EW article on season 6 finale *spoilers*

Our friends at Eric & Sookie Lovers shared the most recent Entertainment Weekly article on True Blood‘s season 6 finale.  Details below the Read More!

…and it is juicy!

20130808-010010So, let’s break it down!

  1. Let’s assume the Vamp Camp story line is largely wrapped up by 6.9.  Whose blood is going to spill? Based on 2, I think it may be Warlow’s.  What happens when you kill a faepire? Sparkling goo?
  2. “Less patient Warlow” — yes, we are finally going to see that “dark, dark, dark” side that was promised in the casting calls!  Maybe it really was only a one-year contract for RK?
  3. The timeline jump will be a relief.  If you follow the details of the storyline, it has only been approximately a month to cover seasons 4, 5 and 6.  Using Andy’s adventures in fatherhood as a guide, it was late October when the events of season 4 happened, including Andy having sex with Maurella; season 5 took place over the course of a couple more weeks, with Andy hooking up with Maurella a second time a week or so later from the season 4 hook up and her actually giving birth the following week; and season 6 is over the course of two weeks, since Andy tells Adilynn that she can’t have coffee at only two weeks old.  And a timeline jump can allow a lot to happen, including skipping over Nicole’s boring pregnancy (and possibly bringing back Crystal or the other Hot Shot weres pregnant by Jason?) and allowing significant shifts in relationships. Could be good!
  4. GODDAMMIT!!!!!  I was really hoping they would have the balls (if you will excuse the pun) to bring Bill to a tragic end, but it sounds as if they are going to attempt to redeem him after all. So, if they somehow remove Lilith from him, will he lose all his super powers and be a regular vamp again?
  5. Yes, even though we’re talking naked Eric (and maybe even fully frontal naked Eric, based on that hint because, honestly, what’s the only thing we haven’t seen of ASKars yet except the so-called “gracious plenty”?), I’m a little nervous about who Eric is having a “sexy and provocative” scene with.  If it is Sookie and they are together at the end of season 7, will they stay together or is that setting the stage to have her return to Bill by the end of the season, which would make me sick? Or is it Willa?  I’ve even wondered if Eric will make good on his promise to Ginger in that scene.

All in all, it sounds like it is going to be an exciting finale, though!  What do you guys think?


6 responses to “EW article on season 6 finale *spoilers*

  1. No I don’t want to rate this information because we’ve been waiting for Sookie and Eric for 6 seasons. I don’t care about Bill’s apologies meaning Sookie always find a way to forgive him and I’m tired of that also. I like Willa as a baby vampire but tired of the casual hook ups and I know that’s what True Blood is about. Season 7 might be the last season and everything Sookie forgave Bill for I would like for her to make an honest go of a relationship with Eric. We see Sookie is not perfect so why does she push so hard for Eric to be perfect? I will rate this when I know Warlow is dead and gone and Sookie and Eric is fighting alongside one another during the supernatural crap and have truly became one. Bill losing his powers are good if Eric gains those powers even better they would be put to good use. I’ve been fooled enough by True Blood my name is Missouri “Show Me” and Nicole is not a bad partner for Sam because she accepts him for him and loves him unconditionally.

  2. You know I’m reading all of these web sites that in fact did call Sookie the word I refuse to speak. I will say this in her defense, Sookie had two men to compare sex with and a third man didn’t hurt anything. Some of us straight out of high school and their early twenties have a lot to compare to I’m just saying lay off Sookie. Lay off Sam choosing Nicole and Nicole choosing Sam. Nicole doesn’t know she is pregnant and she chose him hands down and now Sam can live a happy life without being someone’s plan Z. I am frustrated because for 6 seasons we have watched Sookie and Bill suck up air time as a couple with his screw ups and her forgiveness. Team Bill has gotten exactly what they wanted. Warlow came on the show packaged the same as Bill made mistakes that should have been unforgivable and the Warlow and Sookie have sucked up valuable air time this season giving their fans what they want. Here it is the end of season 6 and season 7 may be the last season and the Eric fans are still waiting for Sookie to accept him flaws and all and give an honest go at being in a relationship and we are loyal fans. I really don’t care who Eric has moved on to, I really don’t care that Bill is sorry because he always is. What I care about is that now that Sookie and Eric may have a possibility to get together they are teasing they don’t know how long they may be together and we’ve endured 6 seasons of Bill wallowing, people complaining about who Sookie is sleeping with, and having to endure the Warlow fans. What about the team Eric and Sookie fans we’ve been the most patient.

    • On the Sam and Nicole thing, the only issue I have with them is that it is SO fast — literally just a couple of days, and his other girlfriend that he had claimed to love is barely dead. Maybe if Luna hadn’t just died, I wouldn’t feel so turned off by it, but his moving on so, SO quickly makes his feelings for Luna feel cheap to me. That said, I hope it does turn out well for Sam and I don’t even care if it is with Nicole, because I’m not vested in who he ends up with.
      Only two more weeks and I think we’ll at least have an idea where everything is going.
      Rob Kazinsky also tweeted a joke asking if this meant Eric would be having dreams about shaving with Warlow now, and there is some speculation that THAT might be the sexy, provocative scene. Eric did have a bunch of Warlow’s blood, so it is possible that they could have some kind of homoerotic dream sequence — which would be all kinds of awkward, but also potentially funny.

      • Yeah that would be funny😊. My biggest thing is we’ve been waiting for Eric and Sookie for 6 seasons and season 7 might be the last and we are still waiting and that thought chafts my bottom.

  3. Fingers crossed for us Sooric shippers….and at least it won’t be after 12 years of waiting the way it was with CH if we DO end up disappointed. Not that that is a huge consolation if we ARE disappointed again, but at least we have the hope that it will end differently on the show than it did in the books. I don’t expect to get screwed over by the prude factor the way we did there.

    • I jist think its gonna happen this time for some stupid make no sense reason….that Eric not Bill will help her kill Warlow which Sookie will do with the ball light thing ..that’s what I believe and her and Eric will after months has passed since we now know there will be a period of time sped up maybe 6 p or 9 months have passed and her and Eric might be in an relationship that’s why you get a naked butt Eric…..I don’t see him having sex with Willa she’s his child and he really only loves Sookie and I see Sookie finally realizing that she does love and wanna be with him but we won’t see it just after the fact and now they are in a relationship months later that tmblr rumor I now really believe is true. Bill is now without super powers he and Lillith are not bonded anymore but like the article said he is dealing with people dislike and trust of his ways and actions even if they are selflessones …..look if we don’t get this or it don’t happen then we havent lost anything because we never think we ever get them together anyway on this show….it should be good.

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