6.10 “Radioactive” promo *spoilers*

And we’re down to the final promo for the final episode of the season!  Because there is very spoilery speculation, I’ve put it all beneath the Read More.

Here’s the regular speed version:

And played at 1/8 normal speed so you can watch the action in slo-mo:

And Skarsgard Fans has high-quality screen caps up from the promo as well.

Things to note from the promo:

  • It looks as if Rev. Daniels is speaking at the promised “town meeting,” which may be happening after the significant time jump also mentioned in spoilers.  Note that Sookie (and that horrible little hat) is with Alcide as if they are together.  So, somehow she is not with Warlow and she is starting out season 7 with Alcide?  Hmmm, good and bad there in that if she starts out with him, he’s just a place holder for whoever she will end up with.  And you know who I want that to be. And would she be with Alcide only if she dumped all her fae light in killing Warlow herself?
  • The group shot shows Andy, Violet, Jason, Bill and Jessica all going together somewhere on some kind of mission.  Apparently, Jason and Andy are packing weapons.
  • I ❤ Violet’s t-shirt, which says “I ❤ U, truly, madly, deeply.” Much cuter than I ever would have pictured Violet wearing giving her 1 ranking and age.  Is it Sookie’s?
  • Sookie’s expression while seeing Warlow preparing for their wedding is troubled, and yet we see her placing her hand against his beneath that same May-pole-like tree. What happens?
  • I still can’t tell who gets thrown through Sookie’s house window, even at a slow rate, darn it.
  • Sookie looks like she is still wearing the black wedding dress, while Jason is in the striped shirt, so maybe the groups scene is while they are still dealing with Warlow  — or some other threat– after all?
  • Is Tara’s mother embracing her or someone else?
  • I hate to say it, but that looks like Eric who is getting blasted away from Sookie’s house with fae light! Or is it Warlow? It almost looks as if everyone is gathering to protect Sookie against someone, but is it Eric or is it Warlow?
  • Whose wrist is that feeding Sookie in her bedroom? It’s kind of a big hand, but not a super heavy wrist — could it be Eric? Or is a woman’s hand? Hard to tell when we can’t see the whole thing.
  • Apparently, Violet wants to snack on Adilynn as well.
  • Jason is carrying Sookie into the house, so they must rescue her. Has she been injured by whatever happened earlier with Warlow? Did he try to bite her?
  • Whose hand is that touching Sookie’s shoulder in the sunlight? It is portrayed as a surprise. Could that be Eric?

It looks as if the Warlow issue is going to be resolved and Sookie will NOT be with him.  So what is the new threat that both vampires and humans will face?



8 responses to “6.10 “Radioactive” promo *spoilers*

  1. That looks like Eric’s rather chewed fingernails.

  2. The town meeting is before the time jump and I don’t see her getting with Alcide …he wishes she would of course…..I think that is bill that is getting hit with the fae light. It is funny that we don’t see no Eric and Sookie scenes at all …and I believe there are gonna be some in this episode…..so there must be a reason why they are not showing us any? That arm feeding sookie looks like a big hand but it does look kinda like a woman arm as well…..some folks say its violet’s giving her some blood …idk I hope we get some Eric and Sookie scenes in the finale

  3. I think there will be some Eric & Sookie scenes. HBO just feels the need to keep them as a surprise. My guess is Warlow’s marriage ceremony does not go as planned. Maybe cause she is kind of vamp married to Eric… Also, I kind of expected Niall to show up sometime during the finale. I agree that it is Bill getting fae blasted from Sookie’s house. I really wish we were getting a two hour finale…

  4. After checking out people’s reactions to the episode on Tumblr and talking with friends on FB and watching the Inside the Episode (which I just realized I haven’t posted), I’m thinking things may play out like this: That is Eric’s hand on Sookie in the cemetery and he has come to say something to her before leaving for a while to deal with whatever unhappiness he was feeling at the end of the episode. (I pictured it as him saying something like “I just wanted to see your hair in the sunshine again” to go back to what he said the last time he was in the sunlight with Sookie). I assume they are going to have some kind of talk about him having nearly (but not) killed Warlow to save the vamps. But then I think Eric may leave TEMPORARILY — and one of the big cliff hangers of the season will be where did Eric go and will he come back?
    I also wonder if the conversation with Eric contributes to Sookie changing her mind about Warlow. She has clearly decided not to go through with it when she first sees him building the May pole in the cemefaerie. So, I don’t think Eric will participate in the saving of Sookie from Warlow, but so long as they have a good scene at some point, I’ll be happy.

  5. I think Eric’s mysterious disappearance is a ploy by the writers to buy themselves time to figure out how much Skarsgard can film for Season 7 as he is busy with other projects. Eric is likely to come back in some capacity in Season 7 even if just so Season 7 teasers can have him as he is the show’s main draw (I am sure they have filmed dream sequences with Jason for example and I am looking forward to those…) but I expect his role to be significantly diminished in Season 7. I hope I am wrong but i think that does not bode well for his relationship with Sookie.

    • I think he will be back in force next season …..I keep wondering why we still have not seen any Eric and Sookie scenes in any promos for this season other than the first episode. …it makes no sense if the scene are not significant ones why not tease people with it? So I am assuming they or it must be significant scenes ….I think the one where Sookie has a man’s hand on her shoulder at the cemetery is Alcide’s hand not Eric’s but I have been wrong in predicting this season ….the erotic scene I am not so sure its Jason’s dream what most people saying its that ….I am not positive its that …but we will find out

      • Eric, I hadn’t thought of Alcide in the cemetery and you could totally be right — darn it! I saw speculation on FB today that the shot of Violet apparently having sex could be part of a dream with Jason AND Eric, which would make sense. Guess we will soon know!

        • We know Alcide is always trying to be all in sookie’s butt all the time ….so its probably him ..he is pathetic. I still think we will see eric and sookie scene but probably after the time jump and before the episode is over….I could be wrong but I can’t imagine our only eric and sookie this season would be that romantic but sad I always think of the girl in the white dress that only shows that he understands her and loved her from the first time he ever saw her…..I guess the butt shot of Eric will be the dream of Jaaon’s that most people think is where he will show his body part? Idk

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