Brian Buckner’s address

This was shared the other day on FB to encourage people to write to the True Blood showrunner, Brian Buckner, to request Eric be brought back.  Although that issue has been addressed, if you have more to say, here’s your opportunity — and his address.

Brian Buckner c/o

Your Face Goes Here Entertainment
1041 N Formosa Ave
Santa Monica Bldg W, #7
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Phn: +1 323 850 2433


3 responses to “Brian Buckner’s address

  1. We need an email. Snail mail is nice but 21st century here.

  2. I looked, but couldn’t find email addresses for anyone. The only contact email for HBO I located was, which goes to Consumer Affairs at HBO. They are the ones who sent me Michael Lombardo’s mail address, so maybe they would send you email contact info.

  3. please Bring back true blood damn it we will stand up and fight >>>>>

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