Vulture Buckner interview

Brian Buckner also talked to Vulture about the season finale.  I have to say, I did actually enjoy the rest of the season, right up until that last moronic episode.  He does say that the promised Eric/Jason dream will eventually come.  At least that might be fun to watch on Youtube.




3 responses to “Vulture Buckner interview

  1. Too bad Brian Buckner does.not care about the fans & what they would like to see. He is planning on just sticking with his vision… WTF?!?

  2. What I keep noticing in all these interviews is that Buckner seems to think that what fans are asking for is immediate gratification, while he counters that he wants to tease the story out longer. It is as if it is a timing issue in his mind — does the writer give you what you want immediately or not until later?

    This makes me think there is reason to think he could be saying “We’re not doing Eric and Sookie — YET” rather than “We’re not doing Eric and Sookie– EVER”. Maybe he doesn’t realize that his glib statements about Sookie and Bill are interpreted not as ‘this season’ but ‘forever.’

    Of course, I could be totally wrong and he really is ham-handedly telling us to quit bugging him about something that is never going to happen. But I am not convinced yet that is as cut and dried as some people think.

  3. I don’t trust him and wrote a five paged letter it may not make anything happen but I would like to know which blog he reads that he actually tried to give the viewers what they want because I can’t recall a blog saying Alcide and Sookie and give us more Bill and Sookie. Stephen Moyer gave an interview and said he doesn’t think there would be anymore movement on that front because of the viewers. I don’t think Brian Buckner knows how to fix his Fuc)(;:ery of the final episode or how to play out the dumb vampire zombies. Should have killed Bill and made him the new show runner

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