2005 ASkars article worth reading

Askarsgard.com has posted a translated 2005 article from King magazine in Sweden, along with great scans. Some of the things we learn about Alexander Skarsgard in this lengthy interview?

  • He claims he and his buddies were cool in junior high, but not high school, so they didn’t have many girls around them.
  • He likes to shop for second-hand clothes — although they can be hard to find because of his size.
  • He always thinks that five years in the future, he’ll be married with children.
  • He has been dreaming about going on a polar expedition for a long, long time.

Definitely check it out!



One response to “2005 ASkars article worth reading

  1. It was a good article, what a sweetheart. I’ve seen him fidgeting during an interview I wonder if he had grown up around her if he would have been medicated, what a loss that would have been.

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