HBO teaser tweet *spoilers*

HBO drops another hint about Sunday’s finale — but is it a big one? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)





Sounds like the speculation about an Eric-fueled sex dream coming Jason’s way is on the money. And I am guessing that whatever we see will be heavily screen-capped and giffed within moments of airing.

On the downside, I’m a little worried that that is all we will see of Eric in the finale. It does kind of smack of distraction for the audience — “We won’t give you a lot of time with Eric this episode — but we’ll give you his full naked monty, so don’t burn us in effigy!” Yes, HBO is throwing us a bone(r).


10 responses to “HBO teaser tweet *spoilers*

  1. I absolutely agree. I think that’s all we’re going to get of him in the finale, so they wanted to make it have as much “impact” as possible. Not that I won’t enjoy it, mind you, but I’m sad that we’ve most likely essentially seen the last of Eric for this season.

  2. Die, Warlow, die and let Sookie be happy with Eric. Same for Bill, you motherfucker!
    About Eric – I hope that in the next season of TB we will see him more often that we’ve been seeing him in previos episodes. It worries me that they won’t give him a proppet ending for this season but hey – we have to have some hope. Maybe the endgame is Sookie and Eric. And if, I’d be full of happieness.

    • I hope so because what we have been given is not enough. ..way too much Bill and for this season just one eric and sookie episode of interection? Ridiculous …..I hope they are end game but I am not trusting these writers because they act like season 4 never happened….like she never thinks about Eric even though she told him she loved him …I don’t understand …and now looks like maybe hooking her up with Alcide …so idk what…butI will try to keep the faith they still have the best romance and chemistry of any couple on the show.

  3. I am wondering about this time jump in the epi. Is Eric only going to show up in the dream? Or is he going to be a part of the very end of the finale?! I am really wondering who is giving Sookie their blood. I am guessing the fairy wedding does not work out Warlow’s way….

    • I believe its violet giving Sookie some blood because Warlow was trying to drain her and turn her after she changed her mind about doing so….so Jason, Bill, Violet and Andy….I think all come to her rescue but I think Sookie kills Warlow herself after Violet gives her some blood…its disappointing that Eric didn’t go down there to help her but the way he is right now he can’t be help to anyone.

  4. I actually feel insulted for ASkars that him potentially showing his penis is being used as a marketing gimmick for the season finale.
    I know he has no qualms about nudity but after 6 seasons we know that and it makes them look desperate for ratings and if that’s the angle they’re going for it makes me wonder why I should watch the season finale.
    His acting has been superb this season and I’d rather see another great scene from him than his penis (ok I’ll admit I wouldn’t look away). A full frontal shot does not make up for a crap plotline and 10 seconds of Eric in season finale.

    • I agree. I knew he wouldn’t be in the finale much since he was on vacation already while Kristen was still tweeting about filming the finale. But to just give us a gratuitous sex fantasy in the finale is kind of demeaning to Alex’s acting abilities & our devotion to him.

      • Yep, if that’s the way they’ll continue treating the audience like we’re all just a bunch of horny women they’ll lose ratings.
        I understand Alex has been busy trying to fit promos for three films in around his True Blood schedule so a vacation was well overdue for him but surely they could have come up with a better scene than that for him. I’m still holding onto hope that he’ll appear in last few minutes of the episode that they filmed it slightly out of schedule to accommodate him.

        • I’m hoping we’ll see more of Eric than that as well, and for the same reasons, although I’m not sure we will.

          I don’t think ASkars is leaving the show, but I think they may have tried to buy him some additional filming time next year on other projects with the “Eric has flown off to do something else” plotline. I mean, we know Alex went on vacation during those last few weeks, so it’s not like the outside work was happening then, you know? So are they trying to leave him more freedom early next season to wind up projects he has in the works? I wonder if we’ll see kind of interviews/announcements coming out after the finale airs. :-/ Whatever happens, I think people are going to be impatient for Eric’s return.

          • Here’s hoping because if that’s the way he bows out it will be very dissappointing.
            Plus I’m sick of the misdirection this season in promos and supposed leaked spoilers

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