ET Online interview with Anna Camp *spoilers*

ET Online conducted an interview with Anna Camp who plays the newly murderous Sarah Newlin and she mentioned a couple of details that could be construed as spoilery.  Full interview is here — and enjoy it while you can, because I am speculating that Sarah is going to meet her own Maker shortly, although probably not with a high heel to the head the way her recent opponent did.  Excerpts are below the Read More.

First up, not spoilery, but about that infamous murder scene…

ETonline: What was your reaction to reading last week’s script, where Sarah murdered Ms. Suzuki with a stiletto?
Anna Camp: Michael McMillian, who plays my ex-husband, read the script before me and he called me, like, “Dude! Did you see this scene you have?!?!” I was excited beyond belief. I’ve never done a fight scene to that extent, and never murdered someone on camera before. I’ve been so thrilled to have such great things to do all season long, but I was really excited about that. It’s right in my wheelhouse because I love playing shocking and weird moments you wouldn’t expect from a character. We really went for it … but I think my mom is scared of me now [laughs].

ETonline: That fight scene ended up sending you to the hospital, right?
Camp: Yeah, it was one take during the scene when Suzuki discovers we’re contaminating the True Blood. Tamlyn [Tomita, who plays Suzuki] throws me down to the floor and I hit my head. They didn’t put in the take where I hit my head, but the scene where I stand up and run after her is the take I hit my head during. I got a minor concussion, so the next day I was barking like a dog and had to relearn how to speak English and tie my shoes [laughs].

ETonline: I think my favorite moment was actually right after Sarah killed Suzuki. You thought she was going to feel remorse, but says, “Thank you, Jesus!” I was shocked when she felt her actions were justified.
Camp: Oh yeah, I think every single thing she gets away with this season, and everything that propels her forward — from Truman’s death to murdering Suzuki — is a sign from God that she is on the right path to removing vampires from the earth. Every single thing that goes her way is just fueling Sarah’s belief that she’s God’s tool and he is working through her. I don’t think she sees it this way, but as the actress playing it, she’s using God as an excuse to commit these horrific things, and that’s the scariest type of person around. I mean, she is clearly building her own reality.

Oh, and The Kiss — you know the one I mean — was Anna’s idea, not part of the original script. She was made for True Blood, obviously!

ETonline: It was equally interesting to see you kiss his severed head.
Camp: I just decided to do that too. It wasn’t in the script and I’m so glad they kept it in [the episode] because I heard they were worried it went too far. I mean, it’s True Blood. Come on guys! The head just looked so much like Arliss [Howard, who played Truman Burrell], and I just felt like since I was holding it in my hands the next logical move was to kiss it! My dad kept insisting I kissed his nose, but I just think he’s refusing to believe I kissed the lips.

And finally, the spoilery bit!

ETonline: There are two episodes left this season, what are you excited for fans to see with the finale?
Camp: Fans can expect to see the vampires changing the way they can live in the world. You’ve seen a little bit of that with Bill walking in daylight. I think True Blood has a certain set of rules of how the characters live in the world, but that’s about to change. It expands the show in a way that will excite and interest the fans. It’s also kind of shocking!

So, sounds like vamps are no longer going to be creatures of the night only!  Does this mean Warlow will somehow fulfill his role as the vampire race’s savior using his blood and make all vamps light tolerant?  Permanently?  And what will that mean if someone like Sookie no longer has to give up sunlight if she becomes a vampire?  I’m curious to see how this unfolds.


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