Promos — including one with Eric? *spoilers*

Two promos have come out in recent weeks and one of them finally has (unless I’m seeing things) Eric in it!

UPDATE: I wasn’t seeing things….but the second clip turns out to be a fan-made promo, not an official one.  Can you feel my disappointment? You should be able to.  *sigh*

First, a short one, featuring Sookie’s voice over talking about how the government has abandoned the people of Bon Temps.

And second, a longer clip that I think has our first glimpse of Eric at the 44 second mark, with what looks to me like darker hair and a blue tooth headset on. UPDATED to note that the clip has been identified from “The Giver.”  Which, hey, good to see Alex, but….still not Eric.





4 responses to “Promos — including one with Eric? *spoilers*

  1. aprilshowers021

    Is the second clip an official promo? Because even though it’s well made, nothing in it is new. That clip of Alex is from a different movie he is in. The Giver.

  2. Someone else just told me the second is a fan-made video and the clip of Alex is from The Giver, which explains a lot, but is a disappointment, argh!

  3. Sorry, I would have let you know, I was writing. But yes the second one sucked me in and it was the shot of Eric from in the Giver that made me think it was and I researched it. Sorry, but I was fooled also!

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