6.10 “Radioactive” thoughts

What we knew before the episode aired:

Episode #70: “Radioactive” (season finale)

Bill (Stephen Moyer) discovers that salvation comes at a price; Jason (Ryan Kwanten) senses a vampire attraction firsthand. Sookie (Anna Paquin) examines her future with Warlow (Rob Kazinsky), while Bon Temps braces itself when a new crisis threatens both humans and vampires.

Written by Kate Barnow; directed by Scott Winant.

My thoughts below the Read More in case you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want to be spoiled.  (Why do I bother doing this? Because my web statistics show a very high percentage of people find my site entirely by accident and I don’t want to spoil them accidentally! 🙂 )

I do not say this lightly, but that was the Worst. Finale. Ever.  And I think True Blood finally made me lose interest in what is to come.

The only thing I liked about the episode was that Warlow turned on Sookie as expected.  And while I have a very slim hope that Pam saved Eric somehow, I’m not counting on it at this point because they were so busily telegraphing that Bill and Sookie will spend season 7 “finding their way back to one another,” from the way Sookie was making goo-goo eyes at him to his constipated looks whenever he saw her.

So, so much to hate about this episode:

  • Apparently, they gave Eric all that heroic stuff just so they can set him on fire in a stupid way.  While I am holding out a slim hope that Pam somehow saved his flaming ass, I’m skeptical that even if he survives, he and Sookie will be together based on the Bill and Sookie lovefest going on.
  • So every human has to have a vamp to protect them? Of course, while Sookie is saying no to Bill now since she is with Alcide, it seems like the writing is on the wall that she will change her mind.
  • I don’t care about the roaming feral vamps. I really don’t.
  • I don’t care about Bill becoming the old Bill.
  • I don’t even care about the soap opera relationships of the other characters because, without Eric, who cares?

I’m honestly stunned they would actually kill off Eric because I think it is a bad idea for the show, but unless we suddenly get all kinds of interviews tomorrow with Alexander Skarsagard saying he will be back, I am going to assume this is goodbye to our beloved Viking.

My site isn’t going anywhere because I am still a Sooric shipper to the core and will continue to read and write fanfiction.  But, wow, I think my love for True Blood just died with Eric on that mountaintop.

Come mourn with me, my friends, although thank god tonight when you go to bed for fanfiction!


29 responses to “6.10 “Radioactive” thoughts

  1. I can’t even count the ways that episode was fucked up. This season started out so promising. Then it all went to shit. Pardon my French, Hon, but I am upset. This HAS to be tied to whatever transpired with the change in showrunners. The earlier seasons really seemed to be following an overarching (sp?) storyline of sorts. Or so I thought??!
    Sad puppy over here 😦

    • sweetmg, I have to wonder, too about the showrunner aspect of it. The first half the episode wasn’t bad, but that last bit was just…awful. I am wondering if we will get interviews with Alex tomorrow with any kind of clarification? What I don’t get is why TB would sink their own show that way, because they HAVE to realize that Alex leaving would be bad for them. Or are they just going to hold their heads high and pretend it doesn’t matter?

    • I have to agree with you something happened that no one is talking about when the showrunners switched after filming the first few epis of the season. After that, the tone of the show changed & I Don’t think there was much of a chance they could talk Alex into staying. He only had a 6 yr contract… I will keep checking the trades to see if there is any news on that front but I doubt it… But I do know, no Eric then I am not watching.

  2. I am in total disbelief and shock even Violet and Jason was dumb don’t even know what her story is or why she is there except for a feed and the tongue lashing Jason is giving her. The finale was not good, action packed, or exciting. Bill gave an interview he doesn’t think Sookie and Bill will ever be together again and now she is with Alcide and making goo goo eyes at Bill. I feel deserted by Alexander Skarsgard as a fan. Something told me not to watch and I should have listened to my first instinct. I’m glad fanfiction is still available just waiting for writers to update stories. I feel empty inside they didn’t even have a season ending spoiler like they did last year, I was mortified.

    • It was worse than I ever, EVER expected. And even if they bring Eric back, I wasn’t intrigued by anything that was going on. Nothing. Zip. It just seems like we had landed in Bizarro TB world.

  3. I think that we should make HBO aware of how unhappy we are with what has happened. I think that a coordinated, mass cancellation of their channel in conjunction with an open letter to the president of the network expressing our displeasure would be a start. The cancellations would have to be real and permanent (no restarts when Game of Thrones comes back on). I personally never watched HBO til TB (no Sopranos or Sex in the City). Perhaps hitting them in the pocketbook might make a point. Unfortunately, I think that the Viking is gone. He was flaming really well and I would be surprised if Pam was able to save him.

    • I hate to admit it, but I don’t want to give up my GoT! But I think their ratings — and their DVD sales — will drop if Alex is gone. Maybe they took that into account? It’s like TB went up in flames with Eric, you know? What are they thinking? I seriously want to hear the inside scoop on what went down behind the scenes on this.

      • Oh, why why why must they bring Sookie and Bill back together??! Someone high up the ladder at HBO seems hell bent on making this happen. Hey — maybe that’s why Alan Ball bailed??! Gah!

        • Aren’t they married in real life? I feel like AB, CH, and BB just had the last laugh on us Eric and Sookie fans. A lot of the fans said what if he had obligations or didn’t renew his contract and that is all good and well why not just leave him in Sweden why burn him. Terry got a better send off than him.

          • Yes!!! My 7 year old could have written an alternative send off for Eric. North man that would have put this crap to shame!!

    • I feel like I was smacked in the face.

  4. Consider the contracts…does anyone know if his was renewed?
    Consider ASkar’s point of view…. maybe he has better things to do.

    • I’m sure he has some great film prospects, and maybe he wanted out, but it seemed like a shitty way off his character 😦

      • Meant “to off his character” 🙂

      • A shitty way for him to leave his fans too. When the rumors surfaced why deny they were true. They could have just left him in Sweden instead of letting him burn. I guess that was the reason they brought in Violet and her count chocula or Sesame Street count voice?

    • Treewitch703, they could have given him a better send off, when it hinted around to his leaving they could have just been honest. We are Eric and Sookie fans and I feel that AB, CH, and BB had the last laugh on us. I’m in a state of shock and the worst part about it Sookie never once asked about him and his name ever came up. He meant more to the show than Terry. Eric single handily saved season 6 to burn him up and not give him a better send off and to leave us with Alcide and Bill posturing over Sookie. Sookie was making goo goo eyes at Bill she never gave a second thought about Eric, I feel that as an Eric and Sookie fan I got smacked in the face

  5. I had heard rumors before this season started that Alex didn’t want to go past season 6 with true blood. I was hoping they were false. I personally quit watching this season after episode one. I did however listen to everyone meaning in blog land make perdictions I did not read the spoilers and still haven’t I decided that I would watch the season if I heard that eric did not die this season then I could reassure myself and watch with hopes of eric and sookie finally getting together. I thought they would try to keep it close to the books when I found out this year that mrs. Harris did not allow them to be toghether in the final book I new true blood would kill him off. I don’t think he is going to be back for season 7.. Wow what a great show and great book series thrown down the tubes. I live for my fan fiction thank god all these lovely ladies write them I even started writing because I was sick of a stupid Sookie always picking Bill. So sorry to see it all go up in flames with eric my fan however will continue to have a love connection between Eric and Sookie.

  6. I think the thing that is pissing me off at this point that IF that was truly the end of Eric, it really was a disservice to the character. I’m still hoping that somehow, he survived and Pam took care of him while he healed or something, but the rest of that second half was just…awful, right down to Sookie’s corny dress and Alcide living with her. It was so weird it almost seemed like someone’s freaky dream, you know? But not a very funny or entertaining one. It makes me very nervous for next season because if that is really the way they are going, even if the Eric death is a bluff, it just doesn’t look good to me. I am one of the few people I know that actually enjoyed every season up until now, but this is the first time I’ve ever thought “that just doesn’t look appealing to me.”

  7. Chileah, nice send off why not just leave him in Sweden? They gave Terry a better send off than they did the Viking. He did all that killing just to be burned off the show and Sookie never once mentioned him, asked about him, or knew he saved her brother. She is clearly thinking Bill did everything and as a Eric and Sookie fan I feel like I was just slapped in the face.

  8. well that just sucked…what a waste of one hour watch that…Eric had better not be dead or no one will watch next season….what the hell was Sookie wearing to church….. she is dating the wolf what a joke… the writers on the show just suck….lets hope that Eric and sookie can get there shit together…….

    • The way Sookie and Bill was eye screwing one another they will be together next season. The writers and producers could have left Eric in Sweden and gave him a nice send off instead of burning him. I keep hearing rumors about him leaving, TrueBlood did a lot to dispel the rumors he was going to die just to let him die. I feel like I was smacked in the face

      • I’m heading off to bed because this has (I kid you not) giving me a migraine, but in the morning, I want to see if there are any interviews. If Alex is really gone, then I would think they would send him off with the usual departing interviews like they did with everyone else major who has gone.

        In the meanwhile, Rob Kazinsky kind of got screwed, too, because I didn’t see much comment about his character turning into a shining pile of goo.

  9. Aolanio8, I understand completely it was that way when I went to buy the last book. My best friend has read the last one and let me know about what mrs. harris had done to Sookie and Eric. There was an interview which I believe is blogged somewhere that showed Mrs. harris laughing at the sookie and eric fans for thinking that was the way she would let them go. That was before true blood season six even aired. Then I saw episode one of season six and was already disheartened. I understand the show had to deviate from the books to keep it interesting personally I don’t think they needed to deviate this much. I am sick of how stupid they make sookie. She always picks the wrong guys and makes them out to be heros when our beloved Eric is the actual hero. Then they talk about how Sookie has grown. Yeah maybe into a moron. I am sorry I am just so upset at them all Mrs. Harris, Alan Ball and expecially these new writers

  10. I so agree with you. I can’t believe they would write Eric off like that. I mean he is a Viking for Christ sake.
    Thank god for ff. we have been screwed by Charlaine Harris and now True Blood. So sad.

  11. Undignified death much? Ugh! But then TB (in my opinion) has always been pretty unkind to the character vs. say Bill who gets second and third etc. chances… So Terry’s death gets hours for his family and friends to mourn him and remember him but a 1,000 year old vampire gets dispatched in 5 minutes while indulging in reading a book about doomed love on a glacier… And nobody to remember him! Gee thanks TB!
    I’ve seen lots of comments that think Eric’s death was ambiguous and perhaps he was saved offscreen. I think it is entirely possible that TB producers want to try and bring him back in Season 7 and this leaves all options open.
    As usual, I hated what they do with Sookie. I refuse to hate Sookie but they write her as such an awful woman in TB… Double ugh! I wanted to take that stupid hat off her head and push it down Alcide’s throat then stake Bill who of course is still lurking around and she clearly still loves him… Triple ugh… OK enough now…

  12. Alex only had a 6 yr contract and I have heard zero talk about a new one. I think that was it. Thank Godric for fanfiction! I refuse to go down with my ship!

    • I heard Alex signed on for a seventh season so he will be back….but its awful what they have written for this show …Sookie and Alcide …yuck! Sookie and Bill will be happening before the end of next season double yuck! This is Alan Ball’s vision of the show ….pathetic

      • If I were him i’d try and get out of the contract because it looks like they’ll keep crapping all over his character while Mary Sue Bill is redeemed over and over again. I couldn’t believe the googly eyes Sookie was making at Bill when he was on the telly… It’s likely I won’t even bother with season 7. This feeks kike Charlaine Harris feicing us over with Dead Ever After. : /

  13. I hate the idea of Sookie and Alcide. Ok, he is hot, but DAAA! Eric and Sookie are the best and now she doesn’t care (thank you, writers, for not seeing 4th season) and he’s probably dead. That’s just another thing I hate about the season finale. Seriously?! Naked, in the middle of some swedish mountains and KABUM! magicly set up in fire cause of Warlow’s dead? It’s like somebody punches me, WHAT THE FUCK!?
    If Alexander Skarsgard is not going to come back right withe 7th season it’s so unbelivably crazy and STUPID that it’s not even worth to say more.
    Only one thing I like about the finale – Jason and Violet. I truly like this team. Ther’s something in her that makes me think who she really is.
    So, to sum up – finale was’t even “fine, whatever”. It just gave us lots of thoughts that something about Sookie and Bill is on air. Nothing more.

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