My VIKI Boyfriend blog

Please forgive this self-indulgent self promotion, but having become a total Korean/Taiwanese/Asian drama addict over the last year, I have decided to start another blog site called MyVIKIBoyfriend. (For those who are not familiar with Asian drama, is one of the premier sites to watch shows from all over the world and I’ve developed crushes on several “Viki boyfriends” in addition to my love for Eric!)  I haven’t written much on the new blog yet, but if it is a genre that interests you, feel free to check it out at! And if you haven’t discovered the joys of Asian drama, you might want to check that out, too. Unlike American TV, Asian dramas are naturally limited in their runs, typically 14 to 20 episode, which allows a planned story arc with a set beginning, middle and end.  This turns out to be a great venue for romances in particular, as the writers are free to give couples the happy endings so many viewers would like to see.  If you haven’t tried one, you might want to try one of my favorites below. Fair warning that I do tend to favor romantic comedies and paranormal romance.

  • The Master’s Sun, about a girl who is exhausted because she is constantly being approached by ghosts, but who then discovers that touching a wealthy and cool CEO makes the ghosts disappear.  Funny, spooky and romantic, this was my favorite drama of 2013.  Available at Dramafever and Viki.
  • Lie to Me, in which a girl tries to impress her friends by claiming to be married to a wealthy hotel owner.  How long can she keep up the charade and what will she do when he finds out about their supposed marriage?  Another playful, fun romantic comedy. Dramafever and Viki.
  • Pasta.  A young woman who wants to become a chef in a gourmet French restaurant in Seoul faces conflict with the hot-tempered but sexy new chief chef.  One of my all-time favorites and worth it for the food porn as much as the romance.  Dramafever and Viki.
  • The Greatest Love.  A pop star whose career is starting to fall runs into the hottest male star in the country and hilarity ensues. And once you see Cha Seung Won’s bedroom eyes and abs, you’re going to need a bucket of ice to cool off. Dramafever and Viki.

I’ll be keeping up with spoilers for True Blood on this blog as we go into the spring.  Here’s to a great final season for Eric Northman, my one and only Viking boyfriend!


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