Audio interview with Deborah Ann Woll *spoilery*

The Vault shared a 5-minute audio interview with Deborah Ann Woll talking about the season 6 finale.  I find it interesting that she says towards the end that she was glad Rob Kazinsky “was with them this season. ”  Is it too much to hope the choice of tense means that Warlow’s contract runs out with the finale, hmmmm?

UPDATE: Since the Vault took down the previous link, try this new one.


10 responses to “Audio interview with Deborah Ann Woll *spoilery*

  1. The vault removed the video but I sincerely hope not to see him next season.

    • Aolani08 don’t worry …I will be surprised after what I believe he will be trying to do to Sookie and have done to her in finale if he lives after the first half of the episode. ..Warlow will be gone….he served his purpose

  2. My only disappointment with Warlow if they kill him off the first half of the episode — and I’m totally hoping they do because he needs to be out of Sookie’s life — is that he didn’t DO ANYTHING except be tied up the last few episodes. He better be super evil this last episode or I’m going to be annoyed, because that was the side I was hoping to see. We got a glimpse of it in the fae club (although that seems to have been quickly forgotten) and when he tossed Niall into the other dimension, but I so wanted to see more villainy than that.

    • Myvikingboyfriend, I was waiting for him to be super evil too, having him tied to a head stone and Sookie slipping him her wrist like a pacifier made me angry. I have a question if Lillith made him vampire and she drunk his blood why was the sun able to kill her? My question proves his storyline was good the writers writing the story was awful and allowed another great story go untold (who made Steve Newlin)? I guess BB had his hands full cleaning up everyone’s mess. I could have just watched vamp camp unfold this season and Warlow next season when his storyline was thought out so I wouldn’t have to listen to Violet’s bad count chocula voice. I’m sure Rob Kazenski is a good actor him sitting in cemefairy was a waste of talent.

      • I agree. Warlows’ storyline was wasted. After the sinister undertones of him appearing im Sookies’ bathroom last season I was expecting something great. No fault of Robs’ though as he is a really good actor and is great at playing psychos which is why there better be an epic meltdown on Sunday. There’s nowhere else for his character to go except to die unless he ends up being sent off to aother dimension again.
        I also found Billith dissappointing too but there was a big awl mess left for BB when Alan Ball left not forgetting the showrunner being changed a few episodes in.
        I read an Ausellio spoiler a while back which suggested Violet is being made a season 7 regular unfortunately. : / She’s awful. I hate that they have Jason being forced into a relationship when he was raped in Hotshot by the werepanthers in season 4.

  3. The writers have left so many hanging chads & unresolved story lines from previous seasons that nothing would surprise me. . But in a finale with very little Eric in it, I would love to see Sookie find out the truth about Warlow & for her to take control of her own life & finish him off.

    • Yeah it would be nice for her to fix her own mess and I hope she is talking to Bill when she makes the comment I can’t replace what you lost after she kills Warlow as for violet being a series regular I hope it’s nothing lame like the Warlow story line and I hope Sookie and Jason isn’t the love triangle that was teased I would definitely delete any recorded episodes, delete iBooks, and throw away any dvds

      • Hmm, the question of which love triangles people belong to is interesting. James was introduced as part of a triangle with Jess and Violet was introduced as part of a triangle with Jason and “another vampire,” so does that mean that once everyone is out and living in Bon Temps/Shreveport, that Jason and Jess are still going to have unresolved feelings for one another, even if they are with James and Violet respectively? And does Violet seem like the kind of vampire that is going to move where her human wants her to? She wasn’t from Bon Temps before all this, I’m sure.

  4. Ooooohhhhhh good point I’ll be fine as long as Sookie leaves Bill alone and move on she only has two options since Sam is taken and I’m tired of sorry Alcide that I believe still have pack business to resolv so he will be living on the land next to his dad and only summoned to guard Sookie, lol

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