Bailey Noble (Adilyn) made series regular

SpoilerTV shared an article from The Hollywood Reporter today that says Bailey Noble, who plays half-fae Adilyn Bellefleur, will be a series regular for season 7, the final season of True Blood.  As the person with the most remaining fae blood in Bon Temps, how vulnerable will poor Adilyn be to the vamp threat?  I know Jessica offered to protect her even without drinking her blood, but I wonder how that would work out in reality even if Jessica means to restrain herself.


2 responses to “Bailey Noble (Adilyn) made series regular

  1. vickie@mytruebloodandamericanhorrorstoryblog

    I like Adilyn. I just hope the writers don’t make Jessica tempted again. I hope that they let her be redeemed and forgive herself before the show ends 🙂

  2. I was thinking, if Adilyn HAD to be with a vampire, better to be with a vampire who shows self control like Eric. Not that I want her to be with Eric specifically, but there is really a pretty short list of vampires who have proven they can exercise control around fae blood when they choose to and Eric is on that list. Bill can’t even control himself around Sookie, so not sure how he would do with a fae with an even higher percentage.

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