Eric’s book


The book Eric is reading is Hjalmar Söderberg’s Den allvarsamma leken (The Serious Game.)  Its description, according to Wikipedia:

The Serious Game (Swedish: Den allvarsamma leken) is a 1912 novel by Hjalmar Söderberg. It tells the story of a man and a woman who fall in love when young, and remain in love, but stay separated and marry others.

Two films based on the book were produced in 1945 and 1977.


The book was reviewed in Publishers Weekly in 2002: “Söderberg manifests a keen painterly eye for settings: Arvid and Lydia’s affair plays out against a backdrop of serene Stockholm parks, crowded newspaper offices full of workaholic journalists and the spare bedrooms where their trysts take place—and in each locale, the details offered are just enough to create a world of sensations. Feminist readers may take umbrage at the male domination of Arvid’s milieu—women get little or no air time, although they would seem to determine the course of the novel. Söderberg creates psychological suspense worthy of Dostoyevski, as Arvid’s internal moral conflicts achieve the gravity of physical pain.”[1]

And an English Amazon description:

Sweden at the turn of the previous century. Arvid, an ambitious and well-educated young man, meets Lydia, the daughter of a landscape painter, during an idyllic summer vacation and falls in love. Lydia, however, has other suitors, and Arvid is frightened of being tied down by his emotions. Trapped inside loveless marriages of convenience, they struggle in later years to rekindle the promise of their romance with bitter and tragic results.

Hjalmar Soderberg, born in Stockholm, in 1869, was one Scandinavia’s leading modernist writers. The Serious Game is Sweden’s most celebrated and enduring love story.



11 responses to “Eric’s book

  1. Thank you for the informative post!
    Do (we) Eric & Sookie shipppers need any more signs than this book’s plot? To me this choice means that even if Eric did not die and comes back, E & S will never be a thing again. Unless the book is a reference to Eric & Nora (unlikely in my opinion)?

    • The writers don’t believe in eric and Sookie being together that’s been drummed into us for awhile now…. i just kept thinking with the chemistry they have …why wouldnt you go there plus the story telling would be great! The writers never believed in this scenario…they just thought Eric was a fling and she is going to end up with Bill ….its disgusting but that’s what is gonna happen

      • I know, and I am pissed at myself for still being in shock today but can’t help it… Ugh! I think your prediction is 100% BTW

        • At least I’m not as traumatized as I was by Dead Ever After because there is at least a sliver of hope for the moment. I do feel like throwing up my hands and giving up American TV for Korean rom-coms at the moment, though.

          • My hope at this stage is that TB doesn’t bring Eric back at all because God only knows what further humiliations they may have in mind those writers… I am perhaps stuck in an ‘overly dramatic’ stage of anger right now…

  2. See, and I totally don’t get it if that is what the writers truly believe. I didn’t find Bill and Sookie romantic the first season because I’m turned off by the kind of self-hatred Bill has always exhibited. I’m not a big fan of Sookie’s self-hatred, either. Who wants to see two self-hating creatures come together in their angst? Ugh. One of the things I loved about Eric was that he accepted himself — and changed things when he wanted to, but never blamed his choices on outside forces rather than his own will, and I always hoped that he would help Sookie accept and learn to love herself. If the writers want some other “message” in their love story than that, I truly don’t understand. What they think is romantic and what I do are two very different things.

    • When you hear the writers talk whomever is talking inside the episode… brian bucker or alan ball or whomever they talk crazy because bill is a horrible character just watch him on last night …Jessica had to talk him into helping Sookie and he was mad he wasn’t billith anymore and then when he is on tv talking about his book ….he is so untrustworthy looking ….then they say he is great guy …..when and where has he ever been great? They write him as a douche but talk about him like he hasn’t done bad and underhanded things

  3. It occurred to me this morning that this could also be a book shout out since Eric enters a marriage of convenience with the Queen of Oklahoma and Sookie ends up Sam.

  4. Jacqueline if they really wanted to be right the writers they would have Eric as her vampire protector and she as his blood donor and then you’d have her with 3 suitors since they like her to have as many men as possible? But I know that Bill will end up being her protector and she his donor. But it should be Eric since he had no scenes with her in about 2 seasons

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