New trailer

The first trailer with some real hints about is what to come has been released.  I know that they want to be evasive about Eric’s fate for a while longer, but I didn’t see much else in the promo that has me really excited for the season yet. (Especially all the flashbacks to Bill and Sookie’s Twu Luv? Leaves me not only cold, but slightly turned off since I had hoped we were finally past that.)  Anyone else intrigued by something?




7 responses to “New trailer

  1. “I thought that once I’d had your blood, it was forever” —
    Is she saying that to Beehl?!
    Ugh. Gag.

  2. The only thing that sticks out is “People blame me for what happened to Bon Temps” ..I don’t understand why they are blaming Sookie since it is all Bills’ fault. He suggested that the True Blood factories be blown up which resulted in hungry vampires attacking humans and the development of Hep V and the tainting of the new True Blood supply..

    As for Bill asking if she loves Alcide and the blood forever line I have a feeling he’ll dupe her into taking his blood again unfortunately. 😡

    I’m hoping the flashback to Gran saying all things will reveal themselves in time is a subtle hint about Erics’ return…But not particularly excited for this season as it seems like Bons Temps meets The Walking Dead and as much as I love The Walking Dead I don’t need to see a copy of it! ;D

  3. Nope. Fool me twice or three times and I don’t come back. If I find out later from Eric fans that I missed something fangtastical, I will check it out on YouTube. Still too mad at BB & the writers to think straight…

  4. I’m only slightly more excited for everyone else’s scenes other than Bill, Sookie & Alcide. I am looking forward to Andy calling out Bill on all his bs.

  5. I’m having a REALLY hard time trying to work up even a modicum of enthusiasm for this season since I couldn’t give a fuck less about ANYONE but Eric and Lala, and, to a lesser extent these days, Sookie. To me, Al’s greasy and has fleas. Sam? Same. Pam? Annoying. Tara? Same. Arlene? Jason? His weird overly-icky vamp g’f? Andy? Willa? Baby-fae? The rest of the ‘mundanes’? *pfft*

    But…I’m also somewhat gullible – jaded, but gullible, so I’ll probably watch the first couple of eps with a dour expression while I angrily shovel popcorn in my face waiting for ANY glimpse of Eric. I plan to stalk off ,01 seconds after it all goes off so I can rant in the appropriate places. It’ll all be properly emotive…y’all can join me if you want.

  6. I’m taking the approach that I’m not going to even start watching until it is a few episodes in and if I find I like what I’m hearing. Then I can always catch up. I’m still recording for a couple of friends, but it is possible to do that without actually watching, too, so meh. I’m not even emotionally engaged enough any more to be angry or frustrated — I’ve moved on for the most part to Korean dramas, but I still want to know how things end. Just not until I’m emotionally ready for it if it is a crappy (IMO) ending.

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