How should TB end?

People magazine is conducting a poll on how fans think True Blood should end.  Currently, “With Sookie getting back with Eric” is leading by a very narrow margin of 2%. (Which kind of surprises me; I’ll be curious to see what the poll looks like after 24 hours. It may be that a lot of Eric fans are also done with Sookie, too.)  Want to throw in your two cents? Vote!


3 responses to “How should TB end?

  1. I want to know where the hell they dug up the 29% who voted for Sookie getting back together with Bill! (Probably all of the employees of HBO received a threatening email from their HR department telling them to vote that way or lose their jobs.) I know NO ONE in real life or cyberspace who wants to see those two together.

  2. If it is down to 29%, it has dropped a percentage point just since I posted the link, while Sooric seems to have gone up a percentage.

  3. I did vote my my not very optimistic expectation is that the ending will be (in order of likelihood):
    – Sookie gets back with Bill
    – Sookie ends up alone but strong and surrounded with friends (with Bill perhaps dead having sacrificed himself because he is not a douche after all, something only TB writers seem to believe)
    – Sookie becomes a vampire
    – Sookie ends up with a new guy they bring to the show in Season 7 a la Ben/Warlow

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