decided to wait and see how it ends before I watch it all the way through.  At this point, I think I will be able to watch it, no matter what happens, so long as I’m prepared for what I am going to see.  As for my fanfic, that is currently on hiatus until I have made my peace with how Eric and Sookie’s storyline progressed on the show.  Not that I need to agree with it or like it, but just that I can spend time with the characters again without feeling sick about what happened with them in the show.  In the meanwhile, I’m having a lot of fun exploring Asian romantic dramas and thinking about writing an original mystery — although you might recognize one of the characters as being like a certain Swedish favorite.   🙂

Peace, my fellow Truebies!


2 responses to “ASkars talks “The Giver” and “True Blood”

  1. I am with you…. I think it is better to watch resigned (as I expect to be after the series ends) than in hope…

  2. TB seems intent on making us hopeful, but I’m not falling for it. I’m so over the Tara storyline. I spent the whole episode wishing for Bill to implode like Nora did, then he refused the cure. Yay, it was like a gift. That’s what I mean about the hope.

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