Ongoing negotiations?

So, we haven’t seen any interviews with Alexander Skarsgard confirming that Eric is gone for good, which makes me wonder if there is some truth to the speculation that while he has not yet signed a contract for season 7, they are still trying to negotiate his return.  And it all makes me wonder what really went down behind the scenes with the change of showrunners earlier in the year.  Remember this picture from March? It was just before the news of the abrupt change in showrunners came out, and at the time we speculated about whether Alex’s bruise was the result of a personal punch or injury in the line of stunt duty.   Tension on the set might also explain why both Alex and Stephen Moyer declined to attend Comic Con this year.  (Alex was pretty much done with promotions at that point, so I didn’t entirely buy the “I’m busy promoting my movies” excuse.)



5 responses to “Ongoing negotiations?

  1. I don’t know what to think……I do know I feel slighted as an Alexander Skarsgard/Eric Northman fan. They could have given him and us as fans a better send off for his character to be fast thinking on his feet and always two steps ahead of any threat he sure appeared dumb out in the open of daylight reading a book….IJS and if Alex doesn’t want to come back we all know the series is a wrap they could have just ended his character chilling in Sweden and be done with it not giving us the run around for a year on whether or not he coming or going.

  2. I noticed in the scene that is Eric’s “Death” that he is surrounded by sand. He’s a vamp with super speed. He should be able to dig and bury himself rather quickly if he hurries and quits freaking out about being on fire. If he buried himself in sand it would put of the flames too. (No air for the flames.) So I am hoping he will come back next season.

    I did not buy HBO this year to watch it due to money issues, But I had planned to buy this season when it came out on DVD, if I heard good things about it. Then buy HBO next year if I could. But if Eric is truly finally dead, then I will not sign up for HBO again. In the past 5 years I have not watched TV at all except for Big Bang therory and True Blood. Since they always ruin my TV shows or pull them off the air. (Kyle XY, Surface, etc) If they do not have Eric next Season, I guess I will be watching even less tv next year.

  3. I have a horrible feeling about Season 7. They get Eric back on the show, we are teased for a few episodes, and then he shows up as a ghost telling Sookie that while he loved her she should go with good old Bill who is really a great guy after all. That would be the perfect TB scenario as far as these idiot writers are concerned. I hope that if AS does come back that he soaks them for everything he can. He (or at least his people) know the season won’t be worth crap if he is not there.

    • I can totally see that happening on TB! So I almost prefer that they just leave it as is than some further travesty those writers cook up, not that I am planning to watch Season 7 since I barely watched S06

  4. I’m kind of nervous about what they would do with Eric in the last season if he is just a guest as well. I’m not eager to watch the Bill and Sookie reunion show in the least, so I’ll probably wait to see how things play out before committing to viewing this time. At the very least, this kind of stuff interferes with my creative process: at the moment, I’m not liking Sookie very much because I am frustrated by her endless stupidity where Eric is concerned, so it is hard to write about her even if my version of her is different.

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