Updated on ASkars at the South Pole

Alexander Skarsgard and his teammates from the Walking With the Wounded South Pole expedition finally were able to begin their journey on December 1 after a significant delay due to bad weather.   If you want to keep up with their daily itinerary, the WWW website has an interactive map here which shows the distance covered by each of the three teams each day, as well as how far they have to go yet.  If you want to get a sense of how far YOU would have to walk to keep up with one of the teams, check out the app on the interactive map page.  I put in my own zip code and discovered I would have to walk most of the way to the Jersey Shore to cover the equivalent distance or to King of Prussia if I went towards Pennsylvania instead!

For daily updates on the three teams, you can visit here . As of today (December 4), Team Nooma Coach/USA  has covered 25% of their course, 64 km ( 39.8 miles) with 191 km (118.7 miles) to go.  Their team leader Ed Parker reports that they have been dealing with sastrugi the past couple of days — sastrugi being what happens when “waves” are formed by wind blowing snow around only to have the waves of snow freeze.  (They didn’t show pictures, but I pictured the wave patterns you see in desert sand, but as ice.)  The uneven terrain makes for very hard going for the walkers.   More worrisome news came from the UK Team, who had a member who had to be removed from the race due to severe altitude sickness today.

Cheers for Alex, his Team Nooma/US teammates and the other teams as they go on this adventure. May everyone make the journey safely.



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