Rutina Wesley – divorcing?

People Magazine  and TMZ are reporting that Rutina Wesley is getting divorced from her husband of 8 years, Joel Fishel.  How this fits in with the rumor from earlier in the year that Rutina was pregnant, based on a protruding abdomen, I don’t know, as the court papers say that they do not have any children together.  They apparently have been separated since July.


2 responses to “Rutina Wesley – divorcing?

  1. maybe she was suffering with an abdominal abnormality. or lost the baby and it put to much stress on her.

  2. chileah, I had wondered about those scenarios as well. She really looked pregnant to me in June at the premiere, and apparently some tabloids also thought so. That she never announced a pregnancy and is now divorcing her husband makes me think that either she had an disclosed medical issue or an miscarriage and that their relationship suffered as a result. Very sad either way, since I was actually hoping she was going to have a baby soon.

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