EW interview with Brian Buckner *spoilers*

Entertainment Weekly sat down with Brian Buckner after the season six finale and asked him to explain what viewers had just seen.  (And to me, that he had to interpret it for viewers is not a sign of a job well-done.) Excerpts related to Eric are below, but if you want to hear Buckner’s explanations about the zombie vampires and all the other changes in the second half of the finale, you will want to read the whole article.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’ve confirmed that Alexander Skarsgard will return and be a regular on the show next season. Eric’s alive!
BRIAN BUCKNER: [Laughs] Well, I did not confirm that he’s alive. Not that I want to create more conversation, because I don’t, but to be clear, we’re not saying how we’re going to use him, we’re simply saying that we are using him. I will say that I do long for the days when television audiences could stand to wait and enjoy the tease. But I understand we’re living in a different time. I don’t want to watch a show without him either.

So we can start with the next important question: Whose idea was it for Eric to be sunbathing nude on a snow-covered mountaintop in Sweden?
It was mine. The original idea was that it’s basically like a Corona commercial, but I didn’t want to do a beach because it’s obvious. This is a man who doesn’t want to love, and doesn’t want to feel pain, and every connection he has to people ends in pain. So if Eric could be an island, he would be. So with Nora gone, and having sought vengeance for her death, he found that the pain was still there and he doesn’t want to feel it again. So he retreated and returned home. That’s as much as the audience is meant to know. For now.

So he wasn’t suicidal, sitting on that mountaintop so exposed?
Nobody knew the rule that if Warlow died, the blood that he gave to you would lose its efficacy. It was a surprise to all the vampires who realized that they just lost their ability to walk in the sun, but Eric was the only one in a timezone where it was light out. I think in the sort of “What the f— just happened?” of it all [Laughs] some people missed the idea that it was Warlow dying that precipitated that event. So if people called it an anticlimax, that Warlow’s death came and went without consequence, no, the Eric thing is the consequence of Warlow’s death.

I think we’ve seen fairy blood wear off before, so a lot of viewers were thinking that was a possibility. Or are you saying Warlow’s blood would never have worn off?
Maybe it’s on us. Warlow’s blood was special in that once you had it, it was not gonna wear off. It was the real deal. That’s why Sookie’s blood and Adilyn’s blood didn’t do what Warlow’s blood could do. Bill, at a certain point in the season, realized Warlow is the prophecy, that’s why Lilith all along said that you alone are going to be responsible for the continuation of the species. But when Warlow died, out went everybody’s ability to walk in the sun.

And these two answers that are more general but may be relevant to our Viking:

I know you’re not going to tell me who’s being paired up [vampire and human pairs], but have the writers started debating it? I imagine that’ll be fun to decide.
This is the first time that we’ve actually ever taken a break between the previous season and the next one. Usually we’re back in the writers’ room on the day of the wrap party. What happens then is that we haven’t really had a chance to digest the season and feel how the fans digest the season, and what went down well and what didn’t go down as easily. This time, we’re back in on Sept. 3, and I’m sure everyone’s gonna come full of ideas and there will be much debate about it. But the pairings are fun. If people are considering pairings, then they’ve got the right idea.

Is there anything else you want to say?
I want to allay everyone’s fears; at the same time, I want them to trust us. [Laughs] I promise people none of this has been done without forethought.

I’m happy to hear Eric will be back – but if whatever has happened to him makes it obvious he and Sookie have no future, I will probably become one of those people who just watches the Eric scenes on Youtube, at least until I see what happens.  My emotional energy isn’t up to the drawn-out angst.

However, the knowledge that the writers are not going to reconvene until September 3 to start breaking the next season means there is time for Buckner to hear (and maybe even process?) fan feedback.  I’m going to review the letter I wrote to Buckner last night and probably send it today.


5 responses to “EW interview with Brian Buckner *spoilers*

  1. “… how we are going to use him” ?? Blech. Bad choice of words.

  2. For someone who is a professional wordsmith, Buckner does seem to have some issues in how he expresses himself. I also noticed that there seems to be a whole lot of what I interpret as nervous laughter in all of his interviews.

  3. Jacqueline I really believe that Buckner and Alan Ball wanted to kill off Eric this season so that the focus for season 7 would be Bill’s redemption and ge tting him and Sookie back together and Eric is more popular by far than Bill and majority of the fans want Eric with Sookie and don’t want to see her and Bill ever get together again. The backlash they received from the finale changed their minds and made them keep him around for season 7but if you examine it….first episode that was Eric and Sookie saying good bye to each other and they decided to have Alcide take Eric’s place as Sookie’s love interest against Bill ….its ridiculous because Bill will never be popular by the majority of fans no matter what they try to do with him…he will always be thought of as slimy, untrustworth, liar and manipulator. Bill and Sookie meanwhile are done byt the majority of fans as well because the relationship was and still is an abusive one so people wanted to see how Sookie and Eric could have a relationship…we got 3 seasons of her and Bill and we were not impressed at all. …I read yesterday where one of the writers said that season 7 is about Bill and Sookie’s journey back to each other…..no one cares or wants to see it….Buckner have destroyed this show because they could never see the forest because of the trees….Eric and Sookie should have happened on this show instead we got a fling in season and that’s it!

  4. I’m pissed because they are not saying how they are using him next season is BS. Brian Buckner single handily ran this show in the ground with his last ditch effort to put Sookie and Bill back together. What is it with Stephen Moyer besides the fact that he’s Anna Paquin’s husband, kill him off and let him produce hell let him become show runner?

    • I think they’re afraid to tell us that Alex may only be back in a limited capacity, probably as a ghost or in flashbacks with Pam and that he really did die as a character on that mountain top.

      I don’t KNOW that that is what is happening, but Buckner is now being so careful about how phrases things that I can’t help but wonder. And for me as a viewer if Alex isn’t a principle on the show any longer (much less a viable candidate for a Sookie romance) then that takes away my primary reason for continuing to watch the show. The show overall has gone downhill the last few seasons, and the only thing that was keeping me focused was Eric and Sookie. If that’s gone, so am I. I’d rather see something I can expect to be emotionally satisfying.

      And in case anyone is worried, this doesn’t mean my blog is going anywhere for a long time to come. I still enjoy E/S fanfiction and don’t have any plans to get rid of it so long as I am interested in that part of the fandom. But at this point, it is very much up in the air whether I will be keeping up with season 7 spoilers or whether I will watch the episodes live. (For those of my friends for whom I tape, no worries; I can still make that happen even if I decides to limit my own viewing.)

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