Finale Teaser Clips

Awww, Sookie, honey, the ground beneath your feet is going to turn out to be Eric once you think about it. And Sookie’s meeting with Violet? Um….awkward!



HBO have just released 2 teaser clips from this week’s big finale episode.

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11 responses to “Finale Teaser Clips

  1. You know Jacqueline, I hope Sookie does realize the ground beneath her feet is Eric because it makes no sense to let a good man like Eric who really loves you go….I know he is a vampire so you can’t be “normal” with him but if he really loves you unconditionally then at least give it a try. Alcide I never really see where he can compare to Eric …he is jugdmental and boring at best and please Bill and Warlow are the same peas in a pod both are controling, manipulatI’ve and cruel so she really need to see what is best for her….he has been there all the time….I just not as sure the writers feel this way as most fans do.

  2. So distracted by Alcides’ awful wig in the 1st clip that I didn’t hear a word that was said tbh. I hope they’re not setting up Alcide/Sookie since Alcide is such an opportunist that always seems to be around when Sookie is emotionally distraught and vunerable. : /
    I’m hoping they’re withholding clips/info about Eric in the finale to build up hype surrounding the episode. I fully expect him to be in episode (excluding dream sequence) towards the end after destroying all the contaminated True Bloods.

  3. Maithanroisin, I don’t think that’s a wig on Alcide’s head — I seem to recall he had his hair really long there for a bit and was showing up looking the same way at red carpet events! *cough*

    That said, if Eric is really gone for a while and they are doing a time jump, I think we are going to see Sookie and Alcide as a couple when that starts out. Which to ME says they won’t be together for very long and that he’s just a temporary thing.

    Eric, one of the things I was thinking while watching the Alcide clip was that when the word concrete came up, Alcide was NOT the one I associated with that word — it was Eric after the Russell Edgington thing thing . I can’t help but thing that might be a deliberate choice on the part of the writers to sort of tease that Sookie has the wrong idea about how is her concrete.

    • Jacqueline its as simple to me as Alcide is more of a friend to her than a serious lover he always has been that and like I keep Anna was saying in interviews that there are geniune feelings between Sookie and Eric and the love is there just wrong place and time….so I have to believe something might happen eventually between her and Eric

    • Lol, then Alcide literally has a mophead!

      I think the writers and marketing department at HBO are purposely messing with fans minds making it look like Eric has gone or is missing. People on tumblr are losing their minds saying they have nothing to look forward to in the season finale and might stop watching.. : / He’s lost his last connection to Godric and he promised Nora forever which he trully meant so I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes away to get his head straight before the time jump. Family is very important to him so I believe he’ll return.

      I didn’t think about the concrete connection with Eric to be honest. I thought it was a way of Alcide implying that he’s still interested in Sookie with him being a contractor and all it was an obvious metaphor. I like your theory better though.

      I’m hoping Sookie chooses not to become Warlows’ vampire fae bride because she thinks HER life is worth something and not because she needs a man to cling onto. We were told that Sookie was going to grow up this season and she did so well up until episode 5 where she found out her parents betrayed her. Going with Warlow was her twisted revenge against her parents and she’s at rock bottom much like Eric now so it seems their stories are runing parallel so maybe that will lead to them finding their way back to each other next season when their emotional wounds have healed. ..

  4. Where is Sookie’s husband (Warlow)?

    • Eh? He’s not her husband yet. From the looks of things he won’t get to be either as the promo at end of last episode suggests that the ceremony is interrupted. If not he’ll end up dead before he drains her. There’s no way they’ll have Sookie become a Vampire fae.

  5. If Sookie and Alcide hook up like the Sookie and Quinn in the books doesn’t Quinn betray Sookie and choose his mother and sister over her, with this being said. Do you think Alcide made babies with Riki and Danielle during his threesome?

    • That is a possibility that happened and could be a storyline next season …I just don’t see any true chemistry between Sookie and him and he is like the friend that you like things about him but the spark of love and passion is really not there for him and your trying to make it be or hope it will happen but it never really does….that’s what I see with Sookie and Alcide….but with Eric the love and passion is there whether you really want it to be or not and it never goes away….

  6. yeah they do make her desperate for any guy that shows her attention even if they are bad for her….

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