NBC documentary on WWW in 2014

ITV in the UK will cover the Walking With the Wounded expedition with a two-part documentary to air in 2014, but we in the US are not going to be totally left behind thanks to NBC!  An article focused on the UK coverage says that NBC will take the footage from the UK special and supplement it with exclusive coverage of the USA team for a special intended for US broadcast.  Alas, no word about who is covering the Commonwealth team or how, but I’ll be happy to see what happens with our Viking adventurer in more detail!  Although, is anyone else starting to worry a bit about whether this is dangerous to hike for that long in Antarctica, even if it is summer there?  Typical summer temps are in the 30sF which still sounds plenty nippy to me for such lengthy exposure.

3 responses to “NBC documentary on WWW in 2014

  1. They will make sure they are not going to get hurt. Plus hes Swedish. Give him some alcohol and he would be good for the time there! :)~

  2. I hope it will be a walk in the park for him, for everybody.
    The whole Walking With the Wounded thing will certainly obliterate any remaining impression left from HBO. Get rid of that nasty taste. Well played, Alexander, well played.

  3. Cartermatt.com has a new poll for the ending of True Blood if anyone hasn’t seen it, please vote

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