6.9 “Life Matters” clips *spoilers*

HBO released two preview clips for the penultimate episode of the season, 6.9, “Life Matters.”  As usual,they are not super spoilery, but I will include spoilery commentary below the actual clips, so if you don’t want to know, avoid scrolling below.

First up, Sookie finds a seat at Terry’s funeral.  “Scent of a Werewolf”:

And then, a flashback of Andy and Sam looking for Terry in the woods, “Meeting Terry”:

Not much to say about the Terry clip except that it reinforces how messed up poor Terry was when he came back from Iraq.  Of more interest is the funeral clip, especially since Sookie, although still dressed as she was in her jaunt to the cemefaerie with Warlow and Bill, certainly seems calm and collected.  Does this mean whatever drama occurred on the fae plane has been dealt with? Is the Vamp Camp drama over as well? Or is what is going down at vamp camp happening at the same time as the funeral? And how do you feel about Alcide apparently hitting up Sookie now that his were bitch has dumped him by coup?



12 responses to “6.9 “Life Matters” clips *spoilers*

  1. Asshole. I hate Alcide

    • I kept thinking as I was watching, if Sookie knew what kind of shit he’d been pulling the last few weeks and how he was thisclose to killing Sam and Nicole (even though he didn’t follow through with it), she wouldn’t give him the time of day.

      • I Agree!!! He has been a freaking asshole. And on personal note, I hate his hair too.

      • Myvikingboyfriend, the way they are depicting Sookie’s character I don’t think she’d care what Alcide did. She hasn’t noticed her fairy friends were missing nor has she reached out to them, wasn’t Hadley and Hunter with the fairies?

        • There was a quick conversation right after the fae were killed where Jason asked about Hadley and Hunter and Sookie said that they had left the fae camp right after Russell Edgington. But you’re right, Sookie’s been weird lately, given her tolerance for Warlow killing all her friends.

  2. Sookie will probably hit up Alcide as her plan 0 since Sam was her plan Z., and he will probably accept as desperate as they both are. I wonder why Sookie didn’t take her new beau to the funeral?

  3. Aolani, good point, where IS Warlow? Still recuperating in faeland? Not dead since Sookie is still considering a future with him next episode.

  4. Just a thought but wouldn’t it be crazy if the prophecy somehow was about Eric and Sookie and it was Warlow’s and Bill’s destiny to ensure it happened? I would be so happy okay just a thought

  5. Eric “has the look of destiny about him.”

  6. Of course Alcide is trying to hit Sookie up ..same ole, same ole with him because he has always like Sookie but Sookie to me has always seen him as just a friend other than being very drunk and depressed that time…Alcide never learns and I just don’t see chemistry with Sookie just like with Warlow too….Eric has the look of destiny and he will take care of business these next 2 episodes…I just hope him and Sookie take care of business together in the finale.

    • Eric does have the look of destiny about him. As for him and Sookie I doubt we will see them it would be nice but this season is the Sookie/Billith/Benlow show with a sprinkle of vamp camp on the side.

      • Aolani08 ….I get a feeling the Warlow stuff is ending in the finale and Eric is gonna come to help her with Warlow whos dark side is gonna be shown very badly…billith is gonna be busy with Lillith stuff. …I am just saying I don’t think Eric and Sookie are over….just watch and see!

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