Cosmo ranks the hottest fictional vamps

Cosmopolitan ranked the hottest fictional vampires this week  — and you know who  was #1!

Read the listings here.


2 responses to “Cosmo ranks the hottest fictional vamps

  1. Why are you consistently hating on Compton? My personal summation is meh. The writers are pouring out the vanilla. Moyer -the actor – went to the trouble to research the accent of the era, from survivors of the time. (you’d be surprised what they have in dusty archives – or maybe not).
    Gotta give Moyer credit for playing it like it lays and expanding his chops into the director’s chair.
    Even the delectable Skarsgard is running out of acting material; he seems bored stiff with the material from TB. He can spread his wings only during hiatus.
    kiss, kiss.

    • Bill Compton is a horrible character ….that is about power and manipulation that the writers are always trying to make us believe that Bill really is a good guy after every disgusting act he does season after season that he really loves Sookie and Jessica even though he says and treats them like dirt..a fair majority of the fans don’t buy that premise at all we know who and what that character is about. Moyer is a good actor and does what he can do for the character but its too late for that character to be redeemed

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