Alexander Woo developing show for AMC

Variety is ra eporting that Alexander Woo, one of my favorite writers from True Blood, is developing show for AMC, Bombingham, set in Birmingham, Alabama, that uncovers a 50-year-old murder that may resurrect racial tensions in the city.

What else is the author of “Timebomb” up to?

 At present [Woo is] also developing a comic thriller for HBO and Lionsgate, “Headhunters,” based on the Jo Nesbo novel. And HBO tapped Woo to pen the adaptation of “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,” based on the nonfiction tome by Rebecca Skloot. Alan Ball and Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Prods. are shepherding “Immortal Life” as a telepic.

Which is all great news for Alex Woo, but he looks as if he is going to be super busy. So you have to know where my mind is going here — does this mean he will not be writing for True Blood any more? He was one of my favorites, and I always felt as if he was Sooric-friendly.  So why the departure? I had actually always hoped he would take a more prominent role behind the scenes after Alan Ball stepped down and was replaced by Brian Buckner as showrunner, but that never happened.

Whatever the cause for Alexander Woo’s apparently moving on from True Blood, I wish him well as one of my all-time favorite True Blood writers.  Love you, AW!


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